Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit log: First Impressions

I started my new job last week! Of course once I found out my start date I immediately began thinking about what to wear for my first day to make the best first impression on peeps as possible. I wanted to show my new colleagues that I was definitely professional, but also personable, creative, and into style.
Occasion: First Day of Work! Tuesday, January 25, 2011
01 25 10 Individual and professional. 01 25 10 Individual and professional. 01 25 10 Individual & Professional 01 25 10 Individual and professional. 01 25 10 Individual and professional.

blue silk tunic - gap
belt - anthro
velvet blazer - zara
brown pinstripe pants - gap
necklace - ??
heels - guess via nordstrom rack
The outfit started with the pants, which sometimes are hard to feel sassy in, so I added some feminine and unique touches with the tunic, belt, heels and necklace. To professionalize the look I added on the blazer and felt dressed to impress!

My first day was a whirlwind, and by the second day I was beaming. I'm loving this new gig so far, fingers crossed the feeling sticks around :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Outfit log: Goals are Good

Thank you guys for all of your well wishes for the job I interviewed for! I did get it and have been waiting for what feels like EVER for it to begin, and finally will start next week! I am beyond excited :) Having a few weeks off has been nice and leisurely, but I miss dressing up for work and having a regular schedule.

On Wednesday I had my orientation, so took the opportunity to bust out my tights and this new shirt dress I picked up at TJ Maxx in St. Louis.
Occasion: New Employee Orientation, January 20, 2011
IMG_4376 IMG_4404 IMG_4394
dress (w/ belt) - TJ Maxx
tights - Vera Wang for Kohls
mary janes - Nicole via DSW
necklace - gift from mom
Writing down my blog goals for the new year last week totally got me motivated! Now I have a tripod, and a location in my apartment that works. I might experiment as we get our new space decorated, especially since more often than not I'll be taking pictures in artificial light.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Slacky McSlackerton (and Shopbop giveaway winner!)

Our large fluffy cat, Oliver, lounging by the Christmakkah tree.

Oh hello there, internet! Where have you been all winter?! J/k, I know I'm the one whose been absent. The thing is, I'm between jobs right now, like for realz. I remember hearing that expression only as a joke for peeps who were recently fired, couldn't hold down a job (before the whole unemployment crisis/economy downturn, etc.), or were just lazy bi-atches, but this is legit. My old job ended, and my new job doesn't start for awhile. This break is unexpected, and I'm going crrrrrrazy. Like seriously. I haven't dressed up to go to work in weeks. My tights and skirts and heels miss me. Who am I kidding... I miss them! But dressing up to go to starbucks to use free wifi just isn't inspiring me enough. I want to be seen, people!

So, my New Year's Resolution this year is to make blogging more of a priority. Since I found out last June that my former department was being dismantled, I've been in a blogging funk I think because life just has felt so uncertain. But, that will be changing soon once I get into the groove of my new position. And really urging myself to blog more is completely self-serving since I get so freaking much out of it! Hello, creative outlet! Hello, positive reinforcement! Hello, keeping up with like-minded clothes-lovin' bloggy friends throughout the world!

I'll need to do the following to make this goal a reality:

  • Get a tripod already. My new workspace is like cubicle-land, so taking my photos at the office in the morning before peeps arrive is no longer an option, dammit. I used to balance my point and shoot on a bookshelf in my boss' office, but lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. Which I mean to mean that a tripod will give me way more options for where I can take my outfit shots.
  • Establish a regular indoor photo location at home. This means finding a good spot in the new apartment with adequate lighting to prevent the need for a flash, and then styling that corner or area so that the background always looks put together. This way in the morning or evening I can quickly snap my outfits and not fret all day about when/where to do these. Lots of the bloggers I admire take their photos in different gorgeous outdoor locations all the time (Side note: The snow shots are ridiculously impressive people. I'm currently visiting my mom in Springfield, IL, and I'm freezing my ass off. I can't imagine taking off my coat at all, much less for many minutes at a time to get my outfit pics! Y'all have ovaries of STEEL.), but my lifestyle just doesn't jive with that routine. Convenience for me is tres important!
  • Carve out time to edit photos and post. I used to do a lot of this at work on my lunch breaks, but that ain't gonna work anymore. So, dedicating time after work and on the weekends to work on the blog is essential, yo!
Phew! I'm so glad I wrote that down. I've had a knot in my chest over my lack of blogging, not because of external pressure from readers or anything, but from myself because like I said above, I get so much out of the process. Also, this week I started exercising again and boy howdy is that making me feel amazing as well! Who'dathunk that doing things that are good for my physical and emotional self would make me feel so good?!

Also, deep apologies for the lateness of this announcement... but the Shopbop $100 Gift Card Giveaway winner is.... commenter #39, Heather! Check your email, girl, for deets!