Monday, August 31, 2009

Outfit log: Baseball and birthdays

First look, Saturday:

08 30-31 09 001

Nic and I headed to AT&T Park to see the SF Giants beat the Colorado Rockies, 2-0. Look how happy we are in the sunshine!

08 30 09 005 - giants chic 08 30-31 09 003 - g/f
(Fast forward four hours and you'd find me bundled up in a long sleeve t-shirt layered underneath a short sleeve t, with a sweatshirt wrapped around my legs, tightly grasping a steaming cup of hot cocoa, teeth chattering. Lesson learned: never again wear short shorts to a SF Giants game! Or... bring backup pants!)

Second look, Sunday:

With a quick sidetrip to collect Nic's brother in the city, we headed over to the Peninsula in the early afternoon to help her grandmother set up for a family birthday dinner and dessert. I coerced JR (the bro) into snapping a couple of shots of my outfit, since now I cannot let a good outfit go un-blogged! He was making a lot of noise when we were supposed to be quiet, hence the 2nd shushing picture.

08 31 09 00708 31 09 00608 31 09 008
sunglasses - sean jean, prescription
sleeveless blouse - gap
cotton tank - nordstrom
jeans - delias, cuffed
sandals - gift from mom
black bangels - kohls
necklace - charlotte russe (old!)

Sunday extra: Kittens!

I know this is an outfit post, but my cats are too cute. Well, at least Chloe the kitten is cute in these pictures... Oliver just gets less and less modest.

08 31 09 023 - favorite girls

08 31 09 018 - chloe and oliver

08 31 09 017 - chloe & oliver

08 31 09 - chloe

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hot Lunch at Twin Peaks

I swapped out my heels for some flip flops and headed to Twin Peaks with Mijiza to eat lunch. We almost melted in the heat, but it was so worth it!

Chelsea & Mijiza @ Twin Peaks!

08 28 09 001 - lunch08 28 09 003 - shoe switcheroo08 28 09 - Mijiza's cookies

The views were absolutely spectacular; I of course had to snap some pics!

twin peaks view 2

twin peaks view 1

couple divided by market street

twin peaks view 3

twin peaks view 4

Outfit Log: Fancy Friday!

In preparation for fog and cold yesterday I wore a long sleeve shirt over a dress (ok, actually a nightgown, but you couldn't tell!) with tights and boots. At around 11am Mijiza went outside to grab something from her car and exclaimed, "Chelsea, you have GOT to come out here!" Thinking a eucalyptus tree had collapsed in the parking lot (I get my worst-case-scenario brain from my Auntie Anne), I sprinted outside, only to discover that it was bright, sunny and best of all HOT outside!

Since it's supposed to be just as warm today (okay, 1 degree cooler), I decided to wear my new-to-me black and white jersey dress (handed down from my pal Jenny). Usually I dress like a scrub on Fridays, but the dress and weather called for fanciness! I added on a chunky blue necklace, abolone ring, and best of all my pointy toed black leather pumps.

08 28 09 018

Originally I picked out low-heeled sandals, but Nic persuaded me to try on the pumps, and I just couldn't not wear them. A little fancy for a Friday, but who the eff cares? Not me!

08 28 09 004

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guest Appearances - Mijiza and Mom

So in lieu of docomenting my outfit today, I am highlighting two fashionistas that I adore: my beautiful mom and my snazzy colleague Mijiza (you must remember her from this and this).

Here is Mijiza's ensemble today. I love this dress so much, with it's sweet ruffles, short hem, and earthy texture.

08 27 09 005 08 27 09 008 08 27 09 004 08 27 09 001

Next up, my lovely mamacita.

I originally started taking pictures of my outfits to send to my mom, and she would do the same. Since we live in different parts of the country, we don't get to see each other much, so it's been a fun way to connect with each other over clothes... something that's been part of our relationship all the way back to elementary school. Here some past outfits that she's sent me:

Isn't she gorgeous, and so stylish? She's coming to visit towards the end of September, and I just can't wait!

Outfit log: Stardate 08.25.09

Okay so I'm totally behind the times and this outfit was from two days ago. Having been on a quest to find tall boots that fit my calves for the last several years, I finally found one pair, pictured below. They work, I suppose, but not quite perfect. What I really want are black boots with a low heel that hit just below the knee. If anyone has suggestions, I'm taking them!

08 25 09 014
sweater - thrifted
skirt - actually a dress, target
tights - limited?
boots -, rockport

08 25 09 002 08 25 09 012

I'm skipping an outfit log today, since I'm less than thrilled with my ensemble, but stay tuned for a couple of guest appearances coming up soon :)

Outfit Log: Stardate 08.26.09 - Leopard-print and Photoshoot Inspiration

First of all, I love leopard print. To me it is one of the best neutral prints, since it really goes with anything and everything, while adding some extra sassiness (and how could you go wrong with that?!).
08 26 09 shoes

Despite my love affair with leopard-print, my wardrobe contains very little of it. Two pieces come to mind... these shoes and some gloves. Aren't the shoes just precious though? Especially with hot pink toes... I couldn't stop looking at my feet all day :) Unfortunately, the shoes are extremely uncomfortable, but every once in awhile it's worth it!

In other news, if you have not visited La Rue Neuve, blog of the fabulous and stylishly adventurous Christen, you are missing out. Christen is adorable, and her recent post about growing up, but still finding time to let her hair down, totally resonated with me. Not only was the message great, but I was inspired by her photos to play music during my little self-photo shoot yesterday. I gotta say, it made it so much more fun, and I think the pictures show it!

So, thanks Christen.

08 26 09 014 08 26 09 020
long sleeve shirt - thrifted, michael stars
tank underneath - old navy
necklace - forever 21
jeans - gap
shoes - dsw, steve madden

08 26 09 021 08 26 09 016

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Black & White Themed Birthday Party in Sacramento

Nic and I headed up to Sacramento this past weekend to celebrate our friend Shelby's 25th birthday. Shel's best friend Lacey threw her an amazing black and white themed party, and I must say I've never been to a house fiesta with such nicely dressed attendees! I must remember this next time I have one, because having an excuse to dress up like this, especially in California, is such a treat :)

This is Shelby. She arrived for dinner in one outfit, and changed before the real festivities began. I love how she stood out as the birthday girl in color!

08 22 09 S. Bday party 003 08 22 09 S. Bday party 027

I also got the chance to snap pictures of a few of my favorite Sacramento peeps, and Nic's best friend Jennifer, who was gracious enough to let us ride up to the party with her! Don't they all look fabulous?

(clockwise from top left: Garrett [Shelby's fiance], Lacey [thrower of party], Jennifer, Pam)

I even got Nic to humor me and let me take pictures of her outfit! I love her look... dressed up, but casual. She's such a hottie :)

08 22 09 S. Bday party 011

Finally, my ensemble. Nic and I had a crazy Friday night spent cleaning our apartment, doing laundry, eating dinner, and running to Tar-jay, where
she found her entire outfit and I found this adorable little number. I added on my trusty wings necklace (gift from Jennifer!), and a belt taken from another dress. It was the perfect outfit for the theme, and the warm weather!

08 22 09 S. Bday party 007

Friday, August 21, 2009

I can dooooo it! Right?

I've been getting pep talks from some wonderful people in my life (Nic, Mijiza, my boss, my mom), and now I just want to take a moment to pump MYSELF up for all the world to see on this here blog.

Why all of this peppiness? Well, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been gearing up to start applying to nursing schools. I recently found out (last weekend) that the application for my first choice school is due September 1st! Why am I so shocked? Oh, I don't know, maybe because for the last three years their app has been due October 1st! So, I have spent this week frantically trying to figure out if I should apply or not, and if I can get recommendations in time. Oh, and what the freak I'm going to write in my goal statement so that I get in this time! Needless to say, I am a little stress ball!

Now, not only am I stressed about getting the application done, but I have been going back and forth on whether I feel confident that I will get in. And you know what? I'm over the pity party. Instead, I am replaying all the reasons in my head that I would make a fantastic Nurse Practitioner/Midwife, and concentrating on believing in myself! Not only can I pull this application together in time (because I work well under pressure), but my confidence will make my goal statement that much more powerful. Take that, self doubt!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outfit log: Stardate 8.20.09 - Preparing for the cold

08 20 09 011 08 20 09 008
sweater - forever 21
jeans - delias
loafers - dsw, me too
necklace - forever 21

As the week has gone by, the days have been increasingly foggy and dark. This morning I decided to embrace the chill and tuck myself into this cozy purple sweater, and it has just been perfect.