Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outfit log: Working Sactown

A few weeks ago my colleagues and I ventured out to Sacramento to take part in a three day training (if anyone is familiar with True Colors, I'm now a certified facilitator! And am a Blue first, Green second... disregard if you have no idea what I'm talking about...). In packing for the trip I had a few things in mind:
  1. It's going to be in the 90s, woohoo!
  2. I don't want to overpack
  3. I'll need to balance between the outdoor temp and the indoor
I ended up packing one dress, 2-3 blouses and 2 skirts, a short sleeve sweater, cropped black pants, a pair of wedges, flats, and flip flops. 
Occasion: Three Day Professional Training in Sacramento, October 13-15, 2010
Day 1:
10 13-15 2010 True Colors Training 015  
top - thrifted
skirt - nordstrom
necklace - anthro
wedges - sofft
For the first day I wanted to wear an outfit that was very me, so I combined this skirt and blouse like I had done in the past. Instead of coral accents I decided to let one of my favorite statement necklaces steal the show, while saving myself from the discomfort of sitting in a belt all day. I brought a cropped denim blazer with me (not shown) in case the air conditioning was crazy cold (and of course it was!).

10 13 2010 True Colors Training details

Day 2:
10 13-15 2010 True Colors Training 032
cropped pants - gap
flats - rocket dog
sweater - max studio outlet
necklace - anthro
For day two I opted for close-toed shoes, pants, and a short sleeve sweater. I figured the short sleeves and bare ankles would keep me relatively cool outdoors, while keeping me warmer than a skirt and short sleeve blouse once inside. This outfit was perfect for the climate, the moving around in the workshop, and allowed me to show off my necklace again.
Day 3:
10 13-15 2010 True Colors Training 044  
dress - anthro
belt - thrifted vintage anne klein
necklace - gift
wedges - sofft
bolero - thrifted white house | black market
Since our final day of training lasted only until 1pm, I decided to go for the dress with bare legs since I knew I wouldn't be able to do that back at home for awhile and figured I'd be able to withstand the a/c for that amount of time (the bolero came in handy for that).

Do you have any tips for packing for a work trip? It's definitely an ongoing challenge for me (okay, packing for any trip in general is), so I'd appreciate any advice you've got!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My HUEge Moment

So remember how I won that trip to NYC because you people rock my world and voted for me? Well, the HUE peeps did a little interview with me about my blog and what's it's all about... and put together this snazzy video.

Aren't they amazing? I've never felt so special! Okay, maybe have felt a wee bit more special when Nic proposed to me (that's like the ultimate), but HUE came pretty dang close! And really, you guys make me feel special on the regular... so if I haven't told you lately... thank you!

And thank you, yet again, to HUE and their fabulous team of wonderful people! If you ever get the chance to work with them, I recommend freaking jumping on it, preferably clad in comfortable and stylish leggings :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am My Body Image Keeper

Maintaining healthy and positive body image is a passion of mine. The world is full of so many messages meant to make us obsess, detest, and reject our bodies. Instead of letting society, the world, the media, etc. dictate how I feel about me, I choose to fight against these influences and fall in love with my body and encourage you to join me. While striving to embrace, love and accept yourself is an ongoing battle, I am a body image warrior and will not give up, even if sometimes I give in to the negativity. 

Since this is a big passion of mine and a huge reason I started my blog, I've been wanting to dedicate posts occasionally to the topic. Here's the first one, and I hope to continue them!

Something I've been struggling with lately as I go through an emotionally difficult time has been how to take care of myself and my body image when others around me are doing things that seem trigger just the opposite.

Examples of these triggers, for me, include:
  • dieting/exercising with the sole purpose of losing weight, and talking about it
  • talking badly about one's body, body parts, and/or the weight associated with them
  • eating a certain way and working out regularly with the purpose of preventing a body that one perceives to be an unacceptable alternative
It's been especially difficult lately for me to be around this type of behavior, but it's pretty typical stuff that people in our society deal with on a regular basis, so I've gotta figure out a way to cope without feeling like an asshole. I'm having a hard time retaining my positive body image because of other things going on in my life that are causing stress and anxiety and other less than ideal emotions. Because of the other shit I've got going on, I can feel a little too self-righteous and judgmental in response to these triggers, like I am the knower of all things body image related and if you're not doing/thinking what I do, then you're wrong. This is simply not true, and I think the judging comes from feelings of defensiveness. I judge because these triggers affect MY body image, and that's what I'm really afraid of happening.

I have to remember that in the past I have figured out what works... for ME. And I have to remember that what works for ME, does not work for everyone else. And it is NOT up to me to make everyone "see the light", which is really just a way of saying seeing things from my (correct, of course) perspective. Everyone is their own keeper and I've just gotta stay true to my own body image mantras, and accept that while I can hope to inspire positive body image in those around me, I am NOT the body image hall monitor. 

What I'm trying to do to block these harmful (to me) thoughts from becoming my own are to concentrate on what I truly believe about diet and exercise, or better yet, what I believe about wellness around diet and exercise (and yes, the exclamation points are necessary):
  • Eating nutritious foods is better for my health and my stomach problems!
  • Enjoying purely decadent treats from time to time is delightful!
  • Being active by exercising, walking more, or taking exercise classes makes me feel stronger and healthier and will make me live longer!
I'm concentrating on these phrases because I feel a bit out of tune with my body. I'm not nourishing it with healthy foods and activities, instead I'm feeling unmotivated to exercise and what I like to call "eating my feelings." I'm planning to post these phrases on my mirror, in my organizer and by my desk to remind me that if I treat my body with respect, it will reward me with feeling healthy, strong, and energized... the ultimate tools to battle emotional challenges :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outfit log: So Much to Say

OMG y'all. I've been sitting on this news because it's not totally iron tight yet, but I'm pretty certain it's gonna happen, so I might as well put it out there (anyone else a fan of the Secret?)!

I've been offered a job in another department once mine closes (!!!). 

I'm not sure exactly what it will entail, but hopefully will continue the work that I am enjoying in my current department, and allow me to expand on interests beyond that. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed about it, mainly because change is hard and stressful and I want the next steps to be perfect, but making myself think about how amazing the opportunity is and how much input I get to have in what I will be doing keeps me grounded and helps me appreciate it the change.
Occasion: Meeting with New Department Heads, Tuesday October 12, 2010
10 12 2010 004 10 12 2010 013 10 12 2010 001
blouse - anthro
necklace - gift
skirt - banana
wedges - sofft
This is the outfit I wore to meet with my bosses-to-be last week. It was a hot day, so I debated about how to look professional while not sweating my ass off. This totally worked!

10 12 2010 details

Also, I tried something different with my new haircut. Oh yeah! I keep meaning to actually write about it but then forget. I blame it on my CRS (can't remember shit). Anyhoo... I got a new haircut and color about a month ago and never totally told you! It's a bit darker again and I've got some side swept bang action you may have noticed. Well, until this day when I decided to try the middle part. Most of the day I was undecided if I liked it, but looking at the pics now, I love it! If you've got curls and want bangs, I can vouch for 'em! They drive me nuts at times, but I think that's mostly just me adjusting to them, ya know?

In other news, I'm going to start posting body image related posts (versus outfit logs, pics from my life, etc.) once in awhile starting tomorrow. I've got a couple of lined up, so I know there will be at least two in the future! But seriously, I'm hoping to make that topic a regular thing because it's hugely important to me and a main reason I started this blog and continue to do it. So, stay tuned (and I hope you'll like it!).

hugs and kisses my friends!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outfit log: Leopard + Ruffles

There are many things I love about leopard print, but my favorite is how it takes the whole don't-mix-brown-and-black rule and turns it on its ass. I mean, hello! These colors are combined in nature! Surely we can combine them and look amazing too.
Occasion: Work Event, October 6, 2010
10 06 2010 030 10 06 2010 055 10 06 2010 010
ress - h&m
tie belt - from another sweater
cardigan - h&m
necklace - h&m ($5!)
tights - nordstrom
oxfords - clarks outlet
I took the dark brown and black in the cardigan and mirrored it on my legs by wearing dark brown tights and black oxfords. I admit at times I looked down and wondered... "does this really work?" only to glance at my sweater and reassure myself that the brown tights added to the outfit fo sho. Also, leopard print and ruffles are two of my favorite things and I succeeded in combining them in one outfit. Holla!

Oh, and I feel like there's this elephant in the room that I need to address, though perhaps you don't care? Whatever, some of you may so here ya go ;) I've been posting much less frequently lately, but I love blogging and honestly when I miss capturing an outfit I feel like part of my day/life is missing! That said, life has gotten crazy lately. Work is stressful, I'm trying to transition into new things while still doing my full time job, and I'm doing a certification training that doesn't get me home until 10pm two nights a week. Sadly my friends, family and blog are all getting a bit neglected lately, but I assure you I will continue to post as often as I can and won't just disappear on ya :) And if I've been a regular commenter of yours in the past, chances are good you haven't gotten the love from me lately. Do know I'm keeping up with you, but haven't been able to make the time to read and comment. But I still luuuurve you!! Okay, that may have just been way unnecessary but I feel all like responsible to keep y'all in the loop, so there you go! Phew.

Update: I forgot to include detailed shots! Here the are, albeit late...
10 06 2010 details

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outfit log: Orange You Glad?

Pumpkin pie. Jack O Lanterns. Changing leaves. Sweet potatoes. Orange you glad it's Autumn? I am, if only for the ability to celebrate the harvest in warm fall colors! 
Occasion: Casual Workday, Tuesday October 5, 2010
10 2010 003 10 2010 008 10 2010 004
cardigan - jcrew outlet
tie belt - from another blouse
orange & white tank - ??
jeans - joe's jeans, muse style
sandals - birkenstock
necklace - h&m ($5!)
headband - target, pre-boycott

I'm also delighted to be sharing this outfit with you today as the San Francisco Giants head into the National League Championship Series (beating the Braves last night in the NL Division Series)! I'm admittedly not a huge sports fan, but have become a Giants fan since Nic and I started dating. This is my third season following the team, and it's been by far the best! It's amazing how much more FUN (and torturous) fanhood is when your team actually starts freaking winning!! So I dedicate this post to the Giants. Now go beat the Phillies!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Outfit log: A Personifying Outfit?

On this particular morning I had so many criteria for my outfit (and seemingly few options) that it took awhile to come together.

Because we were in the middle of a heat wave, I wanted an ensemble that would (1) keep me cool in my non air-conditioned office and while running around campus to meetings; (2) be appropriate (and comfortable!) for both work and the first night of my Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor training; and (3) help me make a good first impression at said training.
Occasion: Work then Training, Tuesday September 28, 2010
09 28 10 026 09 28 10 018 09 28 10 010
skirt - vintage
belt - mark shale
necklace - gift
t-shirt - oaklandish, gift from my boo
wedges - sofft, tjmaxx
This combo accomplished all three goals: while I did get a little overheated a few times, I felt best prepared for it wearing all cotton pieces; nothing was too constricting or uncomfortable that by the end of the day I was dying to take it off; and most importantly I felt like the ensemble exuded a bit of my personality to the other people in my training, which made me feel more confident to start conversations with potential new friends. This is the first time I can remember thinking about an outfit (other than for an interview) as a preparation tool for meeting new people, but you better believe I'll be thinking this way in the future! I'm curious... does the way you dress help give you more confidence around new people too?

09 28 10 details