Friday, October 30, 2009

Outfit log: Black, white and in between & a love story

This has been a crazy week, and I'm sorry for my lack of posting! I have been working from home because of the Bay Bridge closure (which is REALLY cramping my style), so haven't had too many blog-worthy outfits. But then yesterday happened.

outfit log: 10 29 09
outfit log: 10 29 09 outfit log: 10 29 09

Occasion: Work (event)

b&w sweater - thrifted (by mom) white house, black market
sweater dress - h&m
gray wide belt - h&m
tights - ??
boots(!) - blowfish "wisker" via

Ever since my post about wanting black boots, I have been obsessed with the idea. I saw these boots in person at a little boutique in my neighborhood a few weeks ago and instantly thought they might be perfect for me: very tall boot shaft, which looked larger-calf-accomodating, in black, and with a little country edge. I walked by the boutique window displaying the boots several times before finally going in to see how much they cost and if they had my size. The cost was right on, but the largest size they had was a 9! So, I found out the brand and went hunting online. It took me a week to find them in my size in the right color, and I ordered them right away! Since I couldn't try the boots on, I was nervous about the fit. I've ordered numerous pairs of black boots online before, only for them not to come close to fitting my legs.

They got delivered to my office while I was working from home, so I had plenty of time to design the perfect black boots outfit to wear to work to try them on for the first time. Unfortunately with so much time, I can get indecisive, so I didn't finalize this outfit until yesterday morning before I headed into work! I'm not sure how it came together, but I am really happy with the result. I have had the belt and sweater dress for months (not to mention the b&w sweater that I've had for almost a year!) and had not yet figured out how to style them. Using belted sweater inspiration from fellow bloggers and flickr peeps, I came up with this outfit, and I gotta say it's one of my absolute favorites on this blog!

Needless to say, the boots FIT! They are perfect: tall enough to hit just under my knees, fit my calves, and are stylish and cute! I love them to pieces and I think we'll live happily ever after.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

About me: My first video blog post!

Since I'm working from home today in my sweatpants, I don't have an outfit to share. Instead, I wanted to share this video blog I did as inspired by Becky of Gilding the Frilly and Hillary of byhillary. If you haven't checked their blogs out, do it! They both have grrrrrreat style and lovely things to share.

Anyway, so the video. I just wanted to share a little about myself... some of which may not necessarily come across in my usual blog posts. I hope you like it!

(Pssst.... If you've watched my video and enjoyed getting to know me a little better, please do an about me video blog post yourself and let me know! I would love to get to know you better.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Outfit log: LBS

I know you've heard of the LBD, but another very important clothing staple is the LBS (Little Black Skirt).

10 26 09 00610 26 09 03910 26 09 048

Occasion: Work (to attend presentation by top leader of University)

skirt - max studio outlet
heels - nicole via dsw, remixed
cardigan - jcrew outlet, remixed
tan tank - nordstrom
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, remixed
necklace - anthropologie
watch - l.a.m.b., remixed

Today I am debuting a new LBS to my collection. Three things blew me away about this skirt when I tried it on: 1. It's super comfortable (it's a pull on style made of stretchy fabric), 2. It's short but work-appropriate length and 3. I am a sucker for detail and the cute pleats add a little pizazz to the simplicity of it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Outfit log: I'll fly away (with my flutter sleeves)

Last weekend when Nic's dad and stepmom were in town, we took them down to Lakeshore Ave to walk off our full bellies after a delicious lunch at the Lake Chalet. Immediately upon exiting the car, Julie and I dashed into a boutique and Nic and John left us to do our thang. We made our way down the street, ooohing and ahhhing along the way, and ventured into the Gap to get Julie a t-shirt (she was roasting in her thick cotton turtleneck). We headed for the clearance rack and found this adorable fltutery short sleeve white t-shirt in black and white! Julie bought and wore the black one for herself, and got me the white version, which I adore! I am so in love with the sleeves (they're a different material too) and the sweet little buttons at the neckline. Score!

10 22 09 03310 22 09 01210 22 09 040

Occasion: Work (no events, etc.)

white flutter-sleeve t - The Gap, on clearance
necklace - tiffany&co, stolen from mom, remixed
jeans - delias "morgan low-rise", remixed
leopard print flats - rocket dog via dsw, remixed

I love the Gap, and I think I always will. Their basics are great and more affordable than other similar stores (Banana Republic [same owner as the Gap], J Crew). I also have a solid history with the retailer from my fantastic green velvet overalls I scored there in 6th grade to my Summer working in their Connecticut Ave store in DC. Plus, they have the hands down best cotton stretch underwear ever. Fo realz.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modcloth is the shiznit.

I love Modcloth for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is their friggin' adorable clothes, shoes, and accessories (my wishlist is extensive). Not only are the retro-inspired styles to die for, but they add new drool-worthy stuff DAILY. Love love love. The second reason I love Modcloth is the ModLife blog. Great posts, inspiration, and contests.

And number 3 (and most important in my book) reason to love this company? Their awesomely beautiful, bodacious, and real models.

Take yesterday's ModLife blog post about styling Modcloth clothes as Halloween constumes. At least half of the girls shown are average-size (like real average, not model average) or plus-size. How rad is that?!

Pictured above are Paulette and Michelle, as Cyndi Lauper and Disco Diva respectively.They are both rockin' it in their costumes!

I was first drawn to Modcloth in the search for a retro-inspired one-piece bathing suit. Not only did I find a plethora of options (styles, colors, prices) on the site, but was made instantly more comfortable by the presence of plus sizes modeled by averagely sized women.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the plus-size fashion industry is the use of minus-size models. I mean, what size 18 woman wants to see how the clothes she might order from a catalog are going to look on someone with a completely different body type than her? Not only does this not give women a realistic idea of what the clothes might look like on her (false advertising much?), but it is offensively implying that bigger models are less attractive and thus less likely to sell the clothes. Plus-size clothing retailers should hire genuinely plus-size models. Period. Empowering women with the knowledge that they can be fashionable and beautiful at any size should be the point.

Even the model pictured above in the to-die-for bathing suits is more of an average-size gal than a plus-size. This is problematic also, but I still love seeing a gal with some thighs rocking a hot bathing suit so in this case I think the good outweighs the bad.

What are your thoughts on plus size fashion and/or modeling? 

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Modcloth is not paying me to tell you how awesome they are, but if they would I prefer to be paid in clothes. Thanks.

Outfit log: Faux-wrap

Yesterday we tabled for our 4th and final fair of the the school year. I am so glad these things are over! While it's nice to get out of the office and interact with people, sitting around waiting for folks to come pretend to be interested in our work, but really be interested in our free schwag and candy, can be tiresome.

I dug into the depths of my closet to find this dress for the occasion. I knew I'd be outside for several hours, so I wanted to make sure I was warm, comfortable, and chic!

outfit log: 10 21 09
outfit log: 10 21 09outfit log: 10 21 09
Photos by Mijiza!

Occasion: Work (tabling at a public safety fair)

dress - TJ Maxx 2007
necklace - gift from Sadie!
boots - rockport via
black tights - ??
watch - l.a.m.b.

I can't believe I haven't worn this dress more. Not only is the material super comfortable, but the shape is perfect for me! It follows one of my favorite rules of Stacy & Clinton's: when dress shopping look for styles that have three defined sections - the top, waist, and skirt. You can't see the sections that clearly in the photo, but I can assure you that this dress follows the rule perfectly. Another great thing about it is that because it is a faux-wrap dress,  I get all the benefits of a wrap dress without the nuisance (like accidental thigh or boob exposing).

On another note, I just want to say thank you to all those who offered advice and/or commiseration regarding my boot issue! It is really nice to know that others struggle with the same boot challenges as me, and I got some fabulous tips from you guys. So, muchas gracias amigas!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ohhhh man, this post is going to be chock-full (what does that even mean, really?) of goodies! First, I'll tell you about my weekend. Then... I'll show you a really cute outfit Nic wore. And finally? Are you ready?? A regular/boring outfit log of mine from today.

Please try to contain your excitement.

So... the weekend. Nic and I agreed to foster two teeny tiny little male kittens (5 weeks old!) late last week, so we spent a good deal of time with them... bonding, playing, and trying not to startle.

This is our second venture into kitten fostering, and let me tell you, this time it is a breeze! The first time we did it was last Spring, and we had four kittens all of which were sick, got sicker, and then got one of our cats sick. It was pretty much a nightmare, but in the end we got all of the kittens healthy and then they were adopted in pairs by lovely people and we felt good about it, but definitely over the whole idea.

When the rescue group called us this week about fostering this pair, we were hesitant because of the disaster that our last foster kitties were. But then the rescue group contact told us that these kittens were scheduled to be put to sleep the very next day should no one take them. Immediately we agreed to it. I mean, really, how could you say no to saving their lives?

This is Elvis. He is a big scaredy cat right now, but I think he'll warm up eventually.
10 17-19 09 005

And this is Lil Will. He is the best kitten ever! Loves to play and snuggle and purr and be pet.
10 17-19 09 002

So far the kittens have been just a pleasure to foster. They are already awesome at using the litter box, and seem to be perfectly healthy!

Nic's dad and step mom came down to visit us on Saturday. We showed them our apartment, introduced them to our cats and the kittens, and then let them take us to lunch :)

Nic and her dad:
10 17-19 09 010

Me and Julie, Nic's step-mom:
10 17-19 09 011

We also went grocery shopping on Saturday.

Here Nic decides between bologna and turkey (we ended up with both) while I secretely take her picture to showcase her cute outfit (including new shirt picked out by me!):
10 17-19 09 013
blue/white checkered button-up: Gap, men's department on clearance!
belt - thrifted from Out of the Closet
shorts - Old Navy, men's dept
top-siders -  Sperry via DSW

And finally, my outfit today. It's all about comfort and staying warm. I didn't feel like wearing tights or anything remotely uncomfortable, so jeans and a long sleeve shirt were the way to go.

10 20 09 04810 20 09 018

Occasion: Work (no events, etc.)

long sleeve top - thrifted michael stars, remixed
lavender tank - jcrew outlet
jeans - gap, remixed
flats - rocket dog via dsw, remixed
scarf - burberry, gift from mom

Monday, October 19, 2009

Outfit log: Thrifted treasure and boot dilemma

I definitely inherited by sense of style and love of shopping from my glamorous and beautiful mother, who happens to be the most impressive thrifter I've met. She volunteers for this wonderful resale clothing shop in St. Louis, the proceeds from which goes towards scholarships for local kids.

Mom has scored some amazing pieces for herself, to sell on ebay, and for me! She sent this Diane von Furstenberg dress to me last year, and I have been in love with it since! It fits like a glove, has fabulous details, and cost under $50! I deem this piece, a thrifted (by mom) treasure!

outfit log: 10 19 09 #3
outfit log: 10 19 09 #1outfit log: 10 19 09 #2

Occasion: Work (meeting)

dress - Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted by Mom
tights - unknown
mary janes - dansko clogs, recently remixed

What I really want to be wearing with this outfit is a great pair of black knee high boots. Unfortunately I have yet to find any that fit my legs correctly. Having developed a complex about my feet in 6th grade when I was 5'2" and wore a size 10, I have since been super picky about my shoes. For the last several years I have been on the hunt for knee high boots, but this has been remarkably challenging!

There are two problems I face: (1) Boot makers are sizist a-holes. Seriously. How about making more options for women with normal size calves? My options are quite limited by this factor alone. (2) At 5'8" with a shorter torso, I have been cursed blessed with longer legs. My ideal boot both fits my calves (is this too much to ask?!) and is tall enough to hit just under my knee. So far I have found a brown pair of boots that I adore, which takes care of prob #1, but doesn't remedy #2. I'm content with those boots, but in my search for black boots, I am being pickier because like Jennifer Nettles says, "I ain't settlin'!"

Do you face either of these problems at all while boot shopping? Have any suggestions for brands or styles? And also, what about the opposite problem, boot shafts being too wide? (Really, I think boot makers should offer multiple widths, ideally anyway.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Outfit log: Simply school girl

The weather has been funky all week, which has made dressing a challenge! From cold temperatures and rain on Tuesday to warm and muggy on Wednesday and Thursday... it's just weird. To dress for a potentially muggy/not cold/light scattered showers day, I decided to try out knee socks for the first time.

outfit log: 10 15 09
outfit log: 10 15 09 10 15 09

Occasion: Work (no events, etc)

t-shirt - nordstrom 06
skirt - h&m 09, recently remixed knee socks - target?
clogs - dansko via 07

Initially I had completed my outfit with gray suede mary janes, but rain + suede = sad Chelsea. So, I threw on my amazingly comfortable and ergonomically perfect dansko mary jane clogs, and hopped through the puddles!

Oh, and here's a close-up of my makeup... I tried something a little different on the eyelids, which I thought would go well with the dark on dark color palette.

10 15 09 makeup detail

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Outfit log: Gone ridin'

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by Clare (of Between Laundry Days) who alerted me to the fact that we have the same boots! She donned her pair with skinny jeans the other day, so I decided to try this look out again (I tried last year, pre-outfit pictures, but never felt comfortable in it).This look makes me feel ready to set off horseback on a European fox hunt on a moment's notice!

10 14 09 03010 14 09 03110 14 09 034

Occasion: Work (tabling at a resource fair)

blazer - zara 09, recently remixed
cardigan - jcrew outlet 09, recently remixed
empire waist blue tee - nordstrom 07
jeans - delias 08, remixed
boots - rockport via, recently remixed

I ended up liking the boots and jeans combo, and have a feeling it might reappear as the rainy season takes over the Bay Area.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Outfit log: Plaid season

I picked up this "dress" at H&M recently, but when I wore it with tights and boots I just wasn't satisfied with the look. As soon as I got home that day, I tried to make the piece work in different ways, and came up with this look, which I sported yesterday.

10 13 09

Occasion: Work (no events)

dress as shirt: H&M, recently remixed
skirt - gap, remixed
belt - mark shale, recently remixed
abalone necklace - gift
boots - rockport, remixed

This was perfect for the huge rainstorm that passed through yesterday! I was warm and toasty in the flannel, even without tights, and I didn't end up with soggy pant hems (that's the worst).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Outfit log: Forest poser

While I'm not a huge fan of American Apparel (mostly because of their pervy owner and sleazy ads), I did make my first purchase from their outlet store recently. Along with a couple of pairs of tights (fab quality), I got this wrap dress, whose sturdy cotton composition provides great structure and warmth for the chilly Autumn weather we've been having for the last few days. Paired with tights and boots, I was ready to traipse around the woods behind my office with my coworker/photographer Mijiza!

10 08 09 001

outfit log: 10 08 09 003

10 08 09 004

outfit log: 10 08 09 012

Occasion: Work (no events or meetings)

wrap dress - american apparel outlet
necklace - gift from mom, recently remixed
tights - nicole miller via dsw
boots - rockport via, recently remixed

As you may recall, I have been trying to take my outfit log photos outside only, but it's no easy feat with 2 hours of commuting per day added on to my 8 hour work day and two nights of evening classes! I am incredibly grateful to Mijiza for these wonderful photographs :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tickled and featured!

Oh, Weardrobe, how much do I love you? SO MUCH! Especially today because you featured me :) I'm so tickled!

featured on weardrobe 10 08 09

And if you're reading this and you're on Weardrobe, let me know! I would love to add you as a friend so I can keep up with your style ;) You can visit my page through the link in the right sidebar of this here blog!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outfit log: Pantsless

There is something just... not right... about this outfit. Could it be that I HAVE NO PANTS ON??? I didn't forget them, of course, but the distorted reflection in my broken and oddly-propped mirror this morning led me to think that I didn't need them.

10 07 09 10 07 0910 07 09 10 07 09
Occasions: Work (no events or meetings, thank Cher*!)

jean jacket - the limited circa 1998 (yeah I've been sporting it since high school... holla!)
tunic turned dress? - h&m
tights -the limited (but not as old!)
boots - rockport via
abalone necklace - gift

I met Nic for lunch today and I told her that I was second-guessing my outfit, and she said she loved it! Then we walked down a windy street and I flashed everyone my black & white striped underwear, and she agreed something had to be done. I'm thinking leggings and flats for next time...

Feeling a little frumpy and disappointed with my outfit all day, I decided to try out InStyle's awesome virtual makeover, and voila! The only problem? Now I'm sitting here missing my long hair :(

10 07 09 - virtual makeover

*I'm taking Jack's lead from Will & Grace and replacing the G in OMG with C for Cher!

funny shit

I have a failed outfit post coming up later tonight, but in the meantime I just had to share this video, which I have been cracking up at all afternoon!

Outfit log & Guest appearance!

I am so lucky in my job, not because it's my life goal and the work is amazing (though the work we do is amazing, my work isn't terribly exciting), but because I work with the best people! You may recall my friend Mijiza, who I've featured before, but now I'd like to highlight my boss, Amy.

Amy is the shit. For real. In fact, I entered Le Quaintrelle's giveaway months ago with a reason why Amy inspires me. Here's what I said:
The most inspirational woman in my life today is my boss, Amy... Amy has always been a strong advocate for women, and particularly women of color who fall through the cracks of professional advancement. Amy is devoted to diversity, equity, and upward mobility, and always strives to help those who need it. Not only has Amy accomplished so many wonderful things for women at our university, she does so with humor and warmth. She is my mentor first, my friend second, and my boss third.
Here we are yesterday morning posing in the chilly autumn air! Can you tell that I'm trying to keep her warm in the first shot?

10 06 09 00310 06 09

Before arriving at work, I was running early so I pulled over at a cool view I drive by all the time. I tried to take some outfit shots, but it was pretty awkward with all the cyclists, dog walkers, and cars driving by.

The view is pretty awesome though! Can you spot Golden Gate Bridge? (Hint: It's just to the left of me, about hip-level)
10 06 09

10 06 09

Occasion: Work (no events or meetings)
jeans - gap
flats - clarks outlet
elbow sleeve t - nordstrom
vest - sam's club

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guest appearance: New style for girlfriend

I'm not one to take too much credit, but I think my obsession with finding new ways to wear clothes and styles is becoming infectious! Case in point? My gorgeous girlfriend.

Last night we stopped by a new thrift store that opened up across the street from our grocery store, and Nic bought two shirts and a belt for under $6! Now this is huge, because Nic is not a big shopper. I swear (she'll hate me for saying this), I've never seen her this excited to browse through clothes. She had a style in mind she wanted to try that involved tucking shirts into her jeans, the new belt, and her recently acquired deck shoes.

When we got home, she tried on the new shirts, and then went beyond that to try on older shirts she hadn't worn in awhile! We seriously had this style session for about 40 minutes, and here's one of the looks she came up with.

Nic 10 05 09 006Nic 10 05 09 003

I, for one, absolutely love it and think she looks just beautiful :) I can't wait to see the new outfits in action!

Outfig log: I've got the blues (and browns)

My camera battery was left at home charging as I headed to work yesterday morning, so upon arriving home at the end of the day I decided to run up to our roof to do my usual self photo shoot. Instead of my self-timer self portrait session, however, Nic offered to come up and take pictures for me! I am so so pleased with how these turned out... who knew what a talented photographer my lady is?!

10 05 09

10 05 09 belt necklace & nails10 05 09 twirling

10 05 09 017

10 05 09 02210 05 09

Occasion: Work (no events or meetings)

skirt - nordstrom, on sale
belt - mark shale, going out of business sale, stl
tank - old navy
cardigan - jcrew outlet
tights - american apparel outlet
mary janes - dsw, clearance
necklace - denver airport
bracelet - unknown

I love this outfit for 3 main reasons:
  1. I love blue and brown together, and even though my tights and cardigan might be a little matchy/matchy, I think it's works!
  2. The tank top I'm wearing has this awesome empire waist that just does wonders for the showcase of the rack, but it has a weird stain near the hip so I can't wear it un-tucked. I feel so accomplished in being able to revive this top! (My secret trick to keeping the blouse-y bottom from looking funky under the skirt: I tucked it right into my tights! A little maneuvering for restroom breaks necessary, but not uncomfortable at all!)
  3. The skirt is made of modal, so it's stretchy and super comfortable. Not only that, it's perfect for twirling without worry, since the way the fluttery bottom is structured makes it impossible to flash people! I have had this gem in my closet for YEARS and never wore it (just took the tags off yesterday). I'm so glad it didn't get sent to Goodwill!