Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outfit log: Born to Be Wiiiiiiiiild

I can't even really take any credit for this outfit, aside from deciding to wear all these items at once. My future stepmom-in-law, Julie, gave me the cuff for my birthday and handed down to me this glorious leopard print tunic; my friend Jenny gave me this necklace for my birthday last year and these fabulous sandals for my birthday this year; and my boss brought back the belt for me from Morocco! I have the most stylish, thoughtful, and fabulous women in my life :)
Occasion: Casual workday, Monday June 21, 2010
06 21 10 018 06 21 10 002 06 21 10 015
cuff - bday gift from (future) in-laws
necklace - bday 2009 gift from Jenny
belt - gift from boss from Morocco
tunic - hand me down from stepmom-in-law
leggings - hue
sandals - ciao bella, bday 2010 gift from Jenny (again!)
black tank - old navy
Ya'll know I love leopard print, so I squealed with delight when Julie showed this top to me. The ruffled neckline is so much fun, and I love the featherweight lightness of the whole garment. Gosh, it's hard to talk about the rest of this ensemble because I'll just keep gushing about each piece! So, I'll stop for now, but a big thanks to all of those who made this outfit happen!

06 21 10 details
eye liner - mac fluidline in blacktrack
lipstick - mac rebel
For lipstick I kept things simple on the eyes with a little black cat eye, and then added in a punch of magenta via my favorite lipstick.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Update: Sactown's Got Pride!

Oh man, this past weekend was radtastic. Nic and I went up to Sacramento with some friends (Ilene, Briana, and Adina) for Sac's Pride festival. This coming weekend will be my fourth time attending San Francisco's Pride festivities, so it was fun to check out another city's celebration.

06 19 10 Sacramento Pride Festival collage

It was much smaller than San Francisco's, but that was a nice change! We didn't feel overcrowded, and got to walk around and look at all of the booths in a leisurely and relaxing way. Plus, the weather was just freaking perfect!

One of the local radio stations had Rock Band set up, which was so much fun! Nic, Briana, Ilene and I played "Spirit in the Sky" together like a full on band... it was awesome :) Adina was sweet enough to tape us, so here's a little clip of it:

Adina headed back to the Bay on Saturday afternoon, and then the four of us remaining hit up a local gay club and just danced our booties off! On Sunday we hit the road up to Folsom to visit Nic's dad, John, for Father's Day. One of the awesome benefits of going to Folsom is getting to hang out with my future stepmom-in-law, Julie, who is so sweet, welcoming, entertaining, and loving, and, oh! an amazing cook.  For the Father's Day feast, she made garlic prawns, prime rib, corn, rice, salad, and the most delectable bloody marys known to humanity! I just adore John & Julie, and had the best time kickin' it with them!

This weekend we'll be attending SF's festivities, so I hope to share more photos and stories next week :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outfit log: Coral & Sage

I've had this blouse in closet for over a year. My mom picked it out for me at the Scholar Shop in St. Louis, but I kept passing it up every time I got dressed. Then last week I was in need of a fun new outfit combo to lighten my mood (more on that another day), and I made it a goal to wear this airy patterned top.
Occasion: Luncheon, Thursday June 17, 2010
06 17 10 032 06 17 10 040 06 17 10 005
Details: all remixed except top
necklace - gift from mom
blouse - thrifted by mom
belt - free from swap
skirt - nordstrom
t-straps - me too via dsw, on clearance
I think this is my most dramatic pattern mix yet, and I was a little unsure about it at first. It didn't take long to grow on me, and I think it works because both patterns have a lot of cream in them, and the presence of light brown in the blouse's pattern tied in nicely with the brown in the skirt. With the help of some coral red accessories, I fell in love with this combination.

06 17 10 makeup&details
mac retrospeck eye shadow all over lids
mac saddle eye shadow inner crease
mac embark eye shadow outer crease
mac dipdown fluidline cream liner
bobbi brown pink sugar lip gloss
I focused my makeup on my eyelids and used a combination of brown/shimmery neutrals that I wear on the regular. Topping off my upper lashlines with a cream eye liner added a bit more definition that made my eyes appear more awake (to me, at least).

Monday, June 21, 2010

PSA: Glenn Close and Sister on Mental Health Awareness

I first heard of this awesome video from We Are the Real Deal. Glenn Close, her sister, and others have teamed up to bring more awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses. According the to the Bring Change 2 Mind website,
"1 in 6 adults and almost 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Yet, for many, the stigma associated with the illness, can be as great a challenge as the disease itself. This is where the misconceptions stop. This is where bias comes to an end. This is where we change lives. Because this is where we Bring Change 2 Mind."

I absolutely love this message. Mental health is a topic that people often do not feel comfortable discussing, but hello! It's so important. If more of society were accepting and understanding about mental illness, then perhaps folks suffering from them would have one less thing to worry about! And that's a step in the right direction :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspired: Trying to Hide my B*tch Face

Okay so maybe I'm being a big copy cat, but Audi wrote a terrific post recently on the criticisms, judgments, and inappropriate questions she receives from other women because she chooses not to have children. Her remarks and many of the comments on her post came to the conclusion that people, in general, need to learn better manners.

This notion of improving the collective manners of people totally resonated with me and made me think about inappropriate conversations that I've endured after coming out as gay to several straight guys. These dudes have had the audacity to ask about intimate details of my sex life as if hearing about it is meant for their enjoyment. And this is within minutes of meeting me for the first time! I find these experiences absolutely infuriating, and have a hard time hiding my bitch face.  But, honestly I want the conversation to be productive so flipping my lid at them right off the bat doesn't get anywhere because everyone just gets defensive.

What I try to do is calmly "remind" them that we just met several minutes ago, and when has it ever been appropriate to ask about someone's most intimate moments... especially right after meeting them? The response has been overwhelmingly, "oh! I didn't mean to ask that". or "I didn't mean to offend you." or "it's not like I mind that you're gay." or, "um, I'm sorry.", which on one hand is great because each dude is taking responsibility for being a jack ass, but honestly it just shouldn't take this little wake up call.

But the reality is that it sometimes does take a wake up call for people to stop and think about their reactions to people with differing experiences. I like to believe that my calm-but-you're-an-idiot reaction makes them slightly change the the way they think about lesbians... as real people instead of just sexual objects meant for their pleasure.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outfit log: Easy Does It

Just because an outfit is simple doesn't mean I don't put thought into it. I really wanted an easy-breezy casual outfit for Tuesday, and I started with the argyle sweater and worked around it.
Occasion: Casual day at work, Tuesday June 15, 2010
06 15 10 005 06 15 10 026 06 15 10 036
sneakers - vans
necklace - anthro 2009
sweater - jcrew 2010, outlet
camisole - jcrew 2009, outlet
jeans - gap 2010
I often like to layer camisoles under tops to extend a shorter hem a bit, so I layered the sweater over a lavander cotton cami, which I picked intentionally to play off of my purple sneaks. I like how the subtle yellow pattern in the argyle contrasted with the different shades of purple. The necklace was an easy choice, fitting in nicely with the shape of the neckline, and featuring a few more hints of purple and pink without overdoing it.

06 15 10 makeup
eye shadows - mac retrospeck (lightest), saddle (medium), embark (darkest + liner)
I hadn't been inclined recently to pile on the eye makeup, but by Tuesday I was ready for more oomph, so I went with an easy contoured neutral look.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outfit log: Color Me Autumn

This past weekend was amazingly beautifully warm and lovely in the Bay Area... I'm talking like 94° F (that's 34° C, rest of the world)! Yeah it's June and yeah it gets hot like that on the regular in lots of places during the Summer months, but believe me when I tell you this was a true gift of a weekend that rarely occurs in these parts! 

So, after spending the weekend in sun dresses and a bathing suit (and having an amazing time, by the way), yesterday I was met with the return of the unseasonably (even for SF) cold weather we've been having lately.
Occasion: Cold workday, Monday June 14, 2010
06 14 10 035 06 14 10 023 06 14 10 037
sweater - max studio outlet
skirt - anthro 2010, clearance
tights - calvin klein
loafers - target
necklace - handmade (not by me)
It wasn't too much of a bother dressing for the cool, since I've recently restocked my tights supply and like Audi am used to wearing the same pieces pretty much throughout the entire year because of the Bay Area's temperate climate.  Then it dawned on me that I was covered in harvest colors more apt for the Fall, and I started trippin' slightly. But you know what? If the weather gods aren't going to cooperate and give me sunshine and heat, then I'm going to celebrate another season during this supposed one. Take that, "Spring"!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Outfit log: Picnic Perfect

I didn't wear this outfit to a picnic, but it just begs to worn to one... am I right?
Occasion: Casual Workday, Thursday June 10, 2010
06 10 10 008 06 10 10 009 06 10 10 024
dress - anthro 2010, bday gift from mom
belt - anthro 2010, on clearance
blue blouse - nordstrom 2008ish
necklace - hand me down from mom
shoes - dansko
I adore this dress and wanted it to shine on its own, but the weather wasn't quite warm enough for that so I layered it over this eyelet blouse. Once I decided to wear the belt, the coral colored necklace started calling to me since it goes so well with the springy colors in the belt! And the granny sandals are quickly becoming my favorite... comfortable, cute, and in a non-neutral color? What's not to love?

06 10 10 makeup &details

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outfit log: More Me

After Monday's outfit (and mood!), I decided to spice things up for work on Wednesday, and I felt so very me all day! Wednesday was a particularly good day for feeling snazzy since I attended the LGBT Awards where I work, which are always so inspiring with the awardees' personal stories of overcoming adversity and helping others.
Occasion: LGBT Awards at Work, Wednesday June 9, 2010
06 09 10 011 06 09 10 018 06 09 10 003
sweater dress - h&m
belt - h&m
necklace - tiffany's, hand me down
tights - calvin klein
boots - blowfish
Somehow I managed to get through the day without destroying these fishnetty tights, which is good because they are so much fun! I pretty much built the outfit around them, which resulted in a dark and stormy color palette, a favorite of mine. When I got home, Nic said, "you look like a witch." Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I could only respond with a big "thank you!"

06 09 10 makeup
eye liner - mac fluidline in blacktrack
lipstick - mac rebel
lip gloss - bobbi brown pink sugar
eye shadow (whole lid) - lorac
eye shadow (crease) - mac saddle
new glasses! - prodesign 1674
To add in some color I donned my  new favorite lipstick, with some gloss over the top. Also, check out my new specks :) My old ones were scratched horribly, and would always slip down my nose. These newbies feel fantastic... and the tortoiseshell will match any hair color :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outfit log: No Brainer

Occasion: Casual Workday, Monday June 7, 2010
06 07 10 025 06 07 10 033 06 07 10 030
tank - old navy
cardigan - target
jeans - gap
flats - rocket dog
necklace - gift
I'm not sure how many of you reading have been stylishly influenced by your own blogging, but perhaps you can relate to my experience. Before blogging, I considered myself somewhat stylish and I cared about what I wore. The problem was that I didn't take joy in the process of getting dressed, and my creative juices weren't primed as they are now. So, I wore the same things over and over again in the same ways with the same combinations, and I was satisfied. Then I started style blogging... and everyday feels like a quest. I'm energized by the process of thinking up and putting on new combos of old things, and I love it!

On Monday, however, I was feeling kinda blah, and reverted back to my "old me" by putting on this outfit. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it and I do like it, it just doesn't feel like the new me that blogs and has fun with getting dressed. The way I felt about my outfit matched my mood, and it was nice to take a break from the "quest", and just be.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Outfit Log: I'm Not in Cali Anymore (and 10 Things)

Okay, I am still in Cali, but it sure didn't feel like it yesterday. While I've lived the majority of my life here on the west side, I spent several of my teenage years living in Washington, DC... and yesterday's weather reminded me very much of the balmy dark summer afternoons right before a thunderstorm would hit. I think I was mentally gearing up for the rain to pour, but it never did... it just stayed kind of sticky.
Occasion: Work Event, Thursday June 3, 2010
06 03 10 009 06 03 10 043 06 03 10 051
blouse - anthro 2010, on clearance
skirt - banana republic, remixed
t-straps - me too 2010 via dsw, on clearance
earrings - hand me down, remixed
As I was falling asleep the night before, I thought up an adorable outfit complete with tights, boots, and a long sleeve sweater dress (since Wednesday was sooooo chilly), but watching the forecast yesterday morning made me realize I needed to completely switch gears... and I welcomed the challenge!

Not only did I get to debut this fantastic blouse I scored on clearance, but also these deep red/coral high-heeled t-straps that I am completely enamored with. The heel is the perfect shape for me... a little higher, but sturdy, and the color is fabulous. I've been wanting to find a non-neutral heel for awhile now, and this shoe fits the bill!

06 03 10 makeup
lorac eye shadow
mac fluidline cream eyeliner in blacktrack
Since my outfit had so much color going on with a lot of reds/pinks/corals, I decided to forgo lipstick since all of mine are in this family. Instead I just went pretty simple with a little cat eye action and some shimmery eye shadow.


In other news, I read a post yesterday by Nicky of Kaleidoscope Thrills that totally resonated with me. She was inspired by this post on The Narcissist's Diary to list 10 things that she loved about herself - 5 on the outside and 5 on the inside. Since I am a huge fan of promoting self-love so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon!  So.... without further adieu, here are my 10 Things:

  1. My hair - It's abundance and texture makes it quite versatile for styling. I can easily encourage the curl, or straighten it, giving me a variety of looks, and that's why I love it! I've also noticed in the last year that it looks fabulous in a variety of different shades.
  2. My hands and nails - I love that they are the same shape as my Mom's and Auntie Anne's (they're identical twins) both because those are two of my favorite women on the planet, and because we are all blessed with lovely-shaped hands and nails!
  3. My booty - Yeah I've gone on enough about this in the past, but reiteration ain't a bad thing when it comes to this stuff.
  4. My waist and hips - same as above :)
  5. My skin - It's generally clear, soft, and tans (versus burns) easily.
  1. I'm a smart cookie. Sometimes I undervalue this quality in myself, but I shouldn't because I am pretty bright. I may be directionally challenged, but I understand new concepts quickly, am an avid (and fast!) reader, have impeccable grammar (most of the time, we all make typos!), and was always great at math and science in my school days.
  2. I'm compassionate. Maybe to a fault? But in general I cherish this quality in myself. There have been many times in my life that people I hardly know have felt comfortable opening up to me, and I think it's because I try my hardest not to judge right away, but to instead to understand where other people are coming from. I always try to play the devil's advocate, and I strive to maintain my belief that people are inherently good, and personal circumstances and experiences shape the bad parts.
  3. I'm a smart alec, in the best way. My mom and my aunt (referenced above) instilled me in an amazing sense of humor. We are a sarcastic (though never mean) bunch who laugh a freaking lot, and are not afraid to sometimes be a bit crude or silly. I also get my fabulous cursing vocabulary from these two. Thanks a fucking lot!
  4. I know how to be professional. This is definitely a learned quality, but not everyone "gets it."  I am friendly, helpful, gracious, and pay close attention to the quality of my work. For example, before sending out emails to groups of colleagues, I make sure to double check the wording, and edit myself to be as clear, concise, and friendly as possible. It irks me when people think that communicating professionally through email means they don't have to be gracious or friendly... especially when asking for my help!
  5. I'm enthusiastic! I'm not sure how much it comes across in my blogging, but I get really excited about shit, and I show it! This makes my life more fun, exciting, and just enjoyable :)
Creating this list totally gave me a little self esteem boost, so as I write this I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself... and I want YOU to feel that same self-love surge! So, what are your 10 Things, ? Either list yours here in the comments, or link to your blog post about 'em. This shit is contagious, I promise!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outfit log: Skirting the Dress

Oh, hello! I seem to have missed a week of blogging. But now I'm back :) This is an outfit from early last week, and unfortunately I've been so busy it's the only one I captured! BUT I have a birthday party outfit/recap coming up hopefully tomorrow, and one more outfit from this week to document. And a quick hello to any new readers, and a shout out to those who've been following for awhile! Thanks for the wonderful comments/emails :) You make my day everyday!

Since my most recent foray into wearing a dress as a skirt (check out my first attempt here!), I've been looking at my wardrobe a wee bit differently, thinking of the possibilities of wearing ALL of my dresses as skirts.
Occasion: Rainy workday, Tuesday May 25, 2010
05 25 10 027 05 25 10 034 05 25 10 043
oxfords - clarks, outlet
belt - jessica simpson via dsw
necklace - tiffany, hand me down
top - sweet pea, thrifted by mom
dress (worn as skirt) - anthro 2008
tights - nordstrom brand
This is a dress I have a hard time styling. The length and cut seemed perfect for me in the dressing room, but there's just something not quite right about it on it's own (see it worn as a dress, but layered, here). I wasn't totally dazzled with this look, but I did like the color/pattern combo a lot! And I stayed warm in the icky weather.

05 25 10 details
eye liner - mac fluidline blacktrack
lip gloss - laura gellar chilled maple
blush - lorac
I've been addicted to the cat eye lately. I just feel so sassy in it anytime of day or night! With the different pinks in the rest of my outfit, I thought a richer berry colored lip gloss would work perfectly.