Friday, July 29, 2011

Outfit log: Cuter IRL

My fellow personal style bloggers know the phenomenon well. You put together a fantastic outfit, feel dazzling in it all day, and then the pictures turn out only so-so in comparison to the extreme amazingness that you know the ensemble actually is.
Occasion: Workin it, June 29th
IMG_8847 IMG_8755 hiking it up
Outfit details:
anthropologie top
thrifted sweater skirt
kohls tights
dankso mary janes
I love you all because you give me such amazing feedback and express such kindness to me on the regular, but I gotta say that no amount of comments telling me it looks just great as pictured here can change my mind! I know this outfit looks fine in the pics, but believe me, if you had seen it in real life, you'd almost have been blinded by the beauty!!

One day, perhaps, I will capture the look again and the photos will reflect my feelings about it. One day...


Hey, at least the detail shot is to my liking. Isn't that embroidery gorgeous?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit log: Argyle legs

I love styling up outfits around these argyle tights, though in the past I've stuck with other neutrals.
Occasion: Workin' it, June 27th
IMG_8629 argyle legs IMG_8576 IMG_8684 IMG_8642
Outfit details:
kohls argyle tights
dankso mary jane clogs
h&m vest
maxstudio dress via outlet
iisli sweater blazer via nordstrom rack (or tjmaxx??)
This time I spiced things up a bit with a big pop of red via this versatile max studio dress. I love how the layers of vest and blazer echo the colors in the tights, the red brings a bit of pizzazz, and the tights still shine on as the only print in the ensemble.


Next on my tights wishlist are full on floral patterned tights... with colors y'all! I figure pulling colors out of patterns is easy peasy and so much fun, might as well start with the legs! Oh, and since the craptastic weather just keeps coming (I'm wearing a different pair of tights right now as I type), at least my covered legs can still celebrate summer :) Annnnnd maybe I'll stop my bitching. Maybe....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit log: Blogger Inspired

I know I say this on the regular, but I'll say it again and again: other style bloggers are such a rich source of inspiration for me (and maybe for you too?).
Occasion: Workin' It, June 22nd
IMG_8508 blogger inspiration IMG_8500
Outfit details:
swapped scarf (as belt)
target blue suede shoes
target leggings via mom
h&m dress
black scoopneck tee??
tiffany & co necklace
Take this dress, for instance. I've only ever successfully layered over it, thinking (without trying!) that layering under wouldn't look right. But then I saw Danielle of Keep Warm rocking a long sleeve tee under it for cooler temps, and I gotta say she schooled me on the potential of the dress. Since it's not usually warm enough for bare arms, now I have even more solutions to still be able to rock this lovely frock in any climate!

IMG_8523 IMG_8529

And the inspiration doesn't stop there, friends! Oh no. This whole scarf as belt thing? And pulling colors from a pattern into the rest of the outfit? Yeah, that's blogger inspired too. Where would I be without all the style blogs I adore? Probably in jeans and a t-shirt (not that there's anything wrong with that).


Friday, July 22, 2011

Outfit log: The skirt came back

Annnnd another outfit with my favorite skirt.
Occasion: Workin' it, June 21st
IMG_8365 IMG_8405 IMG_8359
Outfit details:
vintage wrap skirt
INC crochet top via filenes basement
cost plus necklace
mark shale belt
swapped american eagle denim blazer
I mean the skirt just begs to be remixed. I pulled out the maroon and navy colors from the print, and... wait, actually now that I think about it. I started this ensemble with the crochet top! I've had it for years, but could never figure out what to wear it with. Then the wrap skirt called to me with it's mirroring color, and this outfit was born.


Also, I hope you noticed Chloe chowing down in a few of the pics. Nothing gets in between her and her dinner, not even a style shoot :) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outfit log: Your Trick, My Trick

Recently the ever sassy, creative and daring Kyla featured a romper she had acquired from Stephanie of Those Tricks. Since the romper was incredibly adorable, I just had to see who had been the previous owner! Immediately I was intrigued by Steph's "thrifty arty style blog," and started digging around. That was when an amazing thing happened, I discovered her brilliant idea: My Trick, Your Trick.
Occasion: Official debut of Steph's trick, July 1st
Tricked Out IMG_8962 IMG_8972
Outfit deets:
maxstudio sweater via outlet
banana republic (circa 2004) skirt
sofft wedges
traded necklace
The idea is that when Steph is ready to let go of items, instead of selling them all she offers selected ones up for trade! One such item was the gorgeous vintage necklace I'm donning here.

I contacted Steph as soon as I saw it thinking... holy crap! I could get this for FREE???? She responded right away asking for my shipping address, and I promised to find something to send her.

IMG_9031 IMG_9044

From the details of the clasps that keep the adorable little hearts on the chain, to the fact that the chain is adjustable in length (how freaking cool is that??)... it was love at first wear.

Since Stephanie is a couple of sizes down from me, I knew the perfect thing to send to her: a gorgeous orange one-shoulder strapless dress that I got at a swap last year. I knew the dress had so much potential, but unfortunately just did not sit right on me, being the wrong size and cut and all.

Luckily, Steph saw the potential in the dress as much as I did, and rocked it out on the town last weekend! Check her out :)

All in all, a successful trade both ways, that was genuinely such a treat for me. I not only love my new necklace, but am delighted to see that gorgeous dress get some wear. It deserved it! Thanks, Steph!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Outfit log: Looks may be deceiving

There are a few things I need to clear up, because previous posts have been misleading.
Occasion: Workin' it, June 20th
IMG_8323 IMG_8332 IMG_8349
Outfit details:
anthropologie fuchsia dress
anthropologie blouse
clarks flats via outlet
thrifted necklace

  1. The polka dot sash I'm wearing is actually attached to this blouse, so I cannot accept creativity points. 
  2. The dress you see here is actually fuchsia, not red as widely believed.
Okay, phew! I feel so much better now that we're on the same page :) Happy Monday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Outfit log: Dress as Skirt... part deux

That sporting dresses as skirts is actually an option is probably one of the biggest and most helpful surprises I've learned from other bloggers.
Occasion: Workin' it, June 17th
IMG_8253 IMG_8295 IMG_8243 IMG_8235 IMG_8272
maurices dress as skirt
iisli sweater blazer via tjmaxx
gap 3/4 sleeve tee (like $2!)
gifted necklace
h&m belt
Now when I stare at my closet waiting for things to pop out at me, there are so many more options!

Other things style bloggers have taught me:
  • how to belt an outfit like a champ
  • how to ignore self (or societal) inflicted fashion "rules," sometimes
  • how to wear leggings with skirts/dresses
  • that "sizes" can be deceiving when thrifting, and you just gotta try the damn thing on
  • that dressing up (whatever that means to you) can improve your mental health and body image
...and of course a trillion other things. Basically following style blogs has changed my life (and style, yo!) for the better, and I love this gorgeous community we've created. Keep on being your beautiful, courageous, and stylish selves!

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outfit log: Owning Up

Confession time: I actually wore this outfit with beige-y colored equestrian leggings, but they didn't really do it for me. Plus I got really hot on my commute home and had to take them off immediately when I got in the door.
Occasion: Workin' it, June 16th
IMG_8207 IMG_8210 IMG_8205

anthropologie dress
swapped INC leopard print cardigan
h&m belt
clarks shoes via outlet
Okay, second confession: I actually took them off in car ride home from the BART station. Scandalous!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Outfit log: The Sun's a Ball of Butter

Just a preamble to this post, I finally saw Funny Girl for the first time last weekend, and have since had "Don't Rain on my Parade" in my head. Which reminds me more of Mrs. Doubtfire than Funny Girl. I <3 Robin Williams in drag. Hence the post title. Anyway......... 

Okay, so I finally got my act together IN TIME for Everybody, Everywear. This was no small feat, mind you, since this sweater is the only solid yellow garment I own.

Occasion: Workin' It, July 12th
EBEW Yellow 07 12 11 EBEW Yellow 07 12 11 EBEW Yellow 07 12 11
all photos by Nic
anthro skirt
thrifted dolman sleeve sweater
simplyvera tights
target blue suede shoes
charlotte russe necklace

Yeah yeah yeah, let's have a pity party for me and my yellow-less closet... wouldn't that be fun?! Instead I'll tell you a little story about the birth of this ensemble.

First, I had a couple of factors that contributed to what were possible components of the look:

  1. This yellow sweater had to be involved. (duh)
  2. I wanted to stay away from bee/taxi combos so black was out. 
  3. I wanted to stay away from brown/yellow because... well, I'm keeping that to myself. 
  4. Pants were out because they're all brown or black.
  5. A skirt without tights wasn't an option because it's 53 degrees in SF today, with drizzle, fog and wind and I would freeze my buns off. 
  6. Oh, I guess that's it. 
I mean, is this not a crazy dilemma or WHAT?! I had a great idea for another skirt to wear it with at first, only it would look off with tights. I tried a different patterned skirt with hints of yellow in it, and immediately dismissed it because Gaga forbid I go belt-less Then I tried a leggings/skirt look that got the "welllllll....." response when I asked Nic if it looked weird.
Finally, finally, Nic urged me to rock the skirt I previously dismissed because of the belt issue. And thank goodness! I added on the blue necklace to bring some blue/darkness to my top half, opted for gray tights to avoid the anti-black/yellow law I had decided on, and threw on my blue suede shoes for good measure. 

I describe this process not because it should be normal or fun, but because I want you to understand the kind of crazy I become sometimes in the morning. 

Finally, please note that these photos were taken PRE-COFFEE, hence why I look like I'm still sleeping. 

Did your rock some yellow today? Did you find it as inexplicably difficult as I did? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Outfit log: Dress as Skirt

Is the weekend over already? Ah well, Happy Monday :)
Occasion: Workin' It, June 15th
IMG_8149 IMG_8168 IMG_8142 IMG_8109 IMG_8172

swapped jamaican dress (worn as skirt)
swapped denim blazer
mark shale belt
dansko sissy sandals
cost plus necklace
anthro blouse
Okay so I have lusting after all the maxi skirt looks I've been seeing lately. Not yet able to pick one up myself, so I did the whole "dress as skirt" thing by tucking in the top of and belting this fabulous Jamaican dress I picked up at a fabulous swap last year (thanks, LW!).

IMG_8185 IMG_8183

I had a bit of extra time on this particular morning, so I took makeup photos before heading to work. Since I was taking outfit photos when I got home at the end of the day anyway, I thought it might be interesting to show the difference between how my eyes look when I leave the house, and after a regular workday.

Photos on the left were taken about 7am, and on the right at about 6:15pm.

IMG_8096 IMG_8186 IMG_8097 IMG_8188