Monday, November 29, 2010

Outfit log: Standing Tall

Happy Monday! Oh man, getting back into the grind after some time off is always tough. But I got a lot accomplished so far today, so I'm feeling good about it :)

For Thanksgiving this year, Nic and I went to her dad and stepmom's home up in Folsom, CA. Julie (Nic's stepmom) cooked several amazing feasts for us. I'm still full from all of the deliciousness. A couple of highlights from the long weekend were eating fresh caught (by our friends Lacey & Matt!) dungeness crab, and playing poker with Nic's cousins JC and Mark after Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, and the 7 loads of laundry we got to do for free (we're sick, cheap, procrastinators!).

Occasion: Work Event, October 27, 2010
outfit 10 27 10 outfit 10 27 10 outfit 10 27 10
dress - max studio outlet
cardigan - jcrew
tights - hue
suede pumps - nine west
belt - h&m
necklace - tiffany & co
This outfit wasn't from Thanksgiving (way to constricting!), but instead from a few weeks ago. It was my first time donning these gorgeous pumps, and let me tell you they aren't the easiest to walk in! Next time I think I'll opt to wear them to a sitting occasion (like date night with my boo).

outfit 10 27 10 outfit 10 27 10 butterfly necklace outfit 10 27 10

Friday, November 19, 2010

Outfit log: Dressing Up for the Ladies

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to meet with some of my favorite female colleagues at another University site. These women appreciate a sense of style, and understand the effort and creativity it takes to create an ensemble. Because we're so like minded, I found myself wanting to dress up for them :)
Occasion: Work with a Meeting, October 25, 2010
outfit 10 25 10 outfit 10 25 10 outfit 10 25 10
outfit 10 25 10 outfit 10 25 10 outfit 10 25 10
photos by Nic 
blouse - handed down
vest - h&m
pants - old navy (!)
flats - clarks outlet
I'd been dreaming of this outfit for awhile, wanting to wear this vest in a more traditional way. The combo of solid gray vest, with the handkerchief print of the top and pinstripe of the pant worked well together.... keeping things interesting, but also professional.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outfit log: Wild Thing

Occasion: Work, October 25th, 2010
10 25 10 052 10 25 10 055 10 25 10 038
short sleeve leopard cardigan - swapped INC
belt - bettie page clothing
pale pink blouse - h&m
jeans - delia's
boots - rockport
I want to where this outfit everyday for the rest of my life. Apparently leopard print and baby pink are a match made in freaking heaven. I felt a little bit Peg Bundy mixed with some 60s-inspired hair (I know it's not really a bouffant at all, but I keep thinking it looks like Priscilla's? Am I trippin?), rock star lipstick and all the right accessories.

10 25 10 details

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfit log: Turkey Colors

Occasion: Work, October 21, 2010
10 21 2010 008 10 21 2010 017 10 21 2010 028
cardigan - jcrew outlet
tank - jcrew outlet
skirt - nordstrom
boots - rockport
necklace - bridesmaid gift from princess erica
Orange + brown = Thanksgiving, right? This year Nic and I are spending the holiday with her dad, John, and step-mom, Julie. It will be Nic's first Thanksgiving with some of her family since she's been back in California after completing her military service (we usually spend the holiday with my family in LA), and we're both really excited about it :) A few of her cousins will be joining us from Reno, and we haven't seen them in over two years!

What are your Thanksgiving plans, Americans?

10 21 2010 details

Monday, November 8, 2010

Outfit log: This is what a (future) Doula looks like

This weekend flew by, probably because I was in a training workshop to become a doula all day both days. Some of you may wonder what a doula is... so here's the canned response I'm working with (I get this question all the time).

What is a doula?
While an Obstetrician or Midwife is there primarily for the baby during childbirth, a doula is there for the mother. Doulas provide both emotional support and coping mechanisms for managing the pain of labor. They do not replace partners or other support people that the mom includes in her childbirth experience, but instead help to guide each person in how they might best support mom.

Some things a doula might do during labor (depending on the stage and how mom is doing) are:
  • suggest breathing techniques
  • massage & counter pressure (for back labor)
  • suggest different positions that might reduce pain or encourage the baby to shift in position 
  • tell mom how strong she is and how well she's doing (doulas are awesome cheerleaders)
  • give mom's partner (or other attendents) ideas for how they can help
In addition, doulas meet with pregnant ladies and their partners during their third trimester to help them prepare of the birth, develop a birth plan, and offer additional resources. After their baby is born, a doula will often make a post partum visit to see how they are doing.

Email me if you are interested in more information! Helping women have the best experience of childbirth possible is one of my passions, and I'm always eager to talk about it :)

Now onto some clothes!
Occasion: Work, October 20, 2010
10 20 2010 014 10 20 2010 001 10 20 2010 037 10 20 2010 032 10 20 2010 009
eggplant velvet blazer - jcrew outlet
wrap dress - gap outlet
empire waist tank (under dress) - old navy
necklace - handed down tiffany & co
boots - blowfish
I scored this awesome wrap dress at the Gap Outlet in Vacaville a few weeks ago for a mere $15 or so. I love the black and gray print, and that it's short sleeved to boot. Plus it gave me the chance to finally debut this eggplant velvet blazer... something about purple (albeit extremely dark and eggplanty) and gray always feels so good to me! To lighten up the look a bit I chose a bright pink lipstick to sport.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Outfit log: Working in Leggings

Oh, hello! Holy shnikey's, this week has been magical. On Monday I took the day off and Nic and I went on a field trip to the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It was absolutely fantastic! The diversity of exhibits kept our interest piqued, and I scored a bunch of butterfly paraphernalia in the gift shop. 

academy of sciences frog meeting academy of sciences
Then on Wednesday Nic and I headed into the city ass early to get some good seats curb to watch the Giants (World Series Champions) Parade down Market Street. It was incredible how many people where there, and the energy was amazing. Even at 7am!
Giants Parade Giants Parade

Now it's Friday and I'm excited for this weekend because I'm finishing up the training portion of my road to become a certified doula. OMG. This has been years in the making, y'all. I am stoked!

The only shitty part about today is that the rod in my closet mysteriously collapsed in the middle of the night pouring my beloved dresses, blouses, and some of my shoes all over my closet floor. Not looking forward to dealing with that catastrophe...

And to totally switch gears now... here's an outfit from a few weeks ago!
Occasion: Work, October 18, 2010
10 18 2010 033 10 18 2010 030 10 18 2010 023
tunic - handed down
vest - h&m
leggings - hue
flats - clarks outlet
necklace - anniversary gift
I was super excited to debut this vest I picked up at h&m a few weeks ago. Since on its own it's so professional, I thought some leopard print and leggings would tone down the business vibe a bit.

10 18 2010 details