Friday, February 26, 2010

Outfit log: Mostly Vintage

Before recently I got almost all of my thrifted items from my mom because (1) she is the queen of resale clothing shopping (check out her blog and all her great finds!), and (2) she volunteers for a resale clothing store in St. Louis so has first pick on items and picks stuff out for me. Basically I am one lucky daughter! But since getting more into my own personal style, learning how to budget my money (with a lot of help from my girlfriend!) and seeing all of the amazing and affordable finds that my fellow bloggers have scored from thrifting, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon myself, instead of just thinking about it and benefiting from my mom's knack for it.

The outfit below debuts one of my recent (and budget-friendly!) thrifting finds AND one of the items I scored at my boss' swap last weekend.
Occasion: Fancy Workday, Monday February 22, 2010
02 22 10 013 02 22 10 012 02 22 10 059
blouse - vintage, free from swap!
necklace - gift, remixed
belt - gift, remixed
skirt - thrifted
tights - assets, remixed
oxford booties - clarks outlet, remixed
I felt so professional and womanly in this blouse. I love the shape of it, with the slightly puffed sleeves and fitted cuffs, and the semi-translucence. And I thought it went perfectly tucked into my new-to-me skirt. Clinton and Stacy (on What Not To Wear - the best style show on the planet) always talk about pattern, texture, color, and shine, and how those elements combined create a great look, so I reached for my leopard print belt for pattern and more color, my anniversary gift necklace for shine, and some textured tights for added... well... texture!

After I put this ensemble together, I realized that the only items that I personally purchased (aside from undergarments) were my shoes and this skirt. Together they cost, $65.33, but the shoes were $65. Guess you can figure out how much the skirt was :) I also realized that the skirt and top seemed to date back to the 1980s, making them both vintage. It may be silly, but I felt accomplished in this because while I have been scouring Etsy and other sites for vintage clothing for months, I had yet to commit to buying anything, so this is my first mostly vintage outfit... ever!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Outfit log: Classy Sass

Okay, ya'll seriously rock my world. Your ideas about how to bring yourself out of a body image/confidence slump in response to my post yesterday were awesome! If you didn't get a chance to check out what other peeps were saying, I recommend you get on it!

So this is my outfit from the second long ass workday last week, and it was the perfect antidote for the date before. I felt comfortable, colorful, interesting, and just a little sassy!

Occasion: Fancy Workday, Thursday February 18, 2010
02 18 10 02 18 10 02 18 10
cardigan - target, remixed
blouse - target, remixed
belt - entour (boutique in Castro)
pants - express, ollllllld
blue suede shoes - target, remixed
earrings - ashby flea market, remixed

I just love mixing this chartreuse (yeah for new color vocab word!) with black & white, so I went with what I knew and repeated this pairing, only this time with work-event-appropriate pants. At first I had on my black loafers, but tried my blue suede ones on a whim and loved the result! And to make the outfit a little sassy I wrapped myself up in this stretchy butterfly belt that I scored from a little boutique in the Castro when I met up with my friend Jonathon a few weeks back. I saw it in the window of the boutique and just had to have it! I have an obsession with butterflies, cliche as that might be, so I felt the belt calling to me. And for a mere $15 who was I to refuse?

Also, I just want to note that I'm wearing some weird ass socks in these pictures (most visible in the bottom left picture). They're these little ones that just cover my toes. They look a little funny if you notice them, but I'm convinced no one really did unless I showed them. These babies saved my toes from sweating and blistering in these cheap-o shoes, and for that I am grateful!

Do you have any tricks to make shoes more comfortable? I'm like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to shoes (my feet are just delicate I tell you!) so I'm always on the hunt for new tricks/tips.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outfit log: Flipping the Script on Negative Self Talk

Last week we had two evening events, which meant two very long days. For the first event on Wednesday, I wanted to debut this white house | black market top that I thrifted for about $5, but when I went to style it in the morning (I'm not the night-before-outfit-planner type, to my detriment) I had a really hard time. The top is a size small, and I am not, so while the top part fits fine, the bottom part (it's a tunic) is too snug to really wear untucked. Also, I knew it was going to be a really warm day (65 degrees maybe) so I wanted to wear a skirt and go bare-legged.
Occasion: Fancy Workday, Wednesday February 17, 2010
02 17 10 02 17 10
blouse - white house | black market, thrifted
belt - mark shale (clearance), remixed
skirt - nordstrom, remixed
shoes - nicole via dsw (clearance), remixed
necklace - gift from boo, remixed

Unfortunately I just didn't feel great in this ensemble, especially after I took my blog photos. I spent the first part of my day feeling so self conscious about my body, my skin, my hair, my makeup... everything! I wanted more than anything to put on my favorite jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt, but I couldn't. Our event that evening was about sharing stories of women being gutsy and courageous, and I had signed up to share a story of mine (which I'll post soon), so I felt added pressure to look and feel my best. But, I didn't.

So, I used a trick I've learned somewhere... and somehow it worked. I'm sure you've heard of the expression "fake it 'till you make it", right? Well, I find this to be a perfect mantra for me in many aspects of my life (body image, self confidence, standing up for myself, etc.). Since I felt so crappy all day about how I looked (and of course then felt shallow and superficial for giving those thoughts too much time and energy), I decided before the event that I needed to flip the script on these feelings, and fast, or else presenting my story was going to feel terrible instead of empowering. So, as we were setting up for the event I told myself "you are fabulous, and you look fabulous. those pictures didn't do you justice. feel how your hips sway when you walk. look at how the skirt moves with you, highlighted your curves. look at your great posture. you are confident. you are gutsy!" While this is slightly embarrassing to share, this positive self talk totally annihilated my negative self talk and by the time it was my turn to share my story I felt like a million bucks.

So now that I've bared my soul, would you care to share a time you talked yourself out of a bad body image day?  I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outfit log: Thrifty Swapper

Whoa this outfit was from a week ago! It's weird because I usually post outfits the same day or the day after I wore them, but I've got some catching up to do so bear with me as I take you back in time to last Tuesday...

I think all of you thrifter people are onto something because last Monday I checked out my local "Out of the Closet" thrift store and I totally freaking scored! I got 3 tops for me, one for Nic, and a skirt all for $11.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Tuesday, February 16, 2010
02 16 10 002 02 16 10 042 02 16 10 034
blouse - thrifted
belt - gift, remixed
tank - jcrew outlet, remixed
jeans - delias, remixed
flats - rocket dog, remixed
earrings - target
headband - target
This was one of the tops I scored, and it's totally a brand from Anthropologie AND was part of a "3 for a dollar" deal. That means this amazing top that was probably originally like $70 became mine for a mere 33 cents. Booyah! It's a size 6 (I am at LEAST a 10), but I took advice from other bloggers to heart and tried on various sizes that looked like they could fit, and this one did! I love the sleeves and the print and how my beloved leopard print belt just works perfectly with it.

I also hit up Target on my thrifty day last last weekend (like the one before the one that just happened) and scored this sweet headband, earrings and lip tint. Nothing like some new affordable clothes and accessories to make a girl like me feel refreshed and vibrant!

02 16 10 makeup
eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (crease) - mac cork
eyeshadow (top lash line liner) - mac embark
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara on top lashes only
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes 
cover girl outlast lipstain in color #425 (color not labeled)

Since I was trying out my new lip stain, I kept the rest of my makeup pretty low key. I wasn't super stoked on the lip stain, but maybe it was because my lips were kinda dry and I was craving moisture and I felt like the color just kinda clung to certain areas of my lips so that half an hour after application they looked all blotchy and I needed lip gloss or something to fill 'em in. If you want a better and full review, check out Hillary's here.

Weekend Update:

In other news, this weekend was AWESOME. Since I worked overtime on Wednesday and Thursday (we had back to back evening events), my colleagues and I all took Friday off creating a nice and unexpected 3 day weekend.

On Friday Nic and I BARTed into SF and went shopping for her in Union Square. We are heading to Miami next weekend for my ex-stepdad's wedding so she wanted to get a new outfit for the ceremony and some warm weather clothes for the (hopefully) balmy climate. Nic pretty much hates to shop, so it was really a treat for me to help her choose things... and she lasted probably the longest ever, even though I made her try everything on (she's more of a dude shopper... hates trying shit on, makes decisions in the blink of an eye, etc.). The shopping trip was successful, and afterward we grabbed some burritos before heading back to Oakland. At home we pushed all of our furniture to the walls and totally did the Jillian Michael's workout that's available On Demand on Comcast. Oh holy crap... I had no idea all of the Exercise TV offerings that are On Demand! The workout was totally fun and quick (we actually did it twice), and it felt good to get my body moving. I'm going to check out some more of the workouts like yoga, dance, and something called cardioke (yep, it involves singing). When I was growing up my mom was totally into the Jane Fonda videos, and we even Sweated to the Oldies together with Richard Simmons (I seriously love that man!) so this type of exercise is just right up my alley!

On Saturday my boss, Amy, hosted a clothing swap, and holy shit that was amazing! I've never been to a clothing swap before, so I was super excited and even a little nervous. Amy invited a bunch of women of different sizes, styles and ages, so the choices were diverse. I ended up with SO MANY AWESOME NEW THINGS that I even felt guilty for a second taking it all. Oh man, I can't wait to show you some of my goods :) Suffice it to say I will be keeping warm more stylishly, and have some great warmer weather pieces to debut in Miami!

Saturday night Nic and I met up with our buds Jen & Tyler to play pool. It was so great to get to catch up with them... it's been awhile since the 4 of us have hung out together and we had a blast just playing pool, drinking beer, laughing at each other, and chatting.

Then Sunday it rained all day so we stayed in reading and watching movies all day long. It was the perfect way to reboot for the full week ahead! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner: CSN $50 Shopping Spree!

Thanks to all of you for participating in my first giveaway :) 

And now... the results...

The winner of the $50 Shopping Spree to CSN Stores is... number 83 (and one of my favorite fashionistas) Christen! This girl has FIERCE style... if you haven't already, go check out her blog, La Rue Neuve!

random_number_winner_02 22 10

comment_winner_02 22 10

Christen - I will be in touch soon via email with details!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outfit log: Princess in a Denim Pencil Skirt

Oh my gosh. Hello there! I am totally behind on my outfit posting... this week has been super busy at work and honestly I've just been in a crummy mood, and I don't know about you but sometimes when I'm feeling kinda off I just don't want to post. Or pick out cute shit to wear. But, I'm back in the saddle, and have three days of outfits all ready to post in the next few days.

So, hi again! I feel like I've been so out of touch with my favorite blogger-pals. Not having the energy/time to check in on you and comment on your fabulous posts and outfits. So, please accept my apologies... and be assured that I have been keeping up with you, just silently :)

Now onto Friday's outfit.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Friday February 12, 2010
02 12 10 020 02 12 10 026 02 12 10 069
headband - target
necklace - gift from boo, remixed
tunic - anthro (clearance)
belt - mark shale (clearence), remixed
lavender tank - jcrew outlet, remixed
demin pencil skirt - lucky brand outlet, old
tights - dsw, remixed
boots - rockport, remixed
I just felt so sassy in this ensemble, and was particularly joyful about it because I knew I'd be debuting two items that I've never worn on my blog before... and really two items that I just kinda look over all the time because I never felt awesome in them. Buuuuuuuut, putting this tunic and skirt together and slapping on a belt and some shiny accessories and I seriously felt like a million bucks!

I've loved this skirt since I scored it at the Lucky Brand outlet in college, but never really knew how to dress it up. I would always end up in this skirt, flip flops, and a tank top (basically my go-to sunny weather outfit formula in college), but since joining the workforce and wanting to look more mature and casually professional I've been at a loss with how to style it. Enter Anthropologie (on clearance) tunic! I've struggled styling this puppy because I'm scared of navy blue. With dark jeans or black pants it just blended right in. But when I wore it over this skirt and put on my wide leather belt, the proportions were ON and the contrast between the different blues was perfect. Plus adding brown accessories (boots, belt, tights) really brought out the brown embroidery, and totally pulled the look together.

02 12 10 hair
Hair: So part of the reason I just felt awesome in this getup was due to sporting one of my all time favorite necklaces (my boo has fantastic taste!) and this shiny gold headband over a ponytail-alternative. The combination felt so decadent, but not completely over the top, and I really felt like some Roman princess!

02 12 10 makeup
Makeup: Since my accessories were bordering on over-the-top, and I knew I'd be hitting up a gay-man watering hole after work, I decided to rock out with my eye makeup and just go all out. To achieve this I adapted my go-to contoured eye look to include some brown cream eyeliner on the top lash line and deep brown shadow liner on the bottom. The result felt very Cleopatra, especially with my necklace and headband!
So, what made Friday even more awesome (on top of feeling glam) was that I got to hang out with one of my most treasured friends from high school who I have not seen in YEARS! Jonathan and I had so much fun together back in the day. Some of my favorite memories include getting locked out of the hostel we were staying in in Spain, taking him to a Sadie Hawkins dance, bonding on the swim team, taking the metro (in DC) to his house in Arlington with a 500 pound sled after a big snowstorm gave us a snow day, and watching him and our buddies "jam". It was so wonderful to reconnect with Jonathan, and even though it's been many years since we've caught each other up on our lives, it felt just the same to be around him. I'm just hoping that he fell in love with San Francisco enough to move his butt here soon :)

Okay, now off to be productive. If you haven't already, please take the chance to enter in my first giveaway! The deadline for entry is TOMORROW, so what are you waiting for?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Giveaway: $50 Shopping Spree at CSN Stores!

Oooh, I am just so thrilled to be hosting my first Giveaway today! Read on for the details :)

If you're like me, then you're tired of checking your mail boxes only to receive bills and credit card offers. Well now CSN Stores is offering you the awesome chance to win a $50 Shopping Spree to get something fun delivered, for a change :)

CSN Stores has like a bazillion different sites from which to shop. I checked out a few and came up with some favorite products that cost under $50. Who doesn't love adorable free stuff??

Y'all know I love me some leopard print. And mary janes. Match made in heaven!

How about carrying your laptop in style? When I go back to school, this would totally come in handy!

This mirror does double duty... great for makeup-applying/hair-doing AND holding accessories like barrettes and jewelry! I wish I could get in on this giveaway because I could SO USE something like this. 

  • To enter in my very first giveaway (this one), all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. 
  • Oh, and for an extra entry, follow this blog (and comment to let me know how you're following!)
  • And for a THIRD entry, re-blog or tweet this giveaway and share the link in a separate comment!
For each additional entry, be sure to leave a separate comment!

This giveaway is open to US residents only (I'm sorry my wonderful international readers!), and closes on Friday, February 19th, 2010 at midnight PST

I will announce the winner on Monday February 22nd, 2010!

Thank you so much for entering, and generally just for reading and being wonderful :)

Disclaimer: This was an unpaid post for which I received no compensation. All of the opinions here are expressly my own.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Outfit log: Black, Gray & Charcoal

This morning I thought about throwing on jeans and a hoodie and sneakers because I hadn't slept well, didn't feel great, and couldn't muster up any creativity... or so I thought. As I stood in the hot shower my morning grumpiness seemed to melt away. I perked up a bit and could surprisingly stand the thought of figuring out a simple but fun look that I could sport for today.
Occasion: Casual Workday and Dinner with Friends, Thursday, February 11, 2010
02 11 10 066 02 11 10 044 02 11 10 056
turtleneck - gap
belt - h&m, remixed
jersey dress (worn as skirt) - h&m, remixed
OTK socks (really thigh highs) - target, xmas gift, remixed
mary jane clogs - dansko
earrings - ashby flea market
I knew I wanted to wear these OTK socks, so I started there, added the jersey dress, threw on this hardly-worn-anymore turtleneck and finished with the belt. I know the whole look is kinda matchy-matchy, but I like that about it! The socks and belt add a little funk, and I'm just feeling super comfortable and easy-going all day :)

02 11 10 makeup
Makeup: same as Tuesday, but with Burt's Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss in Zesty Red
 What do you do to prime your creative juices when you're feeling uninspired?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outfit log: Cozy in Cashmere

First things first, mark your calendars because I'll be hosting my first giveaway this Friday!!!

Now that we've gotten that business settled with... since yesterday's ensemble felt kinda elaborate, I wanted something simple and cozy today, so I broke out this gorgeous cashmere cardigan that my mom got me for Christmas in 2005.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Wednesday, February 10, 2010
02 10 10 005 02 10 10 048 02 10 10 023

scarf - girft
cardigan - lucky brand, gift (2005)
tee - nordstrom, remixed
cords - BR (clearance), remixed
boots - rockport, remixed
I just love this vibrant pattern, and there is nothing more luxuriously cozy than cashmere. I guess I'm just keeping warm in solidarity with all of you snowed-in peeps! It's chilly in the Bay today, but that means the high was like 52 degrees versus 61. Yes, we are spoiled here in California!

To keep my outfit feeling interesting, I paired the magical cardigan and basic scoop tee with skinny cords (jeans would have been so predictable!) and boots, and inspired by all of my favorite pro-scarf wearing bloggers, donned this striped blue scarf!

(I didn't do a makeup close-up today, since I just did my neutral contoured eye look that I've sported 5 bajillion times before.)

Did you mark your calendar yet??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outfit log: Feelin' Frilly

Oh what a day! I have been go-go-going since 7:15 this morning! Settling last minute event setup stuff, working on details for an event next week that are urgent, working our event today including the a/v setup (a/v=stressful!), schlepping a/v stuff back to the tech peeps, catching up on emails and voicemails back in the office... phew! Just finally getting a chance to take a breath, and the day is just about over. It may have been a little bit stressful, but I love when the workday goes by so fast, and with so much productivity on my part!
Occasion: Dressy Workday, Tuesday, February 9, 2010
02 09 10 058 02 09 10 003 02 09 10 006
cardigan - jcrew outlet, remixed
tunic - h&m, remixed
belt - dsw, gift, remixed
necklace - gift
skirt - jcrew, remixed
tights - limited, old, remixed
shoes - nicole via dsw, remixed
Last time I sported this tunic/cardigan/belt combo, I tucked in the tunic, but I was surprised to see that left un-tucked it kinda played off of the frills around the neckline. And I love how the black tights and mary-janes played off of the leopard print. Basically, I felt amazing in this ensemble all day! Give me leopard-print, frilliness and mary-janes, and I am one happy-chick :)

02 09 10 makeup
makeup base (clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
eye shadow (eyelids) - mac "juxt"
eye shadow (outer creases) - mac eye shadow in "plumage"
eye liner (outside corners, top & bottom lashlines) - mac eye shadow in "graphology"
maybelline blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in "ski slopes"
MAC lustre lightly lipstick in "ripe"
I was also feeling extra foxy with my new eye shadow (debuted yesterday) that I applied more dramatically today. The shadow in the crease pretty much matches the outer rim of my iris, with the overall lid color closely matching the inner part. I finished the look with a charcoal/almost navy shadow as liner, and voila! Also, my makeup totally matched my abalone necklace... a piece I've been drawn to a lot lately.

Rushing off to leave early after getting to work at the buttcrack of dawn! Hope ya'll had a fabulous day :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Outfit log: Structured Jacket

Oh what a weekend! Friday night Nic and I stayed in with the last disc of the Tales of the City Miniseries (a must-see or read for any Bay Area lovers) and got to bed early. Then Saturday morning I hit up Aveda and MAC for some reader-recommended hair products and eye shadow! So fun! Sunday morning I went shopping for Super Bowl snacks, then Nic and I de-Gray Garden-ed our apartment (it was getting scary) before having some buddies over to watch the game (or, in my case, eat lots of snacks!). After the game ended, our buds stayed and Nic taught them Texas Hold 'Em and we played until bedtime. Phew!
Occasion: Casual workday, Monday, February 8, 2010
02 08 10 042 02 08 10 001 02 08 10 035 02 08 10 039 02 08 10 009
jacket - zara, thrifted by mom
dark lavender LS tee - michael stars, thrifted by mom, remixed
light lavender tank - jcrew outlet, remixed
jeans - joe's "muse" wide leg, remixed
sneakers - converse
scarf - conference vendor
I've been wanting to sport this awesome chanel-esque jacket for months now (my awesome mom picked it up for me at her favorite resale store in St. Louis), but couldn't quite figure out how to wear it without showing how short the sleeves are. Well this morning in a slightly hungover/very sleepy stupor, it dawned on me that the simplest jeans/sneakers/t shirt combo would be perfect!

02 08 10 makeup
makeup base (clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
eye shadow - mac "juxt"
eye liner (top only) - mac eye shadow in "plumage"
maybelline blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in "ski slopes"
Since I have greenish hazel eyes, I've always steered clear of greenish eye shadow, thinking it would be too much green, but after seeing a colleague sport it recently (and getting multiple reader suggestions for green as a good red hair color complement), I headed into MAC to see what they had. I ended up purchasing a pale light green kinda satiny eye shadow and a dark teal/green eye shadow to use as liner and for contouring. Today I kept it simple by only applying the light green eye shadow on my eyelids, and applying the shadow liner to the outer edges of my lash lines. I finished it up with mascara on both lash lines. Voila!

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Outfit log: Gone Red for Women!

Do you know what the #1 killer of women in America is? Heart Disease. Inspired by National Wear Red Day, I wanted to take today's post to talk about what I've done and am doing to reduce my risk!

Not Smoking
Earlier this week I celebrated my 3-year anniversary of quitting smoking (I was a half-pack a day smoker from age 17-23). I quit for many reasons, the last of which was health. Because I was a young smoker, I wasn't too worried yet about heart disease or lung cancer, I was way more concerned with stinking like smoke, not being able to exercise, and getting yellow teeth. But, ANY reason to quit is a good one, and a great side benefit of quitting smoking is that I cut my risk of heart attack and stroke in half in just my first year of being smoke-free! Whatever motivates you to quit, whether it be superficial or health-related, use it. (If you are thinking of quitting smoking and want some tips from an ex-smoker, let me know! I'd be happy to share what helped ME to finally be successful!)

Exercising More
Okay, so I'm an inconsistent workout-er, but I'm trying to get more regularly active in different ways. This week, for example, I walked the hill into work instead of taking the shuttle. I'm hoping to continue increasing my activity level, and find the motivation to get back into running, yoga, or just hitting up the elliptical at the gym a couple of times a week. The hardest part for me is actually making it to my exercise locale of the day, so my personal challenge for the next three weeks is to go to the gym twice per week, regardless of how long or how intensely I workout. Baby steps are good :)

Eating Healthy
By eating healthy now, I can reduce my future risks of high blood pressure and cholesterol, both of which contribute to risk for heart disease and other illnesses. Unfortunately, eating healthy can be a challenge, especially for a coward-in-the-kitchen like me. That's why I'm making a goal of learning how to cook more healthy meals utilizing all of the healthy cookbooks that are collecting dust in my kitchen. This week I made a pasta dish that I've finally gotten comfortable cooking without having to check the recipe 500 times (only 3 times this last time!), so I'm going to think of that recipe and how much I love it when trying to conquer others!

To find out more about your risks and get some practical prevention tips, visit!

Now onto my outfit!
Occasion: Go Red for Women Day (Casual Workday), Friday, February 5, 2010
02 05 10 036 02 05 10 039 02 05 10 037
red dress - maxstudio outlet
cardigan - jcrew outlet, remixed
belt - dsw, gift, remixed
tights - ??
boots - rockport, remixed
abalone necklace - gift, remixed
I was a little nervous about wearing red today because
  1. the only red items in my wardrobe are old t-shirts, underwear, a sweatshirt, and this dress, and
  2. I wasn't sure how bright red would go with new hair. 
...but finally putting this dress to use was a fun creativity challenge (I've only worn it once before), and the bright red totally works with my hair, kinda making it appear more auburn. I wore this cardigan because I was worried about so much red near my face and hair, and I love how it turned out. I choose the leopard belt because it's fabulous and mixes things up, and the abalone necklace to add a hint of pale blue for contrast. Finally, the boots were in preparation for the rain coming this evening, and the patterned tights played in nicely with the rest of my pattern mixing.

02 05 10 makeup
makeup base (clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
eye shadow - mac "retrospeck"
eye liner - mac eye shadow in "embark"
bobbi brown "pink sugar" shimmer lip gloss
bobbi brown blush in "ski slopes"
Since the red dress felt so bold, I didn't want to go heavy on my eye shadow so just covered each lid with a shimmery champagne color. Then I lined top and bottom lash lines with a dark almost navy eye shadow (to contrast subtly against my hair and dress, followed by mascara on top and bottom lashes. Blush and lip gloss completed the look!

This is NOT a sponsored post. Just passing along the message of good health and prevention to my fabulous readers!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outfit log: She's a Lady

Well, poop. My camera died after my first set of pictures, so I only have one of my outfit picture that turned out well. Instead of waiting for tonight to take better pics, I thought I'd go ahead and share my one outfit pic and the low-quality makeup pics I took with my phone. Some days you just gotta go with the flow!

Like yesterday... I tried to go with the flow, but it felt more like I was swimming upstream (can I use more cliches in this post?!). It was just a funky day! I had a bunch of accounting crap to take care of, plus my colleagues required assistance with several small, yet urgent tasks, I hadn't slept well, wasn't feeling particularly in love with my hair, and basically was a bit cranky! But... the day ended, Nic cooked us just a freaking FABULOUS dinner and listened to my bitchin', and I got to watch an episode of Fringe. I woke up this morning feeling inspired by ya'll, and put together this outfit, which I'm feeling pretty sassy in!
Occasion: Dressy workday, February 3, 2010
02 03 10 002
cardigan - jcrew outlet, remixed
belt - h&m, remixed
skirt - gap, old, remixed
tights - ??
oxfords - clarks outlet, remixed
Last night as I contemplated what I would wear today, I was specifically thinking of Starling's advice to wear "rich jewel tones" since they are "fantastic with that particular shade of auburn." I pulled out this gorgeously colored blue cardigan, and thought pairing it with a neutral/printed skirt would be a nice combo.

02 03 10 makeup
basic base (both clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
mac "retrospeck" powder eye shadow
mac fluidline in blacktrack (liner on top lash line)
estee lauder bronze goddess sheer lip tint (it's a lipstick) in fuscia
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
Since the silhouette of this ensemble feels kinda retro-50s-housewife, I though twirling the front pieces of my hair and pinning them back would add to the theme (plus day 2 of my curly hair just doesn't look right worn down). I completed the look with cat-eye liner on my upper lash lines and bright pink lipstick. (To see much better quality shots of this makeup, check out the last time I wore it.) I was a littler nervous about not being able to wear my favorite pink lipstick with my new 'do, but it actually worked well together... something about the blue of the cardigan complementing both colors I think.

Thank you so much for your awesome suggestions! I'm working on compiling a post on your tips, so stay tuned :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outfit log: Curly (New)Redhead with a Reader Request

Thank you for all of the lovely comments on my hair yesterday! They definitely contributed to the awesome mood I had going on :)

Today I'm not quite at that ecstatic peppy level, probably because I didn't sleep terribly well last night and felt uninspired getting dressed this morning. I used to have this feeling all the time (pre-blog) where I just was compelled to buy new clothes because my old ones were boring. What I have learned through blogging and remixing (and trying to save money!)  is that there are gems in my wardrobe just waiting to be used... I just have to take the time and put in the energy to be creative with them! Some days, however, I seriously cannot think of a new way to wear stuff, and this leads me to frustrated rushing and trying on of what feels like 500 items. This morning was one of those mornings, but crunched for time I put this outfit together quicker than I anticipated.
Occasion: Casual workday, Tuesday February 2, 2010
02 02 10 002 02 02 10 040 02 02 10 022

cardigan - gap, remixed
gray shirt - nordstrom
jeans - delias, remixed
blue suede shoes - target, remixed
belt - dsw, gift, remixed
necklace - gift from boo, remixed
Like Indiana of Adored Austin, I am a big fan of the belted-long-cardigan look. It is just so comfy and figure-flattering all day long! The pop of leopard print and blue shoes added some interest to the gray/jeans combo.

02 02 10 makeup

eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (crease) - mac cork
eyeshadow (top lash line liner) - mac embark
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara on top lashes only
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
laura gellar lipgloss in chilled maple
Today's makeup was a little rushed, so I did a toned-down neutral eye, concentrating on my top eyelids and leaving my lower lashlines bare.

Now I want to shift gears and ask ya'll for some advice! Never having been a redhead before, do you have any tips for me on any of the following? I would so appreciate it!

  1. From you fellow (or previously) artificial redheads (or hair stylists!) - tips for keeping the color from fading too fast?
  2. Colors that complement crimson (makeup or clothing)?
  3. Any good products you recommend?
Thanks, peeps! You really always have the best suggestions :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Outfit log: Just call me April O'Neil

This past weekend was just fabulous! On Friday night Nic and I joined up with some friends in the city for a birthday celebration at a Japanese restaurant with private karaoke rooms (Yamasho, for those in the area). It was a blast! More than half of the 10 peeps there had never karaoke'd before, but because of the intimate setting (and the free-flowing sake) they got up the courage and seriously rocked it out! Oh, it was just amazing. I'm still beaming thinking about how much fun we all had :)

Then Saturday afternoon I got to hang out with one of my favorite ladies ever, Ramona!! We met up around the corner from my place, sipping beer (her) and tea (me - a little hungover) while catching up. Ramona moved from the Bay to New York a couple of years ago, so it's really a treat to get some quality time with her! While not a fashion blog, I totally recommend that you go check out 3-the hard way, a collaborative blog Ramona shares with two blog-to-real-life friends, but only if you have time for "dope ass bitches" (see the "about us" section). 

Sunday morning Nic and I helped our buddy Kate move, after she graciously cooked us breakfast. After we got her all situated, I headed back into the city Sunday night to visit my amazing hair stylist for a little hair change-a-roo!

Occasion: Casual workday, Monday, February 1, 2010
(my 3 year anniversary of quitting smoking!)
02 01 10 051 02 01 10 036 02 01 10 043

cardigan - jcrew outlet, remixed
belt - mark shale, on clearance, remixed
skirt - h&m, remixed
tights - target, remixed
boots - dan post, remixed
necklace - gift, remixed
I tried to think of an outfit last night to showcase my new hair color, but couldn't come up with anything. I was thinking blue would really bring out the red, but I guess I don't have that many blue items. I ended up going with this neutral cardigan to let the red shine out on it's own :)

To put this ensemble together I thought of combinations I liked in two previous outfits, and combined them. I'm thinking this might be a good way to mix stuff up easily when my creative juices need a little priming.

02 01 10 makeup

Makeup: details here
Whenever I change up my hair (until now all I have changed is adding highlights), I feel the urge to pile on the eye makeup. So, that's what I did today! Borrowing the idea from my outfit, I used neutral colors to let the green in my eyes stand out.