Monday, April 25, 2011

Outfit log: Safari

Happy Monday, y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was spent...
  • Watching movies (have you seen La Mission? Nic and I liked it... great especially for Bay Area locals.)
  • Going to a Giants game (I didn't freeze for once... but sadly they lost to the Braves)
  • Gymming + brunching with two of my favorite ladies
  • Deep-cleaning el apartamiento
  • Hanging some of our stuff on the walls (woohoo for progress!)
All in all a great weekend, but as always, just too short. I'd prefer a four day workweek and three day weekend. Who's with me?
Occasion: Work, March 29, 2011

03 29 2011 03 29 2011 03 29 2011
dress - nordstrom rack
belt - jessica simpson, gift
necklace - gift
leggings - ?
flats - target, pre-boycott
Here's an ensemble from a few weeks ago, the star of which is my little brown shirtdress. I love this thing... because it's a solid neutral, I can accessorize it in so many ways. For this version, I played up the safari-leader/outback-explorer feel by adding a touch of leopard print.

Here are two previous wearings, each with a slightly different feel. Looking forward to more remixes in the future :)

02 04 11 IMG_4404

Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Different... A Post on Change

Self-Discovery Word by Word  is a project started by Ashley of the lovely (and new to me!) blog, Nourishing the Soul. The idea is that each month a participating blogger acts as host, suggesting a word that others can use to inform a post (or journal entry... whatever you want) on self-reflection.

Body Image Warrior Mara (of Medicinal Marzipan... check her out for inspiring and kick ass posts on all forms of self-love) chose the word, CHANGE, for this month's self-reflection.


I've started and stopped writing my post on this month's self-reflection word, change, many different times. Turns out I've got a whole lot of feelings about the word... many of which I haven't completely processed yet. What I keep coming back to is how challenging change is for me, how resistant I can be to it while it's happing, and how at the same time I continue to create it.

For example, I get consumed by the stress of moving. I hate it. The packing, the unpacking... I feel paralyzed and angsty about the whole ordeal. Nic and I just moved into a new apartment in November, and we haven't set everything up yet. All of my jewelry that used to be nicely arranged in our old place is in piles and boxes on top of my dresser. There's a whole box labeled "Chelsea's closet" that I haven't even opened yet, though I know there are things in there I'm missing. The paralysis has set in, the angst is ongoing, and the solution seems simple and at the same time impossible. Almost every morning, in the throes of trying to find that perfect necklace for my outfit, I give myself false motivation thinking "this is the weekend I'll unpack that box and set up my dresser". And then I don't.

I know this is such a minor detail of life, and also an example of my bad procrastination habit, but it feels like my rebellion against change somehow. At our last place it took me about a year to get my shit organized in a way that I wanted. Now it's been almost 5 months in our new pad, and yet I resist this easy step. Why the hell do I torture myself? Sometimes I think it's because I'm lazy (totally possible) or don't really care (obviously this situation is stressing me out, so that's out)... but thinking a bit deeper about it, I feel like I'm not really ready to invest in this new home.

The thing is, I've moved 19 times in my 27 years... 7 times in the last 6, and I feel all out of steam. My homes have almost all been so temporary... I don't want to set up everything perfectly only to have to take it down again and reorganize it somewhere else. The rest of our apartment echoes this sentiment. The art prints and framed pictures we had up before are still in boxes and leaning against walls. The area we want to convert into an office is competely bare. It looks like we just moved in even though it's been five months.

I think it's pretty common to be stressed out by change, and resistant to it too, but where I get confused is my pattern of creating it. Why have I packed up and moved so many times since graduating college when it just gets harder each time? Of course there are "reasons" for each move that made sense, but my unconscious pull towards these changes is hard to figure out. What it feels like is an unending search or something better...

What I am hoping is that by reflecting about the current change in my life, I can overcome my paralysis and start to establish roots in my new life. Not only did Nic and I move into a new place, but I've also been reeling from the adjustment to my new job and responsiblities, and am finally feeling like I'm starting to get things figured out on that end. My hope is to start working on turning our apartment into our home, not because I have to do it in order to not stress out every morning, but because I want to feel settled and comfortable and happy in my HOME. When I started to work on embracing and loving my body I started by completely faking it... telling myself I was beautiful even though I didn't believe it... and slowly I started to believe. Perhaps I can use the same "fake it till you make it" technique to work on embracing change. We shall see!

Are you participating in this project? How do you feel about change?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Outfit log: Inspired By... Thompson Square

When my pal Gaby introduced me to the above Thompson Square music video (I love the song!), I was totally inspired to recreate this look:

04 15 11 thompsq outfit inspiration

Since I don't have the components to mirror her look exactly (she had a black top, leopard skirt and pink belt*), I parastyled the look using items I do have.

*excuse me while I wipe up my drool. wide pink belt totally on my wish list now!
Occasion: Typical Workday, March 21, 2011
03 21 2011 03 21 2011 03 21 2011
dress (as skirt) - anthro
leopard top - h&m
tights - hue
oxfords - clarks, outlet
belt - h&m
I am a huge fan of combining my inner child's favorite color with my favorite pattern... It just works so well! Usually I think the paler the pink the better, but the gray between the two helped mellow out the hottness of the pink a bit.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit log: Pinchable

UPDATE: Thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts and wishes and prayers and for sharing your stories. As of now, Lisa is out of surgery and everything went well. Nic should be able to see her in about half an hour :) Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for the support and the good vibes. They definitely made a difference! xoxoxo

Now onto something much more superficial...

This is what I wore for St Patricks Day. I figured if I couldn't come up with a green-based outfit, no color at all was the way to go! Good news was that nobody pinched me. Bad news was that I realized what I could have worn when I got home! Oh well... There's always next year :)

Occasion: Avoiding pinches on St Patty's Day, 2011
03 17 2011
skirt - anthro
cardigan - jcrew, outlet
tights - hue
loafers - me too via dsw
This isn't one of my fave combinations to date... something about ruffles near my face when my hair is curly bugs me. Plus I prefer how a sleeker top enhances the fullness of this skirt. Butttt I was comfortable and felt reasonably cute all day, so a win overall! The outfit I've got geared up to show you next, however, is a favorite... so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Vibes Needed!

Dearest readers. I need your help.... After being re-diagnosed with breast cancer recently (after beating it four years ago), my future mom-in-law, Lisa, is scheduled to have a double mastectomy tomorrow.


lisa nic giants opening night 2011
Lisa and Nic before going to their 1st Giants game of 2011

Can you please send some good vibes her way?

These need not be comments or emails, but simply positive thoughts for her recovery, or prayers if you like. Just these would be amazing... and encouraging stories about or from survivors are welcome too. I'd love to get as much positive energy as possible going for her tomorrow, and I so appreciate your help :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Outfit log: Potential

I've had this lovely dress for almost a year, but have only worn it on the rare occasion that is is hot in the Bay Area. I knew I was limiting myself, so finally decided to layer it up for less-than-balmy weather.
Occasion: Work, March 14th, 2011
03 14 2011 03 14 2011 03 14 2011
dress - gap
cardigan - vince, thrifted
belt - h&m
leggings - ?
flats - clarks
I stayed pretty safe with my combo, layering over the dress with a black cashmere cardigan and under with some thick black nylon-ish leggings. Next time I'll try to go a bit bolder with some more color... this dress has the potential to be a great remixing piece!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Outfit log: Dreaming of the Tropics

You know what I did when it was cold and raining like crazy for two weeks straight?
Occasion: Rain Rain, Go Away - March 10, 2011
03 10 11 03 10 11 03 10 11
skirt - roxy
sweater - maxstudio, outlet
belt - mark shale, going out of business sale
equestrian leggings - c/o HUE
boots - rockport
I brought out the fucking Hawaiian print... and rocked it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Shabby Apple - Marseilles Dress

I've had this gorgeous dress sitting in my closet for a few weeks now, because I just refused to wear it layered up with tights and a jacket or cardigan. Fortunately we had a gorgeous warm weather day last week that was perfect for its debut...
Occasion: Gorgeous Weather, March 31, 2011
03 31 2011 03 31 2011 03 31 2011
dress - c/o shabby apple (the marseilles dress)
sandals - dansko
earrings - hand me down

Since I follow so many other fashion and style blogs, I've heard the hype about Shabby Apple for quite awhile now. This made me thrilled and excited that I'd be receiving a dress to review, and at the same time set me up with some pretty steep expectations. This turned out to be a-okay, though, since I fell in love with this dress right away, though there were a few details that weren't exactly perfect. I'll go with bad news first so we can end on a happy note :)

The annoying:
There were two minor issues that I had with the dress as I wore it all day at work, running around. One was the wrinkle-factor. The dress arrived in a bag and was pretty wrinkled, so I ironed it with steam in the morning. By the time I got to work, however, the back had wrinkled up again from my commute, and then from sitting at my desk. The wrinkling wasn't horrendous or anything, but I did worry about it a bit. The second issue was where the wrap of the top part and the skirt connected. While sitting, I worried that it would open too much to expose a sliver of skin, so I fussed with it constantly. This minor detail was definitely not a deal-breaker though, since next time I plan to use fashion tape to secure it in place. All in all these two tiny issues paled in comparison for my love of the dress...

The spectacular:
Okay so first, how perfect and gorgeous is the print? I love the colors, and especially the coral micro-pinstripes mixed with that lovely blue. Second, the overall shape was just perfect... fitted top, full skirt... my favorite. Third, the details. I love how the wrap at the top allowed me to conform the dress exactly to my shape, and the little pockets and collar are just fabulous. Also, I was really happy that the sleeves fit my arms, especially since I ordered a size down (Medium - I'm usually a Large) at the recommendation of the website and the salesperson who helped me out. It drives me nuts when a gorgeous short-sleeve dress or top fits perfectly except around my upper-arms... not a self esteem booster, let me tell you!

I'm sure I could go on for my love of this dress... but I think I hit all the main points I wanted to. As for Shabby Apple overall, they were fabulous to work with, even though this review post is much later than I intended. Also, when I was poking around the website I noticed that they donate a percentage of sales to help women in India, which definitely impressed me.

03 31 2011

On another note, I took these pics in the outdoor area behind our apartment complex. Our neighbors have a ridiculously amazing garden that is displayed behind me, and where I'm standing is where we hope to create a nice outdoor space for Summer. I'll keep you posted on the developments! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!