Thursday, December 17, 2009

Outfit log: Feeling Funky (not the good kind)

I'm in a really funky mood right now, feeling impatient, grouchy, and anxious. I  am so ready to be on staycation (after tomorrow I have two weeks off!!!), but even MORE ready to hear back from nursing school. I won't hear whether or not I got in, but rather whether or not I am invited to interview. If I'm not, then I'm out and I'll have to try again next year, but if I do get a chance to interview then it's one step closer to getting in!

So, I am a bundle of nerves. Every afternoon I have Nic check the mail looking for the dreaded/anticipated letter, only to be let down each time. Maybe tonight will be the night...

Occasion: Casual Workday, Thursday 12/17/09
12 17 09 024 12 17 09 010 12 17 09 034 12 17 09 019
dress - h&m
long sleeve tee - michael stars, thrifted, remixed
lavender tank - jcrew outlet, remixed
gray leggings - h&m
loafers - me too via dsw, remixed
choker-type necklace - made my friend's mom, remixed
pendent-type necklace - gift from Nic, remixed

This was one of those outfits that just kinda came together this morning (here I go again with the purple and gray!). I like this ensemble other than the fact that the leggings are too short (story of my life) and I do not own a slip resulting in my day-long struggle to remove the dress from between my thighs. Ahh well... maybe I will learn and get one. Soon.

Sorry for all the negativity in this post. Sometimes you gotta just dwell in your shit!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Outfit log: Little Office on the Prairie

I totally feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder in this getup... the blouse details, skirt length, boots, and belt just make me want to run through the prairie fields until Mama calls me in for dinner (don't worry Mom, I won't ever call you Mama!). 

Occasion: Casual Workday, Wednesday 12/16/09
12 16 09 064 12 16 09 108 12 16 09 106 12 16 09 081
full length photos by me, close ups above by Mijiza
blouse - nordstrom?
belt - mark shale, stl, remixed
skirt - nordstrom, remixed
tights - nicole miller via dsw, remixed
boots - rockport, remixed
bolero - anthropologie, remixed
"chelsea" two-finger ring - Christmukkah gift from Nic, 2008
necklace - gift from Nic

I like the different textures and patterns I have going on today (especially when wearing the bolero), and the proportions make me feel cute and curvy! Also, did you notice my ring? I've mentioned before that Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite style icons (ridonkulous, I know), and I was totally coveting her "Lauren" ring this time last year. Nicholette paid attention and got me my very own two finger personalized name ring for Christmas 2009! I had to have it sized (two finger rings are tricky), but now I just love it to pieces. Nic has the best taste in jewelry (she also surprised me with this necklace recently!), which is one of the many reasons that I am a very lucky chick :)

12 16 09 makeup

To sass up my Great Plains inspired look, I decided to tone down my eyes and focus on red lips! All I'm wearing is my typical concealer & foundation powder (details in this post), a little dark brown shadow liner on my top lid, and mascara. Then, the red lips. I love this red! It's Mac Amplified Kanga-Rouge.

Thanks for your feedback on my makeup posts! I'm planning on trying something a little different based on your responses... so stay tuned :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Outfit log: Addicted to Grurple

I have a dinner tonight after work with my fellow SF Marathon top ten fundraisers for the SF AIDS Foundation (I was number 10!), so I wanted to look extra sassy to be reunited with my fabulous running buds :)

Occasion: Casual Workday & Top Ten Fundraiser Dinner, Tuesday 12/15/09
12 15 09 005 12 15 09 012 12 15 09 009 12 15 09 029
photos by Mijiza
OTKs - mommed, remixed
sheer black leggings - h&m, remixed
blowfish boots - dsw, remixed
purple wool skirt - h&m, remixed
gray cardigan - thrifted by mom
white buttoned blouse - anthro
wide gray belt - h&m, remixed
necklace - handmade by friend's mom + chain from other necklace for length

I really wanted to sport these OTKs again, but wanted to change the look from the first time I wore them. I stuck with the same color scheme, but instead of my cotton wrap sweater I chose a white tank and gauzy blouse under a longer wool button up cardigan. Cinching in my waist with the belt added more shape to the look, and I just love how the buttons on the sweater and the buttons on the blouse play off of each other.

I've realized that I'm addicted to this color combination, a result of owning a plethora of clothing/shoes/tights/socks in both colors, making the potential combinations seemingly endless! I hope to incorporate other colors into my wardrobe (like yellow, blue, green & orange), and think a great place to start would be with additional skirts of this length. They just beg to be worn layered with tights!

12 15 09 makeup
For makeup I went with a light lavender shadow all over the lid, and concentrated some shimmery purple shadow in the outer corners, blending it in along my crease. Then I lined the top lash night with a deep purple shadow, which gave me a great guideline for applying my black cream liner (applied with a brush). I highly recommend this method for the shaky-handed and those who end up with different looking lines on each eye. The shadow is easier to work with (you can easily wipe away mistakes), and I find tracing the shadow way easier than going at it with the cream eye liner (or liquid if you prefer) alone.

Question for ya'll: What do you think about my makeup posts? Do you like the descriptions, or would you prefer more product-related information? (I use the same crap over and over again in different ways, which is why I am more inclined to describe my technique than copy & paste all the details from previous posts.) 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Outfit log: Stealth Photo Shoot

Since I was a little bit late getting into work this morning, I didn't have a chance to take my photo shoot before folks who share our office came in for the day. So, while my grilled cheese sandwich toasted in the toaser oven I took some stealth shots, mug of tomato soup in hand!

Occasion: Casual Workday, Friday 12/11/09

12 11 09 010 12 11 09 004 12 11 09 018

turtleneck - gap, 2008, remixed
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, remixed
jeans - seven for all mankind via tjmaxx, remixed
clogs - dansko, remixed
argyle socks - target?

Knowing that it was going to be a rainy day I thought my good ole dansko mary jane clogs would be perfect to keep me elevated above the puddles! To spruce up this otherwise basic outfit, I threw on my trusty mini-studded skinny belt.

12 11 09 makeup

I didn't want to put too much eye makeup on, so I just used a pale pink shadow on my lids and a purple shadow as my eye liner. Click here to see a larger picture. I love how the purple shadow as eye liner accentuates the green in my eyes!

I'm am really looking forward to this weekend, even though the forecast calls for rain. What better excuse to curl up with my lady and our kitties, light up the Christmukkah tree, sip on some egg nog and watch holiday movies?? That's my plan for tomorrow morning before heading to a friend's Hanukkah party in the evening. Sunday has yet to be planned, but I'm hoping to go on a Target run and also get some holiday shopping taken care of. What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Outfit log: Layer Biter**

 Inspired** by dress layerers Audi of Fashion for Nerds and Stephanie of Healthy and Homemade, I took a try at re-styling this plaid number.

Occasion: Casual workday, Thursday 12/10/09
12 10 09 outfit 12 10 09 outfit
12 10 09 outfit 12 10 09 outfit
outfit details:
black t shirt - gap favorite tee
plaid tunic/dress - h&m, remixed
black jersey dress - h&m, remixed
sheer black leggings - h&m, remixed
black OTK* socks - hand-me-down from mom
brown leather boots - rockport, remixed

This is my third and favorite time sporting this plaid piece. The first time I wore it I somehow forgot to wear pants, and the second time I layered it under a skirt. This time I layered the dress (tunic?) over a jersey sundress, and then threw a black tee over it. Since the tunic is rather big, it was a little too bunchy around my torso, hiding my waist, so I added my trusty skinny belt to make the look a bit more flattering.

I went back and forth between black and brown boots, but I am pleased with my choice. The boots mirror the warmth of the tunic colors and add some contrast to my lower half, which seems to pull everything together.

12 10 09 makeup
makeup details:
So this is embarrassing to admit (I should've listed it in my guilty pleasures post!), but I am addicted to The Hills. Even without my favorite fashionista Lauren Conrad, the show with it's fictional drama and crappy faux-reality show-acting draws me in time and time again! Anyway, this relates to my makeup today because I was inspired by Kristen Cavalleri's casual daytime eye makeup that she sported on the series finale. I started with a pale pink over my lid up to the crease, then filled in the crease with a tan shadow (concentrating more on the outer corners and less as I brushed inward). I finished up the look with some dark brown shadow as liner on top and bottom lash lines, and my favorite maybelline blackest black mascara. And of course concealer, powder, blush and lip gloss! 

*I might need to start buying socks marketed as thigh highs instead of OTK, since these puppies barely covered my knees! 
**Back in middle school  we used to call copy cats "biters", hence the title of this post.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Outfit log: Day to Night

I needed an outfit today that was warm for the chilly weather, comfortable to go all day and evening, and fancy enough for a holiday shindig after work. I thought remixing this sweater with jeans and a splash of seed pearls would be the perfect combination.

Occasion: Work & Evening Holiday Party, Wednesday 12/9/09 (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

12 09 09 day to night 12 09 09 day to night 12 09 09 day to night 12 09 09 day to night

outfit details:
sweater - white house | black market, thrifted by mom, remixed
long sleeve black tee - target
belt - borrowed from a dress
jeans - gap, remixed
mary janes - clarks outlet, remixed
seed pearl necklace - gift from mom, remixed
pearl pendant necklace - anthropologie

12 09 09 makeup
makeup details here 

Since my look is pretty neutral, I thought a pop of purple on my eyelids would be a fun addition! To change up the seed pearl necklace from the last time I sported it, I tried layering it over another shorter-chained pendant pearl necklace from Anthropologie. With my heavy eye makeup, comfy sweater, and plethora of pearls, I feel glamorous, chic, and comfy all at once!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit my mom's blog!

My mother is one of the biggest style influences in my life. Despite facing the many challenges of single-motherhood, Mom always took pleasure in maintaining fabulous personal style on a budget. Her shoe collection is off the hook, she is the most gifted thrifter I've known, and I am just delighted to tell you all that she has just started her very own fashion blog!

Fabulously Fashionable 50s
Because fashion isn't just for kids...

I hope you'll go visit and encourage her on her blogging journey with the same positivity you've shared with me! In the meantime, here is a mini-preview of her fabulous style, which she has shared with me over the past few months: 

05 12 09 08 18 09 photo1 photo 09 02 09 10 09_3 10 09_2 10 09_1

Outfit log: Two Trouble Pieces Together

Another chill-tastic day today! To stay extra cozy I layered a long sleeve tunic over a cotton camisole and under a wool bolero, and tucked a pair of skinnies into my comfy brown boots.

Occasion: Work (no events/mtgs), Tuesday 12/8/09

12 08 09 outfit 12 08 09 outfit 12 08 09 outfit
outfit details:
sweater (bolero?) - anthropologie, 2007
tunic - free people, hand-me-down from aunt, remixed
skinny jeans - delias, remixed

boots - rockport via, remixed

12 08 09 makeup
makeup details:
all over eye lid - mac "retrospeck" eye shadow
eye lid crease - mac "saddle" eye shadow
eye liner - mac "espresso" eye shadow applied with this brush (it's the best!)
clinique almost powder makeup spf 15
clinique all about eyes concealer
bobbi brown blush
bobbi brown shimmer lip gloss in pink sugar

 I've had a bit of trouble styling both this sweater (it's called a bolero, right?) and the tunic underneath, but together I think the proportions are just right! As for the makeup, this is my go-to neutral look of the moment, but I'm hoping to incorporate more color into my eye shadows. The only color I've really played with is purple, since I think it complements my eye color well. Do you have any suggestions for other eye shadow colors/combinations that you like to use or think I should try?

In non-fashion-related news, this has been a busy couple of days for me. I confessed a couple of posts ago that one of my guilty pleasures is lazy weekends, but this weekend was not one of them! Sure, I was in bed by 9:30 Friday night (I hadn't slept well the night before, and it was a long week, and and... those are my excuses), but Saturday night Nic and I met up with friends and had a delightful (if a bit overpriced) dinner at Urban Tavern in SF, followed by a fantastic comedy show! Then Sunday we headed down to the Peninsula to have an early dinner and visit with Nic's family. Last night was a work-related holiday party, tonight we are picking up our Christmas tree (that I will top with a Star of David to pay homage to my wonderful Jewish family members), and tomorrow I have another holiday party to attend! And then this weekend we're hitting up yet another holiday party (a Hannukah party, in fact!)! I love the holiday season!

Now off to listen to my Elvis Christmas music. The best!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Outfit log: Dressing for the Cold!

Something crazy happened last night and this morning: It SNOWED in the Bay Area! While this was very exciting (Nic is a Bay Area native and cannot remember this ever happening), it made getting dressed a challenge. I wanted to wear a skirt or dress, since I'm heading to a work-related holiday party at the end of the day, but how to stay warm? I figured some thick knit tights and a cashmere cardigan would do the trick!

Occasion: Work & holiday party, Monday 12/7/09

12 07 09 012 12 07 09 063 12 07 09 031

cashmere cardigan - filenes?? very old
necklace - gift from g/f
tank - jcrew outlet
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, remixed
skirt - h&m, remixed
tights - target, remixed
boots - blowfish via, remixed

Even with the tights, I was still rather chilly this morning on my way into the office! But, I don't have to be outside much today, so I should be able to stay warm and toasty :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outfit log: Sunny Side Down

Since I love this sweater and like it layered over a long white tank, I figured a long sleeve white tee underneath would be perfect for the cool day ahead! 

Occasion: Work (no events/meetings) 12/2/09

12 02 09 014 12 02 09 050 12 02 09 048 12 02 09 040

sweater - thrifted, remixed
long sleeve white t - target
skinny jeans - delias, thrifted
leopard print flats - rocket dog via dsw, remixed
heart necklace - tiffany & co, handed down from mom, remixed

Unfortunately after taking my pictures, I realized that I'm just not feeling that sassy in this ensemble. I deem this a failed outfit (remember my first?). Don't worry though... I'm not trippin'. If I was, I wouldn't post these photos.

Two of my goals for this blog are to...
  1. portray my fashionable-self truly
  2. combat negative body image in myself and others
So, instead of hiding my imperfect moments, I share them! I think too often we all strive for absolute perfection in how we look and get caught up in feeling sad, depressed, or disappointed if we do not achieve it. I try to embrace my imperfections  because I believe that they are what make me unique, interesting, and beautiful! I do have moments of feeling dissatisfied with my appearance (like when I first looked at the pictures of this outfit), but being able to post my outfit anyway and actually convince myself that I am beautiful even in a not-so-favorite-outfit combats these negative thoughts and makes me feel better about myself (and I am all about that!).

Outfit log: Plum & Caramel

I chose this outfit yesterday because I wanted to wear a skirt (and my favorite shoes!), but stay warm in a cozy sweater.

Occasion: Work (event) 12/1/09

12 01 09 035 12 01 09 045 12 01 09 041

sweater - express? very old!
skirt - h&m, remixed
tights - target, remixed
shoes - nicole via dsw (on clearance), remixed
earrings - lucky brand

The outfit was great up until I had to run around campus for our event. Then my feet started to hurt and I started craving pants. Needless to say as soon as I got home I pretty much leaped out of my clothes and into sweatpants. Glamorous, right?

12 01 09 makeup

In my last post I shared my go-to eye look, but for yesterday's makeup I went way easy and just dusted on a shimmery shadow and lined my eyes with a dark brown shadow. Easy peasy!