Thursday, July 29, 2010

Outfit log: Chelvis

This outfit was from a week and a half ago, and I am still giggling at the name I gave myself as a result! Something you may not know about me is that I go gaga for Elvis. I've loved him my entire life, which is illustrated best by my choosing of him as the topic of my very first term paper in 6th grade (we were given free reign).

Now, I know Elvis wasn't the most stand up guy - a total dickhead to women, heavily into drugs and alcohol, etc. - but I can't help but adore his voice, his moves, and his charisma. Because of this love for the King, my mom and I have visited Graceland on two (yes, two!) different occasions, while driving across country from DC to CA. We may have even intentionally driven the Southern route just so we would drive through Memphis! Anyhoo... all this to say that I love Elvis, I love this tee shirt, and here you have it.
Occasion: Casual day at the office, Monday July 12, 2010
07 12 10 008 07 12 10 022 07 12 10 006
Details: all remixed except tee
cardigan - target
t-shirt - from graceland (fo real!)
white camisole - jcrew outlet
black skirt - h&m (handed down from aunt)
tights - hue
sneakers - vans
necklace - forever21 (gift)
cuff - gift
And in case you didn't believe me, I spent way too much time trying to pose like Mr. Presley and then amped up the photo using my elementary awesome Paint/Photoshop skills. We're like twins*, I tell you!

07 12 10 elvis 07 12 10 chelvis

*By the way did you know that Elvis was supposed to be a twin but his brother was stillborn? Sad, but true! Also, I weeped at Elvis' grave. Finally, my mom and I consider "Walking in Memphis" to be our song, the best line of which is "There's a pretty little thing, waiting on the King, down in the Jungle Room" because I've been in the freaking Jungle Room! Okay now I'm scaring you. Backing away from the computer....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outfit log: Casual Friday

My wrist has been really bugging me since the weekend, hence the shorter post. I fear it's a computer-overuse-related repetitive stress injury, but I should find out more on Thursday. For now I've got on a wrist brace, am taking lots of breaks from the computer, and am taking ibuprofen. Think healthy thoughts for me!
Occasion: Casual Friday @ Work, July 9, 2010
07 08-09 10 064 07 08-09 10 046 07 08-09 10 055
wrap sweater - anthro
tank - jcrew outlet
jeans - joe's "muse"
flats - clarks outlet
necklace - gift from mamacita
This was just an easily thrown together look that made me feel very put together! That day I had run out of my curly hair product but had no patience for blow drying (I only do that a couple of times a year), so here it is still kinda wet when I arrived at work. Later on I pulled it back into two pigtails... easy peasy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outfit log: Dressing Up For Moi

Don't be fooled by my sunny Oakland rooftop, it was brrrrr-inducingly chilly in San Francisco the day I wore this! The outfit was almost perfect for the cold ass weather, though I did wish I had worn a heavier jacket (my jean jacket/cashmere scarf combo isn't pictured, and didn't cut it) as I shivered waiting for the shuttle up to my office.
Occasion: Regular Ole Workday (and Allergist Appointment), Thursday July 8, 2010
07 08-09 10 039
I didn't have much going on this day, just office work and an allergist appointment, but I woke up with this ensemble in my mind, and just couldn't muster the patience to save it for a special-er occasion. Sometimes, even if I've got nothing in particular going on at work or in the evening, I like to dress up just for me (okay, and for you!), because it's fun! And I felt pretty all day long. 
07 08-09 10 033 07 08-09 10 034
I've been dying to trade out the self belt on this LBS for a wide one for ages, but then every time I was going to do so I just couldn't bare to tuck it away... the bow is too cute! But, I'm glad I did for this ensemble. It subtly changes the look of the skirt, and the progression from gray to charcoal to black makes me happy (hmm... kinda like the OTK socks I sported the day before!). 
07 08-09 10 014 07 08-09 10 021
photos by Nic
Details: all remixed except tights
gray top - nordstrom
belt - h&m
skirt - anthro
necklace - f21 (gift)
tights - CK
flats - clarks outlet
sunnies - sean jean (prescription)
Aside from the color scheme, what I liked most about this outfit was the incorporation of pattern through my tights (black patterned tights are so amazing for this!), and my silver accessories (necklace & shoes). Oh and the flounciness of the skirt. Oh! And the fact that my hair is long enough for a high ponytail :)

And just so y'all don't fret too much for me and my wimpiness when it comes to chilly Summer weather, the last two days have been delightfully sunny and warmer (high 60s, low 70s), so I'm one happy camper! Still craving some heat, but fucking enjoying what sunshine I've got!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outfit log: Cloudy Wrappings

Warning: I am about to rant about the weather. Potentially annoying for those of you suffering from ungodly heat, so be forewarned! 

Dear San Francisco,

Can you please get your weather act together? I am tired of seeing all my fellow bloggers around the country (and world!)  flaunting their bare legs and short skirts and sleeveless tops while I'm covering myself in tights, sweaters, and outerwear. If you weren't my favorite city on the planet I might just leave you. Fog and drizzle and wind do not a Summer make!

lovingly annoyed,
Occasion: Casual Workday & Going Away Party, Wednesday June 7, 2010
07 07 10 019
For real though, if I ever left the Bay Area it would indeed be for warmer weather. My upbringing in the dry heat of Southern California and the dank humidity of Washington DC makes me crrrrrave hotness come Summertime! But, I guess this amazing place I live is worth it, and hey I get to layer any time of year! Booyah!
07 07 10 030 07 07 10 006
sweater - gap
belt - h&m
dress - h&m
socks - target
clogs - dansko
This outfit is one of my favorite combinations for three reasons:

  1. Combining black, gray, and charcoal take neutrals to the next level.
  2. The long cotton cardigan and shapeless skirt (of the dress) are immensely comfortable.
  3. Adding the belt creates the perfect silhouette for me, so I've got comfort two ways - how the ensemble feels on my body and how I feel about my body in the ensemble. Two-fer!
  4. OTK socks keeps things sassy

07 07 10 makeup
mac retrospeck eye shadow (entire eyelide)
mac saddle eye shadow (crease)
mac embark shadow (as liner on top)
clinique almost lipstick in black honey
bobbi brown blush in ski slopes
I tried a little bit of a different look with my hair, and I dug it! The only problem was keeping the front pieces out of my face. For makeup I went with a soft bronze-y eye shadow look and a stain-like lipstick.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit log: Amateur Professional

I totally buckled under pressure for this outfit. I had an important meeting that could potentially/maybe/hopefully lead to a future job, and I felt the need to look professional. And mature. Like I know what I'm doing. So, I came up with this snoozer.
Occasion: Important meeting, July 1st, 2010
07 01 10 006 07 01 10 005 07 01 10 008
blouse - vintage
sweater - jcrew outlet
pants - anthro
flats - clarks outlet
necklace - anthro
Seriously, if I ever get into a career that requires advanced professional dressing, I'm going to need to go shopping. I envisioned wearing an adorable fitted and cropped 3/4 sleeve patterned blazer, black pencil skirt, mid-heeled mary-janes and a pretty vintage blouse... but I just didn't have the goods to make it happen. This was my safe choice, and I'm falling asleep looking at it! It's not that the outfit is bad at all, it just didn't feel like ME.

I'm in the phase of my life where I really need a perspective shift. I'm so used to being the assistant, the helper, to do-er, that it's hard for me to assume a role of authority, expertise, delegation, or leadership. But I sure as hell don't want to be an assistant for the rest of my life, so my plan is to fake it until I make it, like the pros :) By the way, the meeting went well (even though I was the most stuffily dress person there) though I won't know what the future holds for awhile. We shall see!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Outfit log: Pattern Play and Personal Shopper

While I take most of my outfit photos in my office when no one is around (teehee!), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some in a different location, a room on campus we use often for luncheons. Since setup for this particular event was ready before our guests arrived, my coworker Mijiza and I took some outfit shots and danced around the room between the tables. I'm going to miss working with these people!
Occasion: Work luncheon, June 30th, 2010
06 30 10 003 06 30 10 002 06 30 10 001
photos by Mijiza
Details: all remixed except blouse
blouse - moth, thrifted
skirt - nordstrom
belt - gift from boss from morroco
shoes - nicole via dsw
I love when patterns mix so well you forget you're mixing in the first place! This skirt has been fantastic for pattern play, so I thought of it instantly when trying this moth blouse on recently at Out of the Closet.

Speaking of thrifting, this recent thrifting excursion was awesome. Nic came with me and while she usually dreads shopping with me, took a very proactive approach! As I slowly went through each rack, deliberating on whether to try this or that, Nic flew through the remaining racks and came up to me with arms full of clothes she thought I would like. Turns out my adorable fiancée knows me (and my style) so well! This was just one of the several pieces she chose that I ended up purchasing. Hooray for my own personal shopper :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Outfit log: Perfect Skirt

First of all, I can't write anything further without taking a moment to thank you guys for your amazing comments on yesterday's post! Your supportive words, encouragement, and positivity absolutely boosted my spirits. I should not have been surprised at how many of you can relate to my current situation, or have friends or family who are/have been in my position. These times are sure tough, aren't they? I've expressed it before, but I'll say it again... I feel extremely lucky to have found this blogging community. Y'all have changed my life and I am so grateful for it!

Now onto an outfit from a few weeks ago...
Occasion: Casual workday, June 24, 2010
06 24 10 002 06 24 10 013 06 24 10 011
photos by Nic
Details: all remixed
flannel tunic - h&m
skirt - anthro
tights - nordstrom
oxfords - clarks outlet
necklace - gift
cuff - gift 
Oh holy cow this skirt rocks my world. I can envision so many ways to wear it, and have already! I think I've had it in constant rotation, wearing it at least once a week, since I got it. For this outfit I tucked in a long flannel tunic, added some jewelry, tights, and oxfords, and I was good to go. I do love the pattern on this tunic, but the fit is weird. It's an empire waist, but the seem doesn't always sit below the boobage, so I spend a lot of the day adjusting... annoying! I hope to replace it at some point with a more well-fitting version, but for now this is what I'm working with!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Outfit log: Neutrality & Devastation

It's really hard to talk about this outfit, because soon after these pictures were taken I received some terrible news and spent the rest of the day feeling absolutely devastated. Don't worry, everyone is healthy, but I found out that my department is being dismantled and my colleagues and I are being laid off at the end of the year. 
Occasion: Work event, Wednesday June 16, 2010
06 16 10 008

On the one hand we have six months to find new jobs, a luxury that many at my University (and in the rest of the US) do not have upon being laid off, but on the other hand this department was started by my boss 30 years ago and with her continual effort and vision has done so much incredible and highly important work that just doesn't seem to be valued by the powers that be.

06 16 10 027 06 16 10 006
cardigan - jcrew, outlet
cami - nordstrom, bp
trousers - the limited
belt - mark shale
shoes - clarks artisan, outlet
necklace - gift
I know that I will be okay - I am at the beginning of my career path and have plenty of options, but my heart is heavy (and so very angry!) for my boss who has been an incredible leader, inspiration, and entrepreneur - who has challenged the status quo (and changed it!) at the University and statewide and who, when asked what her dream job would be, always answered, "I already have it. I do what I love."

06 16 10 details
eye shadows - (all MAC) plumage in crease, juxt all over lid, graphology as liner on top only
liptsick - MAC lustre lightly in ripe
I know this post isn't about the outfit at all (aside from the pictures of course), but I can't find it in me to talk about the details and what went into putting it together. Seeing my smiling face and silly poses just illustrates the stark contrast between my world before the news and after.

I drafted this post a few weeks ago upon hearing the news. Since then I've had time to digest the information and am on the path to figuring out my next steps. I am still deeply saddened (and engraged!) by the closure of my department, mostly because I strongly believe in the work that we do, but I am also bolstered by the supportive and constructive reactions from other people at this University and from my friends and family. I know there are only good things in the future for me and my colleagues, and I cling onto that knowledge to help me through this stressful time! There is great power in the combination of positive thinking and proactivity after all :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Outfit log: Let it Shine

Occasion: Casual workday, June 22, 2010
06 22 10 007 06 22 10 010 06 22 10 027
white tee - gap, clearance
white tank - rubbish, nordstrom
skirt - anthro, clearance
flats - clarks outlet
cuff - bday gift
necklace - hand me down from mom
For the first outing of this skirt I had envisioned pairing it with bright colors and patterns, but when it came to the morning of getting dressed, I felt more inclined toward simplicity to let the details of the garment shine.

06 22 10 details
eye shadow - mac juxt
eye shadow (crease) - mac plumage
eye liner (powder) - mac graphology
eye liner (cream) - mac fluidline blacktrack
lip gloss - bobbi brown pink sugar