Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Shabby Apple - Marseilles Dress

I've had this gorgeous dress sitting in my closet for a few weeks now, because I just refused to wear it layered up with tights and a jacket or cardigan. Fortunately we had a gorgeous warm weather day last week that was perfect for its debut...
Occasion: Gorgeous Weather, March 31, 2011
03 31 2011 03 31 2011 03 31 2011
dress - c/o shabby apple (the marseilles dress)
sandals - dansko
earrings - hand me down

Since I follow so many other fashion and style blogs, I've heard the hype about Shabby Apple for quite awhile now. This made me thrilled and excited that I'd be receiving a dress to review, and at the same time set me up with some pretty steep expectations. This turned out to be a-okay, though, since I fell in love with this dress right away, though there were a few details that weren't exactly perfect. I'll go with bad news first so we can end on a happy note :)

The annoying:
There were two minor issues that I had with the dress as I wore it all day at work, running around. One was the wrinkle-factor. The dress arrived in a bag and was pretty wrinkled, so I ironed it with steam in the morning. By the time I got to work, however, the back had wrinkled up again from my commute, and then from sitting at my desk. The wrinkling wasn't horrendous or anything, but I did worry about it a bit. The second issue was where the wrap of the top part and the skirt connected. While sitting, I worried that it would open too much to expose a sliver of skin, so I fussed with it constantly. This minor detail was definitely not a deal-breaker though, since next time I plan to use fashion tape to secure it in place. All in all these two tiny issues paled in comparison for my love of the dress...

The spectacular:
Okay so first, how perfect and gorgeous is the print? I love the colors, and especially the coral micro-pinstripes mixed with that lovely blue. Second, the overall shape was just perfect... fitted top, full skirt... my favorite. Third, the details. I love how the wrap at the top allowed me to conform the dress exactly to my shape, and the little pockets and collar are just fabulous. Also, I was really happy that the sleeves fit my arms, especially since I ordered a size down (Medium - I'm usually a Large) at the recommendation of the website and the salesperson who helped me out. It drives me nuts when a gorgeous short-sleeve dress or top fits perfectly except around my upper-arms... not a self esteem booster, let me tell you!

I'm sure I could go on for my love of this dress... but I think I hit all the main points I wanted to. As for Shabby Apple overall, they were fabulous to work with, even though this review post is much later than I intended. Also, when I was poking around the website I noticed that they donate a percentage of sales to help women in India, which definitely impressed me.

03 31 2011

On another note, I took these pics in the outdoor area behind our apartment complex. Our neighbors have a ridiculously amazing garden that is displayed behind me, and where I'm standing is where we hope to create a nice outdoor space for Summer. I'll keep you posted on the developments! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!