Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit log: Umber & Gray - the new Brown & Black

I don't have a whole lot to say about this getup, except I took combining brown and black to the next level and instead mixed shades of the two (with the help of a print containing brown and black).
Occasion: Work - March 9th, 2011
03 09 11 03 09 11 03 09 11
blouse - nordstrom rack
vest - h&m
trousers - gap
clogs - dansko
necklace - tiffany & co, gift
Also, I am in love with this blouse (see the first wearing), and am excited to now show you the lovely sleeves! I struggled with the sleeves at first because they were so tight around my forearms (not a sexy feeling, my dears)... but then discovered there were buttons holding them like that! I undid the buttons and voila! I highly doubt anyone notices, and if they did I still wouldn't care (I also use the same technique with this blouse... fellow-amply-armed friends, take note!).

Oh, and I have some updates.
  • I switched to Disqus for commenting so I can reply directly to comments (check out the features if you're interested in this). If you are a disqus subscriber you can change your settings to automatically get email notifications when someone (like moi, for example) replies to a comment of yours, which I adore for keeping track of my comments on others' blogs... so there you go!
  • My blog has gone mobile! Actually it went mobile ages ago and I didn't let anyone know. The mobile version should come up automatically from any smartphone, but if not... just visit bright side dweller - mobile. If that doesn't work, let me know, pretty please :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outfit log: Blue Skies, Sunshine

The Sun is shining! Oh wow, what a difference that makes. Good timing for this post too, since this sweater always makes me feel like a ball of sunshine :) I actually wore it on a rainy day earlier in the month to add a bit of brightness to my day.
Occasion: Work - March 3rd, 2011
03 03 11 03 03 11 03 03 11
sweater - thrifted
skirt - lucky brand, outlet
necklace - thrifted
tights - HUE via tjmaxx
boots - rockport
I started this outfit with the fabulous argyle sweater tights. I really like how the argyle just goes up the outside of each leg, providing a peak of print! Also, just have to give a quick shout out to this skirt. I've had it since college and am still in love with the shape and color of it. And I'm so happy to figure out it works well with sunshiney yellow and orange!

Wow... that's a lot of enthusiasm, eh? Sunshine'll do it to me! I'm also feeling a bit more normal and bubbly since my mom and I video chatted for over an hour on Sunday. With my new schedule it's been so hard to connect (we used to chat on my drive into work, and now I carpool and take public transit), so getting to catch up and actually see each other was so wonderful! Our plan is to do this every Sunday :)

I'm also feeling all perkified because Nic and I have spent some fabulous QT together lately. She was my date to see Lady Gaga last week (we actually got to go because she won the tickets on the radio! and it was our first concert together ever!). Over the weekend we went for a walk around Lake Merritt, went on a date to the movies, explored Home Depot envisioning how we can make the backyard of our apartment complex ready for warmer weather... plus she's been cooking amazing dinners lately. On Sunday night my dear friend Ramona came over for dinner and Nic knocked it outta the park with a nutritious and delicious chicken/artichoke/rice/salad dinner. Yum!

Also adding to my lovin'-life-ness is having plenty of gal pal time...
  • My college roommate (and maid of honor, what what!) Gaby came to visit last weekend and we karaoke'd our hearts out and made a delicious brunch together
  • I finally experienced the infamous brunch at Berkeley's Thai Buddhist Temple that I've been hearing about for years with my new friend (from work!) Sarah
  • Got to catch up with my girl, Ramona, over dinner (made my Nic!) and brewskies
  • Annnnnd made plans to eat Indian food with the lovely Kate
Life is goooooood.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Outfit log: Pulling from Pattern

I'm missing my old routine lately. I used to be able to take my outfit photos at work before my two colleagues arrived, and now I have to wait until I get home from work, which sometimes isn't until after 9pm! I have obviously found my go to spot of my photos in Nic and my apartment, but the lighting just isn't completely working, making my pictures seem pretty dark (like these for example!).

I also just miss the closeness I had with my colleagues. In my new job, as much as I love it, I run around a lot to different places and interact with so many different people, that there's not much time where I can just relax and be my silly self for a minute. I think I'll get there with a few of the new work peeps in my life, but it's slow going, yo!

Anyway... on to this outfit I sported at the beginning of the month.
Occasion: Workday in March, 2011
03 02 11 03 02 11 03 02 11
cashmere cardigan - jcrew, outlet
tunic - sweet pea, handed down from aunt
skinny cords - banana republic
boots - rockport
necklace - f21, gift
My Auntie Anne always bequeaths the best pieces to me, and this is no exception! It's one of my favorite brands, and I love the colors and the pattern. To create the rest of the look I just added on pieces in colors in the pattern: plum cashmere cardigan, aqua tank, and brown cords and boots.

Finally just one more thing to whine about... we have been getting SO MUCH RAIN lately. In response I've been alternating between clogs and boots to keep my feet the warmest and driest, but on Friday the sole of one of my brown boots peeled away from the heel. I'm sure I can get them re-soled, but am feeling pretty limited in my footwear options now! Poor favorite boots :(

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: REVLON CustomEyes

I was super excited when M80 contacted me on behalf of Revlon to see if I'd like to do a review of their CustomEyes line of eyeshadows and shadow liners.

They sent me three different palettes to play with:

loreal customeyes review
(Left to Right: Metallic Chic, Party Pops, and Sweet Innocence)

I was especially looking forward to the easy "paint by numbers" guidelines on the back of the palettes, since they seemed like a great place to start experimenting with these new colors.

loreal customeyes review

Here are my take on two of the palettes above, applied according to the guides:

loreal customeyes review
(top: Party Pops, bottom: Sweet Innocence)

Applying the shadows/liners this way is a great start, especially for those who haven't done much color combining before. The Party Pops palette offers a fun look (perfect for a party, har har), while the Sweet Innocence palette is great for everyday, and would be a good pick to pack for a weekend trip. I didn't get a chance to snap pictures of the third palette (Metallic Chic), but it was kind of in between the other two... had more of a snazzariffic effect than Sweet Innocence, but not quite as wild as Party Pops.

As far as the quality went, I was pretty impressed! I'm pretty much a MAC girl when it comes to eyeshadow, so I was slightly skeptical that the colors wouldn't be saturated enough once applied, and wouldn't last very long. I was pleasantly surprised with these shadows since they did last all day, and it didn't take too much layering to get rich colors. On the other hand, I wasn't very impressed with the liner shades (on the far left of each palette), since they just didn't feel rich enough for my taste.

Finally, what I like about these palettes is that while the combos are great to use together, the individual shadows work well with the rest of my makeup collection, giving me many more possibilities! For example, I've been really wanting to do a contoured gray/silver look for awhile, and now I have the colors to do it. Check it out:

loreal customeyes review
(Used far left and far right shades from Metallic Chic palette, plus my own MAC graphology)

If you're interested in seeing how other bloggers styled up these palettes, check out reviews from Hillary and Kimberly!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outfit log: Browns & Blues

Isn't it grand when items you've had in your closet forever finally figure out they belong together? That's what happened with this dress and top.
Occasion: Workday in February, 2011
 IMG_5815 IMG_5800 IMG_5779
polka dot dress - kohls
navy top - anthropologie
necklace - charlotte russe
tights - ?
boots - rockport
I love the subtle pattern mix betwen the polka dots of the dress and the floral notes on the top, and carried out the warmer golden tan and carribean ocean blue from that floral with one of my favorite (and super inexpensive!) necklaces.

On an unrelated note, I am falling asleep typing this since last night I was out way too late seeing Lady Gaga in concert! I just adore her. ADORE. I teared up multiple times during the show because I fucking love her message (not to mention her music, crazy style, and dance moves). She's strange and inspiring and gorgeous and button-pushing and creative and bizarre and accepting all at once... and she embraces the freaks and the debutantes alike. She is my hero! Long live GAGA!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit log: Formulaic

My recipe for this outfit:

1 part neutral print (tights)
2 parts solid colors coordinated to the print (tank/boots)
1 part solid color juxtaposed to the print (dress)
ruffles and shine on the side
Occasion: Workday in February, 2011
IMG_5714 IMG_5712 IMG_5658
wrap dress - target, pre-boycott
tights - kohls
boots - blowfish
necklace - forever 21, gift
gray tank - jcrew outlet
While I like to mix my patterns from time to time, I tend to let my patterned tights hold their own. Here the little peak of plaid between my boots and hem added an extra bit of fun to an easy work outfit.

IMG_5743 IMG_5758

Monday, March 7, 2011

Outfit log: Flowers and Pinstripes

Happy Monday, y'all! I spent the entire weekend in a fabulous volunteer doula training (my brainchild, but the result of so much effort and hard work by an AMAZING team), and left for work this morning feeling a bit melancholy because of my lack of QT with my lady, missing my morning chats with my mom (my new schedule is an adjustment) and overall lack of downtime lately.

But after caffeinating, getting things done at work, and being asked on a lunch date by my boo, I am now feeling much much better :)
Occasion: Work, February 8, 2011
IMG_5134 IMG_5158 IMG_5181
blouse - thrifted
tank - jcrew outlet
pants - gap
mary janes - nicole via dsw
necklace - bridesmaid gift
So, here is an outfit from weeks' past that I have been procrastinating sharing with you. I think it was because I wasn't extremely thrilled with the pics... or maybe because my inner-diva-child was screaming, "pants aren't pretty!!"? Regardless, I'm happy with the outfit because of the subtle pattern mix of floral and pinstripe, the feminine sleeves on the blouse, and the way the browns, golds, and pinks warm up the cool blue-purple.

Hope to make it to 2 posts this week! Stay tuned my dears!

IMG_5192 IMG_5210

Friday, March 4, 2011

Outfit log: TCIF

Thank Cher it's Friday, y'all! I've got a busy weekend full of training, but it's on my favorite topic (childbirth, holla!), so I'm excited. Monday's definitely gonna be a bitch though...

BTW, I'm not pregnant, I just work in the field now!
Occasion: Work, February 10, 2011
02 10 11 02 10 11 02 10 11
dress worn as skirt - maurices
leggings - handed down from mom
belt - from bettie page dress
necklace - tiffanys, handed down from mom
mary janes - dansko
In other news, I have so many things to say about this outfit (okay, four).

1)  These leggings are AMAZING. They're like extra thick tights, which I was skeptical about since my last pair of tights-like leggings were sheer and the wrong length and just ew. These, as you can see are completely opaque... and that's not all! They are the perfect length, super stretchy, stay in place (no hiking up maintenance needed!), and they just feel fabulous on.

2)  I picked out this dress from maurices after I won a gift certificate from Kelly's giveaway. But... it's just a bit too big on top. I finally tried it as a skirt, folding the tank-shaped top inside and belting it, and hello! Works way better.

3)  My former boss gave me this top for Christmas, and this is its debut. I love the little ruffles, the length of the sleeves, and the fit. She knows me so well :)

4)  Going back to the "skirt," I've realized that I love a print with black in it. This way the rest of my outfit can be black and it's pretty much guaranteed to work!