Sunday, December 26, 2010

Outfit log: Body Art

Happy Holidays, y'all! Nic and I are up in Sacramento coming off of our third family get together, heading to our forth in a few minutes. Our celebrations have been full of great peeps, wonderful food, and lots of singing... an excellent combination :)

By the way, after all the gift giving, wouldn't it be nice to spend some moolah on yourself? My $100 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway ends today, so if you haven't entered yet, be sure you do by midnight (PST)!

And now... an outfit.
Occasion: Work, December 1, 2010
12 01 10 007 12 01 10 003 12 01 10 014
trousers - the limited, ages ago
flats - clarks outlet
necklace - bday gift
elbow sleeve tee - nordstrom
My buddy Mijiza wanted to take a picture of my belly button ring for a project, so I used that as my outfit starting points. Don't worry, I'm not about to start baring my midrift at work, but did want to make sure I wasn't constricted by tights or a skirt. I haven't worn these pants in like 3 years, so I'm glad I had the call to! They're sure to show up more now.

12 01 10 033

12 01 10 036 12 01 10 034

Friday, December 17, 2010

$100 Shopbob Gift Card Giveaway!

Oooh la la!

Shopbop is generously offering you the chance to with a $100 gift card! If I could enter I would, since Shopbop has an awesome selection of designer duds. My favorite place to start my wish list (I have many of these) is the Designer Sale section. I look at "All Sale" and then sort by price to get the most bang for my buck :)

Check out some of their warm and fancy legwear, perfect for the holiday season:

left: David Lerner Leggings | center: Falke High Heel Tights | right: Plush Leggings

The ruched leggings bring some sass to keeping warm, the high heel tights would look just perfect with a vintage-inspired holiday dress, and the leggings on the right are lined in fricken' FLEECE. Holla!

Entering the giveaway is simple. For your chance to win, just comment on this post with a link to what you would purchase if you won, and be sure to include a valid email address :) The Giveaway will end on Sunday, December 26th, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards!

Thanks to Shopbop for offering this great giveaway, and good luck!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Outfit log: Blogger Appreciation

I've been wanting some suede lace-ups for dayyyys, and finally got me some. These must be the tallest shoes I own! They're not the biggest crowd pleaser in real life, but I figured my fashion-forward blogger friends are sure to appreciate them :)
Occasion: Work, November 18, 2010
11 18 10 011 11 18 10 021 11 18 10 004
heels - nine west via macys
brown tights - ??
skirt - anthro, on clearance
leopard cardi - h&m
brown tank - nordstrom
necklace - bridesmaid gift from EHA

11 18 10 029 11 18 10 030

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outfit log: Take Three

Nic and I moved into our new apartment over the weekend. We've been in a charming one bedroom for the last two years, but we really wanted the extra space what with our two cats, frequent out of town visitors, and need for an office area. After looking for over a year, we finally found the perfect place. Less than a mile away from our old pad, still in our beloved Oakland, two bedrooms, lots of space, totally charming, and in our price range!

We spent the entire weekend + Monday packing (with help from Nic's mom - she was amazing), moving (with the help of movers, thank goodness), then cleaning + clearing out our old apartment. This was my 17th time moving in my 27 years (I kid you not!), and it just never gets easier. In fact, it always feels harder than the last time.

Now our new place is Box City, and getting dressed is pretty stressful. Pretty sure I won't be capturing my outfits this week due to not knowing where everything is (must unpack clothes STAT) and thus not feeling very "me" in my clothing, but things should get back to normal next week. Fortunately I've got some old outfits to share, like this one below:
Occasion: Interview 3 of 3 for dream job, November 17, 2010
11 17 10 001 11 17 10 005 11 17 10 001
blouse - gap
pants - express
flats - target
necklace - gift
I wore this to my third interview for the dream job I'm almost certain I'm getting. I have never tucked in a top to these trousers before, and now I'm kicking myself for years of missed opportunities. I wanted to keep things simple and professional, but add some flare, so red accents felt right.

11 17 10 makeup

I went pretty subtle with my makeup, using my favorite any-day lipstick (mac lustre lightly in ripe), a little shimmer and contour on my lids, and thin liquid liner.

How many times have you moved? Any unpacking tips?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Outfit log: Dressed for Success

It was unseasonably warm the day I wore this, making dressing for an important interview (for my dream job no less!) that much more difficult. For the first interview I kept it very moderate and snoozy (black pants, pinstripe blazer, argyle sweater...), but for the second I figured a little more personality would be okay as long as the whole ensemble was professional. 
Occasion: 2nd of 3 Interviews for My Dream Job, Monday November 15, 2010
11 15 10 Interview 009 11 15 10 Interview 019 11 15 10 Interview 003
blouse - handed down from auntie anne
belt - bettie page clothing
pencil skirt - banana republic
mary janes - me too via dsw
earrings - handed down from pal
Guess it paid off, since the job should be mine! I'm waiting on some bureaucratic stuff before totally counting on it (okay I am totally counting on it, but trying not to), and once it does I can share more about what it will be :) One thing I can say is that I'm going to have to beef of my professional wardrobe!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Outfit log: New Boots!

The world just seems like a brighter place when I find boots that fit. I ordered these babies during a Macy's one-day sale (one day!) a couple of weeks ago (bought with a gift card, booyah!), and they make me so happy!
Occasion: Casual Workday, November 10, 2010
11 10 10 007 11 10 10 016 11 10 10 003
dress - max studio outlet
OTK socks - target (pre-boycott)
boots - chinese laundry via macy's
necklace - gift
I'd been wanting flat black boots for what seems like for-freaking-ever, and now my life is complete. Okay maybe not immediately complete because I still want some riding boots already and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedges, but I'm this much closer to perfection! The boots fit my calves, are pretty tall on my long legs, and are flat and comfy and cute. The only downside is the suede... anyone else have suede boots? You can't wear them in the rain, right? What if I douse them in Scotch Guard??

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outfit log: Birds of a Feather

One thing that Nic likes to tease me about is my seeming opposition to purchasing casual clothing. Every time I go shopping, which isn't all that often, I end up buying more work-type clothes, and then the weekend comes around and I have nothing to wear! So I was pretty stoked when Threadless contacted me offering to send me one of their Select line t-shirts.
Occasion: Casual Workday, November 5, 2010
11 05 10 013 11 05 10 041 11 05 10 022
tee shirt - courtesy of
white men's tank - hanes
denim skirt - old navy
sneakers - vans outlet
necklace - tiffany & co
jacket - mark shale going out of business sale, STL
Threadless describes their Select line as "A premium line of clothing designed by our community and curated by us," which I think is way cool. It means someone outside of the company drew this cool feather graphic, and it was then chosen to be on a t-shirt! Basically it's wearable art peeps.

The tee is soft, has a lovely blue and tan heathery weave to it, and the hood and front pocket make it a perfect addition to my skimpy casual wardrobe. Thanks, Threadless!