Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outfit log: Saggy butt pants

This morning I decided to wear my new khaki pants to work since they are semi-casual but not jeans and I had an event to go to that did not require super-professional wear. I paired the pants with one of my favorite tank top/cardigan combos, my new leopard print flats, slapped on my favorite red lipstick, and headed to work.

Once at work I took my usual morning photo shoot...

09 30 09 02109 30 09 00909 30 09 00309 30 09 014

.. and then prepared for the rest of the day. Mijiza and I headed down to our event, spent about 3 hours setting up, working, breaking down, and then went back to the office. During that time, I noticed my pants starting to grow... they got bigger, and bigger, and bigger... and I ended up with saggy butt pants for the rest of the day! Not only saggy butt, but saggy crotch too! Ewwwww!

09 30 09 02209 30 09 025

I'm about to go change into spandex workout pants to counter the soggy diaper feeling I've had all afternoon!

Occasion: Work (semi-casual event)

tank - old navy
cardigan - target
saggy butt pants - jcrew outlet
leopard print flats - rocket dog via dsw

**Special thanks to Mijiza for photographing the saggy-ness!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outfit log: All wrapped up (and in need of suggestions)!

I really want to find a better location for my outfit log self photo shoots. My office is kind of ideal because I usually get here early and am alone for about an hour before my colleagues arrive, but not using a flash and trying to be creative with my poses leads to fuzzy pictures!

Can you tell I'm setting you up for less than ideal photos? :)

No, but really. I loved the photo shoot that Danielle from Fell4Fashion posted today. She almost always does her photo shoots outside, and I just love them to pieces! I tried doing my own outdoor shoot a couple of times, but the location was not quite right (too much green in the background and too many people walking by who I may or may not have to interact with for work at some point). So... I'm on the hunt. I have to first figure out how to work the outdoorsiness into my schedule. Or maybe I'll just stick with the office pics... it's where I am after all.

So, my question to you... if you take your outfit pictures, where do you take them? I could use all the suggestions I can get!

09 29 09 03809 29 09 04409 29 09 03009 29 09 011

Occasion: Work (event)

wrap dress - max studio outlet
necklace - gift from mom
tights - american apparel outlet
mary janes - clarks outlet

Now my outfit. I love this wrap dress for several reasons.
  1. Wrap dresses are just so flattering on an hourglass or pear shaped lady like myself. 
  2. The black and white pattern makes it just ripe for accessorizing.
  3. Dresses for work are fabulous because it's one piece and you're done!
In addition to my dress, I am so stoked to be wearing non-neutral tights! I have another pair that I got along with this one... so stay tuned for their debut sometime this season.

Today really felt like fall. Not a San Francisco fall, more of an East Coast feeling, and I can't believe it but I am loving it! After less than a week of lovely Indian Summer hot weather, the cool crisp breezy day was a welcome relief. Plus, I love layering and cozying up in sweaters, and cuddling with my honey and eating soup! Not necessarily all at once, but it could happen!

Mamacita visits San Francisco, Oakland, and Napa!

My mom's visit was a whirlwind and a blast. It was so wonderful getting to hang out with her for five solid days, introduce her to my colleagues/friends, and Nic's mom, and the shopping was pretty awesome too :)

I picked her up at the airport on Tuesday around noon, and then we headed into San Francisco for lunch and mani pedis. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home with its battery charging that day, so I don't have any pics to share. Lunch was absolutely delicious at a great French spot close to work, and once we were full of yummy salad and gingerbread pancakes (amazing!), we headed around to corner to get our nails done. After our mani/pedis we headed up to my office so I could show Mom off to my colleagues (and vice versa!). They all got along wonderfully, and it just felt so good to have them all meet. I loved it!

I got my mom checked into her hotel in Oakland on Tuesday evening, then went to take my Physiology quiz, then picked up Nic and we took my mom to one of our favorite sushi places in our neighborhood. By the time we finished dinner it was kinda late so I took Mom back to the hotel and went to bed early myself.

On Wednesday I got up super early and picked Mom up at 8:30! After a quick Starbucks run we were on our way to Napa to go outlet shopping. Yes, I know, weird to go shopping in Napa isntead of wine tasting, but they have an amazing outlet mall. Really. If you ever go on a trip to Napa, save a day for the outlets. Or a morning. Here we are just before we headed in to shop :)

09 22-27 09 001

After a satisfying day of shopping (and lunch at In N Out Burger!), I showed Mom our apartment and then Nic's mom Lisa came and met up with us for dinner at another favorite neighborhood restaurant. Mom took this picture of my outfit just before we headed in to eat!
09 22-27 09 002

Mom, me, Lisa and Nic:
09 22-27 09 005

Me and Nic (she's such a stunner!)
09 22-27 09 006

On Thursday we headed to Sam's Club for a new mattress ($399 memory foam queen size mattress that is super comfy and comes in an easy to transport box!) and other supplies and then Nic met us at home and we headed to the city. After checking into our hotel in Union Square, we headed to another favorite sushi place of mine and Nic's for dinner. Afterwards we returned to the hotel  to get ready to go to see Jerry Jeff Walker in concert! If you can't tell, I go all out for country music, and Jerry Jeff is the best!
09 22-27 09 017
Jerry Jeff himself:
09 22-27 09 035

Friday was another shopping day, this time in Union Square, and then hotel hanging. Lisa and Nic met up with us again and we went to dinner at the famous Tadich Grill and enjoyed their fabulous Ciopinno (sooooo good!).
09 22-27 09 039

The best thing about my mom's trip was that it was the perfect amount of time for us. In the past my visits to St Louis have always felt rushed, so it was nice to be able to take our time and just enjoy hanging out together! I miss her already, but she is always just a phone call away :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Outfit log: I'm baaaaaaack!

As you may know, I have been absent from blogging for almost a week! Not only from updating my own, but from enjoying my favorite bloggers' posts as well. It was tough being away, but the hours I spent catching up on reading posts and commenting made me feel like a kid in a candy store :)

The week was spent hanging out (and shopping!) with my fabulous mom, who was visiting from Illinois. We had the best time ever, and I'll post more about that probably tomorrow!

In the meantime, here's my back to work outfit (complete with some new pieces!).

09 28 09 01909 28 09 02309 28 09 00909 28 09 03409 28 09 002

Occasion: Work (no events or meetings, but wanted to dress up!)
dress - kohls maybe?
necklace - gift from mom from STL
blazer - zara
mary janes - Nicole via DSW (and on clearance!)

The weekend was sweltering, but today it's only supposed to be in the mid 60s in the city, so I threw on one of my favorite but rarely worn dresses and paired it with my new blazer and mary janes, and a bold necklace that my mom scored at a jewelry show outside St Louis, MO.

I love this necklace from the combination of colors (different greens, reds, and creamy whites), to the length, and the awesome design (it almost looks Native American). I can just picture it working well with so many ensembles.  The mary janes are super comfortable, and so cute. I especially love the heel, since it is easy to walk in and reminds me of cowboy boots! I can't wait to pair these with colorful tights as the weather continues to cool down. And finally, the blazer is just rad with it's elbow patches and flattering silhouette!

While my shopping freeze has made me more creative about my already-owned clothes, it has also made me realize just what kinds of clothes would really enhance my wardrobe. It was such a treat to actually pick out new things, and I have so much gratitude for my mom for her patience ("how does this look", "brown or black", etc.), generosity, and overall loveliness!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mamacita arrives tomorrow!

I can hardly contain my excitement about the rest of this week!!! My lovely and gorgeous and amazing mom (she made a guest appearance here) is coming for a visit starting tomorrow. She'll be staying through Saturday, and we have so many plans! We'll be hanging out in Oakland, hitting up some outlet shops, staying for a bit in Union Square... basically it's going to be a phenomenal time. Because of all of this busy-ness, I'll be on a brief hiatus until early next week!

I'll close with a collage of my favorite mom-and-me pictures:

me and mom

Have a great rest of the week, and check back next Monday!

Outfit log: Dedicated to Johnny Castle

I watched and re-watched Dirty Dancing over and over again as I grew up, probably starting around age 4. It was around this time that I declared to the adults in my life that pants weren't pretty, and would refuse to wear anything besides dresses and skirts, the twirly-er the better. I imagined that one day someone like Johnny Castle would be practicing dance moves with me in a lake somewhere, and I would fall desperately in love.

Hearing about Patrick Swayze's death last week, I was filled with emotion, probably too much really for a person I had never met... but I couldn't stop the tears pouring down my cheeks. He was such a huge part of my childhood with that one role. He was a beautiful man, an amazing dancer, a talented actor, and I know that many must also feel his loss profoundly as I do.

Aside from my all time favorite movie referenced above, Swayze had some other stellar performances. My favorites include The Outsiders, Ghost, and To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything. 

(Clockwise from top left: Dirty Dancing, Outsiders, Ghost, To Wong Foo)

After grieving for a few days, today I feel like celebrating, in my way, the impact that Patrick Swayze had on my life. So, I'm sporting my "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" t-shirt that my mom sent me last year for my birthday, a tied button-up shirt and cuffed jeans. Maybe not the most amazing outfit in the world, but it sure feels good to wear it today.

09 21 09 00309 21 09 004

Occasion: Work (no meetings or events)

button up - lucky brand, outlet
t-shirt - gift from mom
jeans - gap
wedges - sofft

Friday, September 18, 2009

Outfit log: Flouncy

I have been wanting a high waist flouncy skirt for pretty much the entire Summer. But, tough economic times called for a shopping freeze, so I never bought one. This morning whilst showering (where I get the best outfit ideas), I thought about converting a smocked sundress that I bought in Hawaii last May (2008) into a skirt.

dress to skirt
 here's me in the hotel in Honolulu... I want to go baaaaaaack!

Since the dress hits just below the knee, I first tried to have the dress-as-skirt hit there as well. It was cute, but not really what I was going for. So, I rearranged everything and ended up with this short number!

09 18 09 10809 18 09 002

To keep it from slipping, I borrowed an idea from the lovely Indiana at adored austin. First, I folded the bottom half up towards me, held the material with my chin, and strapped on a stretchy belt. Then I let the material drop, pulled it and tucked it until the shape was how I wanted, and then threw my trusty brown belt over it. I hope that makes sense... I thought about doing a photo tutorial, but that would just be unladylike!

09 18 09 09209 18 09 073

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outfit log: Necklace or scarf? (and a bonus!)

This morning I was fretting over what to wear, and decided to try the whole scarf-as-part-of-the-outfit thing. I liked it, but my hair was kinda wet and I didn't want it to dry all funky with the scarf on, so I threw on a necklace and jacket and headed into work. Once my hair dried a bit, I wanted to put the scarf on, but then it hit me...


So, I turned to Google. I typed in "how to tie hipster scarf" and the answer was revealed (I used #3)! Wow, that's embarrassing. A real hipster does not Google how to be one, right? Not that I'm claiming to be a hipster, because I am so not, nor do I really desire that title because really then I'd be a huge poser because I'm way too dorky to be a hipster.

Anyway... I'm not sure if I pulled the scarf off well or not. I thought the purple with my pink shoes would work (pre-coffee in dim lighting at home), but looking again later I wasn't so sure. On the other hand I feel like I wear the long necklace/long sleeve shirt/flats combination all the time. What do you think? Which look do you prefer?

09 17 09 01709 17 09 003

09 17 09 02909 17 09 025

Occasion: Wore to work (no events or meetings)
white long sleeve t - old navy
white tank - hanes
jeans - delias
shoes - alfani via nordstrom
scarf - gift Mjiza bought me in Africa!
necklace - no memory of this purchase...

Now, bonus time! I've been pumping music during my photo shoots lately (read more about why here), and today one of my all time favorite songs to dance to played on my Pandora station: "London Bridge" by Fergie. Yeah I know this song isn't really about anything in particular, but it just makes me want to shake my ass all day long! Even at 8am in my office! So, I took way too many pictures and put them together for your enjoyment. Please note the asterisked photo since I'm pretty sure now that I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld.

09 17 09 collage

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outfit log 2-fer: Ladylike to tomboy?

Yesterday I went ahead and remixed my wide brown leather belt yet again. This time I paired it with an elbow-length gray cotton shirt and a black and white floral print skirt. The best part of the outfit was that these shoes had been sitting in my closet unworn (by me) since I got them! I'm so glad I got to finally show them attention. 
(please ignore the weird hair... getting used to my new cut when straightened)

09 15 09 006
Work (event)

gray cotton shirt - nordstrom?
skirt - gap, old
belt - stl dept store
shoes - thrifted via spiga
bag - coach

After feeling constricted all day yesterday by my belt and shoes, I decided to dress super casual today in what I'm calling my "tomboy" look. I know, I know, I can't even begin to tomboy it up (that's my girlfriend's job!), but I like my version thank you very much. I have been super comfortable all day in the weird chilly weather, and if a lion were to chase me I'd actually be able to run in these sneakers!

09 16 09 005
Work (no events or meetings)

green t-shirt - nordstrom
long sleeve t - gap
jeans - joe's "muse"
sneakers - diesel

Since my outfit is pretty laid back and not so girly, I decided to hide my bangs decorate my hair with this adorable butterfly bobby pin that Mijiza gave me.

09 16 09 butterfly clip close up 1

Also, I'm one of those girls who wears eye makeup probably about 80% of the time, but you can't really see it in most of my pictures. So today, I thought I'd include a close-up of my lids (since I do spend time and effort decorating them each morning!). 

09 16 09 eye makeup detail

Monday, September 14, 2009

Outfit log: Back to the fog

This weekend was nuts, weather-wise. Nic woke me up Friday night to point out that we were having a giant thunderstorm! I'm not a stranger to these types of storms having lived on the East Coast, but it was quite surreal having one in California. Saturday it was cloudy and chilly all day and evening, and then Sunday it was cloudy and muggy. Then it rained last night! Crazy weather for the Bay Area, especially for this time of year.

09 14 09 00109 14 09 01609 14 09 04409 14 09 04109 14 09 06209 14 09 033

Wore to work

blue tank - old navy
brown long sleeve shirt - thrifted michael stars
jacket - st louis dept store
jeans - gap
necklace - ??
flats - haight street boutique

To prepare for some fog and possible drizzle I dressed in layers today. I have a cuter outfit I wanted to wear, but I'm saving it for tomorrow when I have an event at work and people will actually see me :)

Wish list: Belts & Shoes

I have spent the last couple of months getting creative with the clothes I already have to create new and fun looks. But... I feel like I'm hitting a wall, and in order to scale it, I need a...


What does this entail? Well, let me focus on a few details, namely belts and shoes. Perhaps another time I'll write about actual clothes, but at this point I think these details will enhance my wardrobe muchísimo!

I'm going to start with belts, since I have fallen in love with my one wide belt (which if you've been following my blog have seen numerous times). Not only do I want half a dozen other wide belts, but I would love a couple skinny ones too. There are three basic types of each style that I am looking for:
  • Basic black
  • Pop of color
  • Patterned/Textured/Unusual
Here are a couple that I've got my eye on:
belts 09.09

  1. Modcloth - $19.99
  2. Modcloth - $32.99
  3. Forever 21 - $3.50
  4. Forever 21 - $4.80
  5. Modcloth - $23.99
  6. Forever 21 - $2.50

Next, shoes! Oh, shoes, how you've tormented me my whole life! The deal is this: I am tall, but my feet accommodated my future height before I reached it. That is, I had big ass feet as a short ass middle-schooler, and since then have had a teensy bit of a complex about it. The result? I am uber-picky about shoes, and therefore don't take enough risks with them. The majority of my shoes are black or brown, and don't add much pizazz to any ensemble.

After reading fashion blog after fashion blog I have realized that I gotta revamp my shoe collection. Of course I'm not about to start wearing shoes that make me walk like Bambi (read: high heels), but I would like to experiment with some new flats, low heels and wedges in fun colors. Oh, and let me not forget to mention price... I'm keeping my selections to shoes under $100.

Here are the ones I keep gravitating to:
shoes 09.09


  1. Jessica Simpson "Isabelle"- $68.95 at
  2. Jessical Simpson "Codella"- $58.95 at
  3. Pink Studio "Luciano" - $55.59 at
  4. Pink Studio "Toulouse Lau" - $69.99 at Modcloth
  5. NYLA "Gia" - $59.95 at
  6. Seychelles "Perfect Gentleman" - $66.17 at

Haircut: Before & After


09 12 09 before 09 12 09 after

Of course the after 'do (on the right) was styled by my stylist, so it looks a bit more awesome there than when I do it myself, but I did style my hair wavy this morning, and it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself! You'll see pics of it in my outfit log that I'll post tonight.

Also, just to remind you what pictures I showed Aurora before she cut my hair, check out the comparison... she did a helluva job, right??

09 12 09 after Jennifer Nettles - hair 1