Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outfit log: Wrapped

This easy breezy outfit was in celebration of the fantastic weather last week! Oh it was so glorious :) Now it's cold and rainy and windy, but so it goes in the Bay Area.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Tuesday, March 23, 2010
03 23 10 018 03 23 10 059 03 23 10 083

pale blue empire waist tee - nordstrom, remixed
wrap skirt - vintage, remixed
wedges - sofft via tjmaxx, remixed
necklace - tiffany & co, gift, remixed
I love this wrap skirt. I purchased it on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles about 6-7 years ago. It's kind of falling apart in places, but the print is so unique and the shape is the best. I love wrap skirts - they always fit, and are fun and flattering!

03 23 10 makeup
basic base (both clinique almost makeup liquid, powder & all about eyes concealer)
mac fluidline in blacktrack (liner on top lash line)
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
max studio two step lip color/gloss thingie
I've been really digging the cat eye look lately. I just feel so retro and glam in it! I found this lip stuff hiding in a drawer - I think my mom sent it to me in my stocking one year or another (thanks, mom!), but I hadn't really ever used it. Now I LOVE it. The color is just perfect! Pretty, but not overdone.


Thanks for all your words of encouragement and support yesterday. I'm feeling a lot stronger today, and a lot of that has to do with you guys! You helped me find my joy and let go of some of the tension I was carrying around. I've got a little ways to go in that department, but I'm on my way :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outfit log: Pretty in Pink

This was the first outfit I wore to work as an engaged woman :) I actually forgot I had an award ceremony to attend at lunch, so I was lucky I dressed up just to debut my ring. 
Occasion: Fancy Workday, Monday March 22, 2010
03 22 10 066 03 22 10 083 03 22 10 017
elbow sleeve tee - nordstrom, remixed
heart necklace - tiffany & co, hand me down, remixed
belt - h&m, remixed
skirt - gap, old, remixed
tights - assets via target, remixed
oxfords - clarks outlet, remixed
Oh man, just looking at these pictures makes me smile! This outfit felt kinda Madonna in the 80s to me... but I'm not totally sure why. I love how the pink, gray and black look together, and the scarf with the denim blazer was the perfect topper.


Nic and I are in the very beginning stages of planning the wedding. We've worked on a potential guest list, and she is all about finding the perfectly beautiful and gay-friendly venue in wine country. It's really so amazing how involved Nic wants to be in planning our special day; I appreciate her interest and enthusiasm so much! When it comes to deciding on colors or more stylistic aspects, Nic totally lets me take the reins because she knows how much I love that shit, but she is active in offering up her own color and attire ideas and thinking through logistics. Basically we are the perfect planning team :)

Despite having the person of my dreams being wonderful and supportive and excited for our plans, I woke up this morning feeling kinda blah. I've gotta keep the feeling I had in these photos close to my heart during this time in my life, because wedding planning while so fun and amazing is starting to bring up some shit that I just don't want to deal with. Since graduating college (almost 5 years ago) my family has completely changed, and this totally changes how my wedding will be - how it will differ from my little girl dreams. I have so many people I am worried about, and that worry makes me want to run away with Nic and elope (which would be kinda silly seeing how we can't even get married legally much less run away to do it). But that is my "fight or flight" instinct kicking in when I start to panic. Really this is a joyous time in my life, and I gotta be able to hold on to that joy and not let the shit that I can't control control me.

Thanks for the supportive comments peeps! I'm feeling kinda weird about this post, making it seem like my family is totally fucked up. But really it's just different and there are things that I have to deal with and basically I'm just trying to hang onto the idea that it's up to ME to be positive and realistic about planning and not let my anxiety about things cloud the pleasure of marrying my sweetheart :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guest Post on Between Laundry Days!

Hi peeps! My buddy Clare asked me to write a guest post for her awesome guest post series, "Fashion is..." on her personal style blog, Between Laundry Days.  "Fashion is..." is "a series of guest posts from some of [Clare's] very favorite bloggers, to pick their brains about the many sides of fashion, and how fashion relates to each of us: our bodies, our self esteem, our sexuality, our creativity, our evolution."


After you peep my post on gender and fashion, be sure to check out the entire series :) I am more than humbled to be included in this list of guest posters because they are some of my absolute favorites (check out posts on comfort and personal style from Kyla and Sal!).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outfit log: Single Lady

Don't worry about the title, I'm still engaged! I just am posting an outfit I wore pre-engagement last week. I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day, but I wasn't in the mood for a skirt and frankly wanted to be supremely comfortable. I was totally fine wearing this to work in my small office with my two colleagues, until two colleagues from another department stopped by! Wow, have I ever felt so inappropriate? The girls surely didn't give a hoot (they're fabulous), but maybe in the future I'll just save this type of outfit for the weekend (or at the very least Friday!).
Occasion: Casual workday, Thursday, March 18, 2010
03 18 10 022 03 18 10 062 03 18 10 035 
tunic - anthro, remixed
necklace - ?, remixed
leggings - american apparel outlet
leopard flats - rocket dog, remixed
headband - target, remixed
Part of my feeling uncomfortable was that this outfit is just so... young. I'm talking like little girl young; in fact I'm pretty sure I rocked similar ensembles while playing hopscotch and tag back on the playground in elementary school. But I don't really have a problem with the youthful vibe it gives off, as long as I'm in an environment that isn't strictly business. Weekends (and maybe the occasional Friday) it is!

03 18 10 makeup
makeup base (clinique almost makeup liquid and powder & all about eyes concealer)
eye shadow (eyelids) - mac "juxt"
eye shadow (outer creases) - mac eye shadow in "plumage"
eye liner (outside corners, top & bottom lashlines) - mac eye shadow in "graphology"
maybelline blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in "ski slopes"
mac lipglass in rich & ripe

Friday, March 19, 2010

Outfit log: Renewing and Old Skirt

I absolutely adore this skirt: the interesting hemline, the lovely print, the linen fabric... it's great. But I haven't worn it in ages because I just didn't know how. In the past (before my personal style makeover), I would simply wear a plain tee shirt or tank top and flip flops with it, but now that look just isn't me. So, I made it a goal to renew this skirt for my current taste, and here's what I came up with. 
Occasion: Casual Workday, Tuesday March 16, 2010
03 16 10 03 16 10 03 16 10
denim blazer - free from swap
belt - free from swap
brown empire waist tee - nordstrom, remixed
skirt - banana republic 2003ish
wedges - sofft via tjmaxx, remixed
necklace - sway, gifted, remixed
I'm excited to debut this little denim blazer and 90s-looking belt, both scored at the swap I'm sure you're sick of hearing about :) I chose to layer these two items over a flattering tee, and loved the result. The tee has a slight A-line cut to it, with an elasticized empire waist and deep scoop neckline. Without the overlapping elements, the tee would be the wrong cut with this skirt, but since I'm cinching in at my natural waist with the belt over the jacket, the overall proportions feel right on!

03 16 10 makeup
Makeup: For makeup I did my go to neutral look with some pretty deep pink lip gloss.
eyeshadow (all over eyelid) - mac retrospeck
eyeshadow (crease) - mac cork
eyeshadow (liner) - mac embark
clinique all about eyes concealer (under eyes and on eyelids as base)
clinique almost powder makeup
maybelline great lash blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
MAC lipglass in rich & ripe

In other news, we are having the most amazing weather today in the San Francisco. I took my lunch break to go to Ocean Beach (it's about a 10-minute drive from work) and just walk along the beach taking all the loveliness in. It was a glorious 75 degrees even by the water, which made me quite the happy camper!

03 19 10 Ocean Beach collage

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Outfit log: Finally Vested!

Since I'm on a pretty tight budget lately after spending too much money servicing my car at the beginning of the month and then going to Miami, I haven't been able to shop and it's kinda cramping my style. So I went shopping in my boo's closet this past weekend to find some preppy shit I could pull off too. One such score was this vest!
Occasion: Casual Workday, Monday 3/15/2010
03 15 10 010 03 15 10 014 03 15 10 002
vest - girlfriend's, target (men's)
elbow length gray tee - nordstrom, remixed
abalone necklace - gift, remixed
belt - h&m remixed
black jersey sundress (worn as skirt) - h&m, remixed
OTK socks - gift, target, remixed
mary jane clogs - dansko, remixed
I've been wanting a fitted vest for what seems like years (no really, it might be years), but for some reason have never gotten around to getting one. While this vest is definitely not the it vest I'm looking for, I found that cinching the tie on the back and belting it with my wide gray belt might improvise the look I'm aiming for, and lo and behold I was right! I have to give credit where credit is due: Nic (my honey) totally encouraged me to try it on. I balked, "this vest is a men's vest. it's not going to work." She was right and I was, happily, wrong! So thanks, babe.

To put this look together I first threw on the black jersey dress underneath, then layered over the elbow-sleeve gray tee and the menswear vest. I cinched the waist with my wide belt, and the resulting (non)color combo just begged to be funkified with my favorite OTKs. Outfit: complete!

03 15 10 makeup
basic base (both clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)

mac fluidline in blacktrack (liner on top lash line)
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
estee lauder bronze goddess sheer lip tint in fuschia
Since the rest of my outfit was devoid of color and felt kinda businessy (despite the funkiness), I thought a pop of pink lipstick would make me feel complete. I've been really loving the cat eye look lately, especially paired with a bold lip, so went for that on my eyes.
In other news, I love Lady Gaga more and more everyday. This music video (this is the "clean" version, but likely not safe for viewing at work or in front of small children... don't say I didn't warn you!) is absolutely crazy, but I loooooooove it. My friend Adina described it as "lesbloitation," which I can kinda agree with. But hey, Beyoncé and Gaga as lesbian lovers? Yes, please!! I'm just excited they went for it. There are other aspects I'm fond of as well like the presence of hot butch women and women of different body types flaunting their shit. Oh, and I freaking love B's Bettie Page 'do. Also I like the song in and of itself, so there's that too :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Outfit log: St. Patty's Inspiration

I don't think I've ever been this excited to dress up for St. Patrick's Day... not that I'm really dressed up per se; I mostly just used the holiday for inspiration. I used to own very few green clothing pieces so I always struggled with incorporating the color on this holiday. This year, however, I had a few options, and after consideration decided I want to remix this ruched-sleeve sweater.
Occasion: St. Patrick's (casual work) Day! March 17, 2010
03 17 10 St. Patty's Day 03 17 10 St. Patty's Day 03 17 10 St. Patty's Day 
sweater - max studio, remixed
scarf (worn as belt) - free from swap
skirt - thrifted from out of the closet, remixed
flats - alfani, remixed
necklace - hand-me-down tiffany's, remixed
coat - old navy, free from swap!
In pondering what to wear I wanted to incorporate some pattern and wear a skirt for the warm weather we're having today. Inspired by fellow bloggers who rock scarves as belts, I thought of this scarf I picked up at a recent clothing swap as the perfect pattern to include. Sal recently posted about the different ways she gets inspired to combine colors, and I loved her suggestion of looking at colorful patterns to get an idea of what colors work well together. With her post fresh in my mind, I just picked up colors from the scarf pattern to create the rest of the outfit, and voila!

03 17 10 detail

Oh, also! I've been wearing the crap outta this coat I also scored at the swap, but hadn't had a chance to post it until now. I'm glad I waited because what better time to debut a bright kelly green number than today?

03 17 10 makeup
basic base (both clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)

mac fluidline in blacktrack (liner on top lash line)
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
mac red lipstick in kanga rouge
I don't know about you, but St. Patty's Day makes me crave corned beef and cabbage. Since I don't have the patience for cooking a new time-consuming meal on a weeknight after work and my hour commute home, I might just try it out this weekend.  Anybody have a favorite (and kinda easy?) recipe for corned beef and cabbage you'd be willing to share for a Irish-cooking novice?

Also, are you doing anything to celebrate the holiday? I'm not doing much of anything... just heading home to cook dinner with my honey, then snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. I might have some leftover dye from last year that could lead to a green beer... we'll see :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outfit log: Off Duty Ballerina

All day in this outfit I felt like a dancer commuting back from rehearsal. Obviously I am not a ballerina, but that sure didn't stop me from feeling/acting like one!
Occasion: Extremely Casual Workday, Friday March 12, 2010
03 12 10 007 03 12 10 019 03 12 10 010
shorts - hand-me-down, remixed
leggings - h&m, remixed
sneakers - converse, remixed
black tank top - volcom, old
purple long sleeve tee - thrifted michael stars, remixed
I have been dying to jump on the fancy shorts trend, but I have no fancy shorts, nor have I made much of an effort to find some. So until I do, I thought improvising by winterizing some dark denim shorts would be fun. I'm not entirely sure I'd try this combo again (it just felt kind of silly), but I might work up the courage to don these shorts over tights with fancier shoes. We'll just see about that...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Outfit log: Perfect for Me

 This dress is perfect for me. Not only does it have a fabulously twirly skirt, but the waist section hits just at my smallest part, and the sleeves are a great length for Bay Area chilly weather, but not too long that I need to constantly push them up. If I was a talented seamstress I would make a pattern and sew multiples of this dress in different colors/prints/sleeves/necklines. I love it!
Occasion: Fancy Workday, Thursday 3/11/10
03 11 10 006
faux-wrap dress - tjmaxx, remixed
tights - the limited, remixed
boots - blowfish, remixed

The only trouble with this dress is that I don't get enough wear out of it! I am completely at a loss for how to mix it up to look differently than how I've worn it before, aside from changing shoes and jewelry. I struggle with this issue with all of my wrap dresses.

Since you guys have given me fantastic ideas in the past, do you have any suggestions/ideas for remixing this dress (or wrap dresses in general)? And while I'm asking, which of your clothes seem to be just made for you?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Outfit log: Best Pre-Vacation Weather

Ooooh I'm fancily scheduling this outfit log to post while I'm away in sunny and (hopefully) warm Florida! I can't wait to tell you about my trip, and show you what I wore of course :)

For my last workday before heading to Miami, the weather was dismal: rainy, cold, windy and cloudy, and I was loving it! What better way to get me really ready for sunny Florida, right? 
Occasion: Casual (rainy) Workday, Tuesday 03/03/10
03 03 10 002 03 03 10 003 03 03 10 013
blouse - edme & esyllte, thrifted, remixed
long sleeve tee - michael stars, thrifted, remixed
gray wool mini - jcrew, remixed
black tights - the limited, remixed
boots - rockport, remixed
belt - jessica simpson, remixed

Since discovering how much I like wearing skirts/tights/boots (a year ago I hardly wore these things... crazy!), the three together are my go-to rainy day gear. Not only do I still feel great about my outfit, but the boots keep my feet dry and warm, and I don't have to worry about soggy hemlines or damp denim.

This outfit came together fairly easily. I wasn't totally sold on the bottom half when I walked out the door, but after my outfit photo shoot I was totally sold on the look (love when it works out that way!). The layering of the long sleeve lavender tee underneath the pretty-sleeved blouse just worked so well together, and of course I had to strap on my leopard print belt. The tights and boots together tied in the colors from the leopard print to my bottom half, and the gray skirt added a little bit of cool neutral to an otherwise warmer ensemble.

03 03 10 makeup
all over eye lid - mac "retrospeck" eye shadow
eye lid crease - mac cork (whole crease) and embark (outer crease) eye shadow
eye liner - mac eye shadow in graphology applied with this brush (it's the best!)
clinique almost powder makeup spf 15
clinique all about eyes concealer
bobbi brown blush in skip slopes
I applied my neutral contoured eye look, but instead of lining my eyes with a darker almost mahogany brown, I chose to change it up (subtly) with a color very similar to the background of the blouse.

(this is a scheduled post )

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outfit log: Jailbird

This outfit features yet ANOTHER swapped item from Amy's clothing swap a couple of weekends ago, and knowing my boss' penchant for black & white themed outfits, I think she'd love it! Unfortunately she wasn't in the office that day, but I'm sure I'll get many future uses out of this bold number!

Occasion: Casual Workday, Friday 2/26/10
02 26 10 jailbird 02 26 10 jailbird 02 26 10 jailbird
b&w tunic - alfani, free from swap
cashmere cardigan, filene's basement, remixed
jeans - seven for all mankind via tjmaxx, remixed
clogs - dansko, remixed
skinny belt - jessica simpson via dsw, remixed
bangles - kohls & clothing swap
necklace - forever21, gift from friend, remixed

Since I've seen so many other bloggers rock awesome bold black and white horizontal stripes lately (see Hillary, Danielle and Kimberly), when I saw this tunic I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. When I left the house I had the belt OVER the cardigan, but I kept having to adjust it, so once at work I belted the tunic beneath the cardigan and my comfort level and overall look totally improved! The belt helps to define my waist under the cardigan, while not distracting from the daring stripes.

02 26 10 makeup
basic base (both clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
mac "retrospeck" powder eye shadow
mac fluidline in blacktrack (liner on top lash line)
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
mac red lipstick in kanga rouge
Wearing these stripes made me feel kind of like a rebel (this one, perhaps?), so I donned a bold cat eye and red lips to complete this look. I felt so hardcore all day!
Well, I am off to Miami in a few hours!  I have one outfit post scheduled for Monday, and then I should be back to regular posting on Wednesday :) Tata!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outfit log: Wild 'n Twirly

Honing in on my personal style has been an ongoing and rewarding side effect of starting this blog, and I can't help but feel as though I'm coming into my own through this process. As a young girl I had a distinct style. I loathed the times that I was made to wear pants or shorts ("pants aren't pretty!" I've been told I declared), but instead reveled in twirly skirts and pink sparkly jelly shoes. I was girly to the bone, and I loved it.

Starting in elementary school and continuing through high school I spent many years suppressed by poor self esteem and body image, unable to truly go all out and find who I was - who I wanted to project to the world. So, I kept my style safe and within certain boundaries that made me feel more secure. In addition to my wardrobe, I contained my personality within these walls. I was (okay, still am, but working on it!) overly accommodating to others in my life, wanting more than anything to be liked and avoiding confrontation at all costs. It is only in the last few years that I have finally found the courage within myself to stand up for me. To be vocal when I disagree, and to speak up when I feel wronged or just uncomfortable about a situation.

In this way, my personal style and inner growth are intertwined, and this is why fashion and style are so important to me. It is not just about what I look like, but what I feel like - how I feel about myself.

So in celebration of the little girl in twirly skirts and jelly shoes that still lives inside me, I present to you yet another swapped item from my boss' awesome clothing swap.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Wednesday 2/24/10
02 24 10 02 24 10 twirling
02 24 10 02 24 10
earrings - target, remixed
blouse - gap outlet, remixed
belt - h&m, remixed
skirt - free from swap
tights - limited, remixed
oxford booties - clarks outlet, remixed
I love animal print, but it can take over a look quickly and end up feeling a wee bit ridiculous (not that there's anything wrong with that, Cruella), so I try to use it tastefully and in moderation. For this flamboyant skirt (thanks, Gloria!) I thought keeping the rest of my ensemble simple and dark would let it shine. I flipped my gray leather belt around with the big ass buckle in the back, which was a little awkward and probably funny looking from behind, but I loved the front too much without all of the buckle hardware to care!

02 24 10 makeup
makeup base (clinique almost powder makeup & all about eyes concealer)
eye shadow (eyelids) - mac "juxt"
eye shadow (outer creases) - mac eye shadow in "plumage"
eye liner (outside corners, top & bottom lashlines) - mac eye shadow in "graphology"
maybelline blackest black mascara
bobbi brown blush in "ski slopes"
bobbi brown lip gloss in pink sugar
For makeup I used the new green/blue MAC colors for my eyes and applied a shimmery pink gloss to my lips. You can't tell but I also wore some larger silver earrings, but my hair swallowed them in these pictures!

So tell me, do you recall having a personal style as a child? Do you feel like part of that style influences how you dress now?

One final anecdote - when my cousin (he's like a brother) Dylan was a kid, he had the most distinct personal style out there. To Kindergarten he liked to wear a blazer and tie and carry a briefcase (he was also so freaking adorable aside from his fashion taste.... so think cute ass kid in this getup); to his bar mitvah he wore a coat with tails, a top hat, tap shoes, and carried a cane. He is definitely still a stylish dude, though a little more understated, but he totally brings it when it comes to Halloween.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Outfit log: Blues and Browns

Still behind on my outfit posting, but it's working for me! I get to relive my week-old-ish ensembles and look at them with a more distanced eye.
Occasion: Casual Workday, Tuesday 2/23/10
02 23 10 003 02 23 10 041 02 23 10 066
cardigan - swapped
tunic - nordstrom, remixed
cords - banana republic (clearance), remixed
boots - rockport, remixed
This cardigan is awesome, but I didn't capture the details fabulously... so I'll just describe them. Pretty swirly raised print on the big buttons, two little FUNCTIONAL pockets on the front, and brown leather-ish elbow pads! Another awesome item snagged at my boss' clothing swap.