Thursday, June 25, 2009



Welcome to my brand new (and first ever!) blog. I figured the best way to start would be to share a little introduction about me and my life and then what I hope to use the little space for.

First, an intro. My name is Chelsea. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in sunny Southern California until age 15, then I moved to Washington, DC and finished high school there. After going to college back down in SoCal, I moved up to the SF Bay Area to get away from smog and traffic, only to realize that traffic definitely exists here! There is a lack of smog however, but also not enough HOT weather. I'm really so in love with SF that I might never leave, and am working on embracing the chilliness by getting really good at dressing in layers.

I work in the city (SF), but I live in Oakland with my two amazing cats... Chloe (left) and Oliver (right):

Photobucket Oliver

As far as my personality, you will just have to wait and make your determinations from what you read and see here!

My inspiration for creating this blog comes from becoming an avid reader of several other blogs out there including Some Girls Wander, Cupcakes and Cashmere, What I Wore, and Daily Work It. I hope to fill you in a little bit on my thoughts and ideas about a multitude of subjects, some of which are fashion, body image, sexuality, healthful eating, stress, and being a 20 something queer lady. I love reading others' blogs that include daily outfit pictures and descriptions, so I might try that as well (though I am a feeling a little bashful right this second...). I guess I can't really say too much of what to expect, since blogs are journeys and I am just beginning mine, so stay tuned!


UPDATE: To learn even more, check out my about me video (and do one yourself)!