Friday, January 29, 2010

Outfit log: Coral, Cream & Chocolate

Last night, finally, Nic and I did an enormous amount of laundry, which made getting dressed this morning so exciting :) What I didn't expect was that the only freshly laundered items I chose to wear were my socks and cords!

I thought I'd show you the various layers to this outfit, since I'm in and out of them all day, so be prepared for photo overload! I hope it doesn't hurt your eyes too much ;)
Occasion: Casual workday, Friday January 29, 2010
01 29 10 051 01 29 10 109 01 29 10 094 01 29 10 034 01 29 10 079 01 29 10 026 01 29 10 027
tunic - anthro on sale
cords - banana republic, after xmas clearance ($30!), remixed
boots - rockport via, remixed
bolero - anthro, remixed
necklace - ??
jean jacket - the limited circa 1998
scarf - burberry, gift, remixed
bag - coach
I am so stoked to finally wearing this tunic on my blog! I seriously haven't worn it in months and months because, let's face it, it's damn chilly in San Francisco almost all the time so short sleeves by themselves are more often than not (even in the dead of Summer) a no-go. I just adore the way this top fits me (the smocking, the sleeves, the color, oh my!),  so every time I get to wear it I just feel lovely all day. Don't you just love clothing items like that?

Anyway, inspired by What Would a Nerd Wear's recent posts (1 & 2) about the trouble of pairing her similarly colored skirt with other colors, I thought this creamy tan wool bolero would complement the coral-color tunic well while winterizing it and without taking away the shape that I so love. I ended up keeping the bolero unbuttoned because it showcased the boob-flattering smocking, and added emphasis to the hourglass shape created by the whole outfit. I finished up the ensemble with some small pops of blue through my abalone ring and light blue glass bead necklace, which contrasted perfectly with the rest of the warmer tones.

01 29 10 makeup
eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (crease) - mac corkeyeshadow (top lash line liner) - mac embark
eyeliner (cream liner on top lash line) - mac fluidline in dipdown
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara on top lashes only
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
laura gellar lipgloss in chilled maple
For makeup I went with a shimmery nude all over my eyelids and light brown in the creases. I then applied a dark brown shadow as a liner/guide to my top lash line followed by dark brown cream liner, winged out slightly to create a little mini-cat eye. Finished it up with black mascara on my top lashes only!

Yesterday's Outfit and My Colleagues Workin' It

I scored this darling bolero while thrifting with my mom in St. Louis last year. Unfortunately I could not for the life of me figure out how to wear it. That's where my fabulous readers came in! Last week I sported a cropped cardigan and explained my frustration with styling it... the suggestion from several of you was to wear it with a dress. Well, since the bolero provided the same challenge, I used your advice and voila!
Occasion: Casual workday, Thursday January 28, 2010
01 28 10 004 01 28 10 001

dress - gap outlet, gift
OTK socks - handed down from mom, remixed
mary jane clogs - dansko, remixed
bolero - white house | black market, thrifted
belt - h&m, remixed
necklace - tiffany & co, hand-me-down, remixed
I am so glad that you guys helped me figure out how to wear this piece... I mean just look at the awesome crocheted back! To add a little funk to my sweet little outfit I added in some pattern mixing with these OTK socks. I kind of felt like Pippi Longstocking all day, but not in a bad way (she was a pretty cool gal, after all!).

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by stylish women of all kinds in my life. Two of these are my colleagues Mijiza & Amy. Yesterday Mijiza and I just happened to be wearing Amy's favorite (non)color combination (check out her sporting it here), while Amy was the colorful one!
Guest Appearances: Mijiza & Amy (my colleagues)
01 28 10 001 01 28 10 006

This chick has some serious style. I love when she cleans out her closet, because then I get to shop in her donations pile! Here she pairs a short sleeve slightly cropped jacket with an adorable pencil-with-flavor skirt. The pleating on the front of the skirt is just darling, and I love her sassy boots!

Amy choose a great color combination for this look: navy & red. I love that the tank underneath the navy cardigan is a deeper burgundy than the skirt, adding additional interest to the outfit. She also does a great job of highlighting her slender and fit figure by layering sleek solid pieces on top with a flowy patterned skirt on the bottom. And the belt of course is awesome!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Outfit log: More Argyle

After sitting in a dress, tights, and heeled boots in the courtroom all day Monday  to hear the Prop 8 trial (yeah, that's right! soooo awesome... more about that later), I wanted to be comfortable on Tuesday in jeans and a sweater. Since I still haven't done laundry (don't judge, I still have plenty of clean underthings!) and these were my cleanest pair of jeans, I designed the outfit around them.
Occasion: Casual workday, Tuesday January 26, 2010
01 26 10 002 01 26 10 003 01 26 10 045
button-up - mark shale, remixed
argyle sweater - jcrew outlet, remixed
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, remixed
jeans - joe's "muse", remixed
shoes - doc martens, ooooold
Since these jeans are pretty long, I usually wear them with a heel of some sort. But yesterday I had the stroke of brilliance to pair them with my hardly-worn-anymore pair of doc martens from high school (10th grade to be precise!). Because the docs have a thick sole, the jeans' hems were still protected from the wet ground, and I felt like I could kick some major ass on a moment's notice!

When I picked out this sweater at the JCrew outlet a few weeks back, I originally tried it on with a long sleeve button up shirt underneath and immediately felt claustrophobic... not enough room for my arms with both garments on. So, I got it anyway thinking I would just have to wear it with tank tops or short sleeve shirts underneath... which was fine, though not exactly what I wanted. As I stared at my closet yesterday morning willing an outfit to appear, it dawned on me that a sleeveless button up would have the same effect that I was going for, but allow my arms to be mobile! Unfortunately this is the only button up that I own and it has a bunch of ruffles on the front so it added a little bit of volume underneath the sweater, but overall I was pleased with the result. 

01 26 10 makeup
eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (liner) - mac cork
eyeshadow (liner - outer corner on top lashline) - mac embark
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
laura gellar lipgloss in chilled maple

Yesterday's makeup was pretty light on the eyes. I started out with my normal base routine (concealer under the eyes and on eyelids, powder makeup all over) then just dusted some shimmery nude eye shadow on my lids. Followed this up with a light brown shadow applied as liner to both top and bottom lash lines, then coated all lashes with black mascara. Finished it all up with blush and lip gloss!

Outfit log: Wicked Weekend

So I know Thursday wasn't technically the weekend, but it felt like it since Nic and I headed to the theater to see Wicked! I've already told you how much I loved the show... it was just a delight and a treat!
Occasion: Theater (Wicked!), Thursday January 21, 2010
01 21 10 wicked 001 01 21 10 wicked 004 01 21 10 wicked 002
black sweater dress - h&m (old)
necklace - gift from boo, remixed
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, gift, remixed
tights - limited, remixed
oxfords - clarks outlet, remixed
cat - Oliver the giant
Don't mind my crumpled hair... these were taken upon returning from the show after walking briskly through the rain to our car. Oliver had missed us so kept rubbing up on my legs while I tried to pose :) I love how I inadvertently dressed kind of witch-like what with the oxford booties and black dress (even the sleeves remind me of something a traditional witch would wear).

Friday night Nic and I met up with some friends for drinks in Oakland.
Occasion: Drinks with friends, Friday January 22, 2010
01 22 10 evening out 002 01 22 10 evening out 004
jacket - miss sixty (hand-me-down)
scarf - burberry, gift, remixed
floral tunic - anthropologie (old)
jeans - boutique in SF, remixed
cardigan - target (old)
boots - rockport via, remixed
necklace - gift from boo, remixed
I finally tried out A. from academichic's trick to tying a cloth belt attached to a garment around an outer layer (in this case, the tunic had the attached cloth ties, which I crossed in front of my body with the cardigan on and then wrapped around to the back where I tied it). With just the cardigan worn over this tunic I end up losing waist definition and just feel boxy, so I absolutely LOVE this tying method, since I've had trouble remixing this tunic in the past in the chilly Bay Area climate!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Outfit log: The Result of Rushing (and having few clean clothes)

Yesterday's outfit was built around wearing my oxford booties. Since it was raining (again! still is today!), I thought they would be the perfect non-boot for the weather. Since my laundry pile is enormous and I spent way too much time blow drying my hair (it takes forever!) I felt totally limited by time and options, but after what felt like 5 million variations, went with this.

Occasion: Casual workday, Thursday January 21, 2010
01 21 10 028 01 21 10 024 01 21 10 040
cardigan - gift
blouse - gap, remixed
black tank - jcrew outlet, remixed
jeans - joe's "muse", remixed
booties - clarks outlet, remixed
While I love the idea of this cardigan, the length is awkward. If it was just slightly longer I would wear it all the time, but no dice. In other news, this is my first time wearing my booties with jeans, and I love the look!

01 21 10 makeup-less
Makeup: Au naturale baby!
Honestly, the makeup-free day was completely unintentional. In trying to figure out what to wear and get my hair to de-frizz that I just didn't have the time to do it. It was actually pretty liberating (ooooh, I can rub my eyes without messing anything up!) and comfortable (my sinuses are all whacky this week so I'm blowing my nose all the time, my eyes keep watering, and I keep sneezing, etc.). And the best part was that I had a fresh face to decorate in time for going to see Wicked last night (one of my Christmas presents from Nic)!!

Oh em gee... Wicked was glorious. I knew I would love it, but it blew me away anyway! Great actors (with amazing voices!), totally entertaining and funny, and definitely nostalgia-inducing (all the Wizard of Oz references of course). If you have a chance to go see it, I highly recommend you go see it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outfit log: Big Printin'

Since we are in the week of crazy rain and thunderstorms in the Bay Area, I stuck to my perfect-for-soggy-weather brown boots yesterday. To avoid soggy hemlines I wore the boots over my psuedo-jeggings, which created the perfect bottom half to debut this glorious tunic I scored* at the after Christmas sale at Macy's!

*I was going to score it (only $13!), but then Nic's stepmom bought it for me :) She's the best!
Occasion: Casual workday, Wednesday, January 20, 2010
01 20 10 037 01 20 10 062 01 20 10 021
tunic - INC, on clearance (bought for me by Nic's stepmom, Julie!)
skinnies - ?? some boutique in SF, remixed
boots - rockport via, remixed
necklace - gift from g/f!, remixed
bracelet - goodwill

I wasn't sure I loved this tunic until after I saw these pictures. Something about the colors just didn't feel quite like me when I tried it in the dressing room, but for $13 I decided to branch out and get it anyway. I am so glad that I got it because not only does it totally diversify my wardrobe (a 2010 goal of mine), but it's comfortable, sassy, and figure flattering! I couldn't resist wearing my new necklace (anniversary gift from my boo), and I am just so pleased with how it worked with the outfit.

01 20 10 makeup
eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (crease) - mac cork
eyeshadow (liner) - mac embark
eyeliner (cream) - mac fluidline in dipdown
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
estee lauder sheer lip tint lipstick in fuchsia

I applied shimmery nude eye shadow to my eyelids, followed by a darker matte tan shade in the creases (starting at the outside of the crease and blending in). On my top lash lines I applied a dark brown eye shadow as liner with a slanted eyebrow brush, which acted as a guide for applying a cream eyeliner on top (using the same type of brush). I finished my eyes with mascara on my top lashline only. I chose the pink lipstick because it contrasted with the bold print and earthy colors in my tunic!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outfit log: Rain, Rain... is Here to Stay

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by the rainy weather and my humongous laundry pile. I was sure I wanted to wear these boots (best for the rain), and after some contemplating in the shower I decided on this cotton wrap dress and my new favorite belt.
Occasion: Casual workday, Tuesday, January 19, 2010
01 19 10 101  01 19 10 013 01 19 10 032
wrap dress - american apparel outlet, remixed
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, gift, remixed
tights - ?
boots - rockport via dsw, remixed
necklace - gift from g/f!
This necklace was a surprise anniversary gift from my boo :) We had decided NOT to get each other presents (instead we splurged on a fancy hotel for a night and dinner at our favorite sushi place in the city), but she went ahead and picked out this necklace for me. She thought all of the different color metal beads would be very versatile... and she is SO RIGHT! Oh, how I love her... and her taste in jewelry!

I think the necklace looks especially fabulous with leopard print belt, but I need to give the belt a break. I get so addicted to new things (my first wide belt and my tall black boots, for example) that I want to wear them every day until I get sick of them! I've gotta pull in the reins on this puppy so I will love it forever :)

01 19 10 makeup
Makeup: Yesterday's makeup consisted of my go-to neutral contoured eye with a dark berry lip gloss. Please don't mind the last picture where I appear to be rolling my eyes at you. I'm not!

Featured on Between Laundry Days!

Oooh, I have been waiting all weekend to share this exciting news with you! My fabulous, stylish, adorable, chic, and incredibly warm-hearted blogger-friend, Clare (of Between Laundry Days), recently interviewed me for her ongoing feature, "Airing Her Dirty Laundry"!

I am so flattered to be highlighted by this lovely lady, so a HUGE thank you to Clare for making me feel special :) Go check it out to get to know me a little better AND be sure to check out Between Laundry Days if you haven't already!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Outfit log: Wannabe Jeggings

Jeggings = jeans + leggings + genius. Too bad I don't have my own... yet!
Occasion: Casual Workday, Thursday 01/14/2010 (my girl and my 2 year anniversary!)
01 14 10 002 01 14 10 102 01 14 10 074
tunic - alice & olivia, thrifted by mom, remixed
jeans - just USA, some boutique
flats - rocket dog via dsw, remixed
necklace - f21, gifted, remixed
These are the first pair of skinny jeans that I ever bought, and actually my least favorite. I like my skinnies a bit more structured and a tad shorter, but with a long sweater tunic like this one these are a great substitute for jeggings, aside from the pockets that add some lumps to my rear. Ahhh well... one day I will own some jeggings and my rear will be lump-free!

01 14 10 makeup
Makeup: Basic contoured neutral eye with shimmery pinkish lipstick and a splash of pink lip gloss on top!

Do you own jeggings? Do you like them? Where'd you get them??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outfit log: Chic Country Girl

I felt pretty crappy all day yesterday... the exam at the doc's office on Tuesday really took it's toll on my body (don't worry, nothing dangerous or life threatening... just fun gynecological shit!). I was in so much pain several hours after my exam that Nic and I ended up going to the ER Tuesday night, only to leave after two hours of waiting... I was so uncomfortable waiting there and my bed seemed like a way better place to be so we headed home, assured by the on call doc that I could be seen on Wednesday. So, aside from a follow-up appointment in the city I took it easy all day yesterday. I'm feeling significantly better today, so I'm hoping to be almost back to my regular self by tomorrow :)

Since my outfit yesterday consisted of layers of pajamas and sweatshirts, I don't have an outfit log to share yet, but I've been saving my country line dancing outfit from last weekend to post, so here it is :)

Occasion: Lesbian (& friends) Country Dancing, Saturday 01/09/2010
01 09 10 outfit
wook skirt - h&m, remixed
leopard belt - jessica simpson via dsw, gifted, remixed
western shirt - gap, gifted from g/f
tights - gap, remixed
boots - dan post, old

I felt so sassy in this ensemble (which then inspired Monday's outfit), and was especially excited about wearing my cowgirl boots with a skirt. I've never done that... I always felt self-conscious about my legs when I tried it before, but after looking over Sal's awesome tutorial on how to wear boots that obscure your ankle shape over at Already Pretty, I thought I would try it again. I loved this look so much that I'm planning an outfit for a casual workday next week (potentially) which will stem from cowgirl boots, tights and a short hemline!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outfit log: Rainy Day Casual Wear

Today's outfit was inspired by the weather and the fact that I had a doctor's appointment (fun!) planned for the afternoon. I wanted to be super comfortable, wear appropriate rainy day shoes and avoid tights... all while feeling put together.
Occasion: Casual workday, Tuesday 01/12/2010
01 12 10 023 01 12 10 039 01 12 10 043 01 12 10 048
sweater - white house | black market, thrifted by mom, remixed
belt - h&m, remixed
jeans - seven for all mankind, tj maxx, remixed
clogs - dansko, remixed
It's funny that when I first received this sweater from my mom, it sat lonely in my closet for a long time. I just could not figure out what to wear it with! Finally I realized that belting it gave it the shape I was missing, and now I feel as though I wear it ALL THE TIME. This is my second time (see the first) pairing it with jeans, this time with the wider/flare leg variety. I wasn't sure I loved the look this morning, but seeing my outfit photos and warm cozy feeling I had all day made me adore it later!

01 12 10 makeup

Makeup: With such a simple color palette, I decided to go a little more colorful with my eye makeup. I started with a matte pink eye shadow all over my lids, and followed with a dark lavender applied in the outer creases, blended inward. Finally I added a little extra contrast to the outer corners of the creases with a deep blue/purple shadow. Topped it all off with deep purple shadow applied with a slanted brush as eye liner, making the line thicker on the outside corners (top & bottom), and thinning the line as I got toward the middle of my eyes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Outfit log: Playing up My Shape

Ahhh back to work. This week wasn't quite as daunting as last week considering I am taking Friday off (2 year anniversary with my boo on Thursday!) to extend the 3-day weekend into a 4-day. Four day work weeks are just so much easier than the full five, don't you think?

Even though I didn't have any meetings today that would have constituted a more dressed up look, all my favorite jeans (and corduroys) are dirty so I thought I'd try styling this new long sleeve black tee I picked up (for a steal!) at the Gap Outlet in Napa last week.
Occasion: Casual workday Monday 01/11/10 (oooh, it's a palidrome date!)
01 11 10 outfit 01 11 10 outfit 01 11 10 outfit 01 11 10 outfit
blouse - gap outlet, $3.99
skirt - h&m, remixed
belt - jessica simpson via dsw, gift, remixed
tights - limited, remixed
oxfords - clarks outlet, $65, remixed

Putting this outfit together this morning was a struggle. After what felt like a dozen wardrobe changes, I ended up with this ensemble, which of course was the twin of the very first outfit I tried on, aside from the color of the tights (I tried it on first with black tights). I love swapping in gray for black when I'm trying to keep an outfit neutral but add some interest.
You may have noticed that I am utterly addicted to this belt. And now that I've discovered how well it works over this mini, I am itching to find several more minis to round out my skirt collection. I'd love one in mustard (goes so well with purple and blue!), black, a print, and maybe another fun color. The reason I'm so smitten with this look is that while the skirt can kinda highlight my not so flattering bits (like a rounder lower tummy), the cinching at the waist draws attention to the smallest part of my overall shape, which I think is flattering and forgiving. I feel chic and sassy in this get up, and I like it!

01 11 10 makeup 011110 makeup
Makeup: Same as last week (this may be my new go-to eye look), but with bright red lipstick! Sorry for the crappy cell phone makeup pics... my camera died in the middle of my outfit photos!
I had just a fabulous weekend, with only a few hiccups (read: sick kitty). I'll post more about it probably tomorrow (including what I wore to lesbian and friends country dancing!). Stay tuned...