Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Outfit log: I love comfortable shoes. And pink.

Dudes! I don't know why I find it so hard to come up with words sometimes. But I've had these pics ready to share all week!
Occasion: Chilly Workday, April, 2011
warm & flowy

This outfit is like one of my favorites ever. Pink? Frill? Twirliness? Triple check! Comfort? Warmth? Good hair day? Sextuple check! It may not be the most flattering or sexy or bombshell look, but it just felt so much like me from the sleek black to the girly pink to the sensible shoes. Yes!

warm & flowy warm & flowy

Speaking of shoes I've been wearing the shit outta these clogs. Spending a big chunk of time daily on my feet has definitely shifted my shoe priorities! It's been somewhat challenging to create cute outfits that aren't thrown off by the orthopaedicness, but I'm SO getting the hang of it.

warm & flowy warm & flowy
necklace - gift, forever 21
skirt - gap
tights - kohls
clogs - dankso
leather jacket - kenneth cole reaction via costco
And here are some detail shots including my fab hair day. If you look closely you can see that I've worn this sweater like a cowl neck, however it is meant to be off the shoulder. So inventive!

warm & flowy warm & flowy warm & flowy

Also you may notice a particular so and so photobombed my photo shoot. Aren't we preeeeeeetty?! :)

warm & flowy

Okay, last thing. I scored this leather jacket at Sam's Club or Costco (can't remember which) back near the holidays for like $80. Sometimes I wish it was cropped a bit cause it would work well with more outfits, but lately I've been working it into rotation more often. Holla!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outfit log: Snug-fitting Ponte Pants

Though these might appear to be cropped black leggings...
Occasion: Work, April 5, 2011

not leggings
snug-fittig trousers - gap
floral ruched-sleeve top - h&m
vest - h&m
flats - target, pre-boycott
necklace - gift
I assure you they are in fact pants made of ponte material (with a zipper and pockets and everything).

Also, I'm trying to figure out how to describe pants the are snug-fitting without using the word "skinny." Does snug-fitting work? Any other suggestions?

My reason for this is two fold: First of all, snug-fitting pants/jeans are NOT just for the daintier dames... all body types can rock 'em like whoa. And second, skinniness is too often the assumed objective of everyone on the planet. Not this girl! I won't even order a healthier version of my favorite starbucks beverage using the word. I may seem ridiculous to my baristas, but civil disobedience works, I swear!

not leggings

Monday, May 2, 2011

Outfit log: Bathroom Break Inspiration

Do you ever create an outfit for work, and midday realize there was a different combination that would have worked so much better? When this happens I then file away the new idea (or try to draw it in my planner... okay I've only done that 3 times while commuting, but it's fun!) and usually forget about it.
Occasion: Weekending, April 2, 2011
inspired by...
coral top - gap
necklace - bridesmaid gift
skirt - anthro
belt - anthro
flats - target, pre-boycott
This happened to me back in the first week of April. Friday I wore this skirt with a white top and no belt and just felt... blah. The waist looked wonky after sitting all day and the colors weren't wow-ing me. On some bathroom break I noticed that there's a stripe of coral along the inside hem of the skirt, and the combination of the light blue and coral was just lovely! Since the next day was Saturday I felt completely fine utilizing my new idea and sporting the same skirt, enhanced with the new combo of belt and top.

And below is an awkward face shot of me (swear I'm not on drugs or crying) and a look at my favorite belt of all time... and my sunburn. I think it looks worse here than it was.

inspired by... inspired by...

Speaking of weekends-past... how was yours (the one that just happened)? Mine was pretty fabulous. Saturday was spent erranding around town (including a visit to our local farmer's market) followed by a late dinner with a great friend and her new love interest. They stayed until after 1am, and I felt so proud to still be awake :)

Sunday while Nic watched baseball and hockey, I went thrifting at Out of the Closet. Scored a three piece tea light thingie for our apartment (part of project: home-ify), plus 2 skirts, 1 cardigan, 2 henleys, a tunic, a vintage (and GORGEOUS) full slip, and a 3/4 sleeve v-neck... all for $30.10. By the way, all of those were good brands too. And I was there for over two hours (this is why I shop best when alone or with my mom, the most patient shopping companion in the universe). 

Then we found out last night about Bin Laden. I have complicated and contradicting feelings about this news -- relief that a person who took responsiblity for so much human destruction is no longer a threat, sadness because of all the havoc that 9/11 caused (for the families of the people that died, for the muslim-americans who have been facing such discrimination since, for the soldiers that lost their lives fighting wars that were supposed to be about 9/11, but weren't, etc.), and disturbance at the celebratory-centric coverage of this news (the pacifist in me can't seem to celebrate the death of a person). But I'm not here to preach or sway minds or be political (I hate talking politics unless you agree with me)... it would just be weird to not mention it. So, yeah.

And, on that note. Be back later this week with more outfits to show you. :)