Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outfit log: Snow leopard and lime

Alternate title: Awkward poses and a cat butt
Occasion: Workin' it, August 3rd
leopard and lime (and a cat butt)

Seriously, Oliver loves camera time. Or he loves getting lovin' as soon as I get home. Either way, I hope you won't mind his booty's appearance in this photo. You're witnessing here a walk-by-rub. It's the worst when I'm wearing black pants, I tell ya!

IMG_9907 IMG_9944
Outfit details:
h&m white/black leopard maxi dress
old navy cardigan
swapped belt
gifted forever XXI necklace
clarks outlet flats
Normally when posing for my outfit shots I try to have different variations of my legs and arms and silhouette to give you a multi-dimensional idea of what my ensemble looked like, but apparently with my legs fullly covered I ran out of ideas. Hence the awkward and silly action going on in the smaller photos :)

As far as this outfit goes, how comfortable are maxi dresses? Someone recently posted how she felt like she was wearing a nightgown all day, and I gotta say I agree. To make it suitable for work and downplay the wild animal print, I wrapped a cardigan around me like it was a wrap sweater, and belted it to keep the ends in place (another idea hijacked from a fellow style blogger, no doubt). This not only shortened the cardi to a more flattering length, but also gave me a nice lime v-neck over the leopard bust. Meow!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Outfit log: Warmified (and a weekend update)

Happy Monday, world! 
Occasion: Workin' it, August 2nd
IMG_9756 IMG_9799
IMG_9769 IMG_9761
Outfit details:
iisli sweater blazer via tjmaxx
maxstudio outlet faux-wrap dress
jcrew outlet black cotton camisole
target leggings
dankso mary jane clogs

Okay, that's false perkiness, I'll admit it. I woke up in a funk, y'all.  However who wants to hear me bitch and moan about the weather anymore? Not I! So instead I'll tell you about my weekend.

Saturday I did a little cleaning before heading into the city to get my hair done (debut forthcoming, in like two weeks maybe?), then met up with a friend for a yummy dinner plus wine. Following said meetup I spent the evening relishing in my solitude wherein I did the following:

  • brainstormed outfits for the week, literally trying them on (all but the tights anyway)
  • danced around my living room singing karaoke style along to my supremes pandora station
  • watched 5 recorded Degrassi episodes (OMG)
  • read my newest e-book, The Help, furiously 
All in all an enchanted evening if I do say so myself. 

Then Sunday I discovered that I may have inherited my mom and aunt's egg allergy after Nic so graciously cooked breakfast. But the nausea eventually subsided and I was able to venture out into the sunshiney loveliness that was Oakland for the Art & Soul festival with my girl, Ramona. Way fun and very Oaklandish day. And then last night of course had to watch True Blood. Wow. Only 3 episodes left of the season. How can that be truuuuuueeeee??? 

IMG_9805 IMG_9804

I suppose I should also mention something about this outfit I sported a few weeks back. I pinned the wrap part of the front to keep it from being too exposing (it's kind of an awkward cut, I must admit), and then wore leggings and a sweater blazer to keep me warm. Basically I feel like I can now safely warmify any springy dress by adding leggings and a blazer. 

Oh, and Oliver was all over me when I took outfit pictures upon my arrival at home. He's such a needy one! But I gave in and gave him some lovin', and then he let me do my thing.

IMG_9790 IMG_9780

Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit log: The Dog Days are (almost) Over

Oooh a weekend outfit post just in time for (almost) the weekend!
Occasion: Weekending, July 30th
coral, cream and blue IMG_9666 IMG_9661
Outfit details:
coral anthropologie smocked tunic
traded vintage necklace
thrifted vintage belt
recycled sari material wrap skirt from SF street fair
sofft wedges via nordstrom rack
I can't believe I never paired these two pieces together before, but I'm glad I finally did, cause it's a winning combo if I do say so myself. The coral and the blue bounce off of each other gorgeously, which is made even more pleasing by the white accents in the skirt and belt. Plus I was given another opportunity to rock this sweet vintage necklace I scored from Steph (see all the ways I've rocked it thus far)!

IMG_9698 IMG_9696

The other reason I loved this outfit so much? It did not require tights or a jacket because I spent the day outside in Oakland where the sun was shining and the temperature was in the 70s. Let's hope I'm in for more of the same this weekend, because this week's weather in SF has been brutal! Tights everyday, yo.


Unlike a lot of you who must be lusting after crisp autumn weather as the dog days of summer wind down, I am excited for September and October to get here because it will finally be frequently warm in this pocket of California I love so much. Those are the most glorious months in the Bay Area by far, as we get to enjoy an Indian Summer when temperatures stay in the 70s and the fog and wind cease to chill me to the bone.

Less than two weeks left in August... I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outfit log: Dress over Pants

Not gonna lie, I felt a wee bit bizarre in this getup.
Occasion: Workin' it, July 29th
IMG_9621 Weirdly Awesome IMG_9601
Outfit details:
swapped vintage blouse
cost plus necklace
swapped belt
handed down dress
banana republic cords (on clearance!)
clarks flats via outlet
Buuuuuut, I think it totally works, right? I mean I've never jumped on the dress over pants bandwagon before (and honestly I originally thought up this outfit intending to wear it sans pants or tights or anything) but people it is cold where I work and I had to get creative. So, fitted brown cords it was.

Also, I was saved by polyester yet again. The vintage blouse I'm wearing under the dress is of that luscious material, and I gotta say it did a great job of keeping me warm enough without adding bulk or too many layers (ahem, beyond the many layers I've got going on here already).

IMG_9645 IMG_9643

Also, I know you're not supposed to wear old ass eye shadow, but I was looking through a box I haven't unpacked yet for a handbag and came across an old makeup bag with this shadow in it, and as it's MAC and barely used so I couldn't resist! Good news is that the color is gorgeous (especially for my greenish hazel peepers) and my eyelids didn't puff up by the end of the day. Score!


All in all, I'm glad I took a little risk even though I initially felt a bit wacky leaving the house, because really the ensemble is cute, got my creative juices flowing, kept me warm, and did not require tights or boring black pants. I will conquer this cold ass summer weather, I will!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit log: Loved in time

My friend Kim gave me this glorious vintage dress for my birthday last year, and I let it sit in my closet, unworn, for over a year.


But then the other morning whilst dreaming up an ensemble mid-shower, it dawned on me that this dress would be the perfect dress for the somewhat-decent-but-still-kinda-chilly day that was ahead of me because of it's magical fabric... polyester!
Occasion: Sassy workday, July 20th
IMG_9359 loved with time, birthday dress IMG_9362
Outfit details:
gifted vintage dress
target cotton cardigan
h&m belt (backwards)
clarks flats via outlet
gifted earrings
Yes, you read correctly. Say it with me: POLYESTER.

I am all for natural fibers and breathability most of the time, but I'm also for light garments that keep me toasty so I can rock bare legs in July just like all the bloggers roasting throughout our United States of America (and the world beyond! Okay, maybe not south of the equator - y'all feel my pain, no?).

All in all the outfit was perfect for the weather, pretty freaking adorable if I do say so myself, and one of those I could not wait to share with you. You rock my world, Kim! I pinkie swear this dress will get more frequent love from now on :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit log: Floral and plaid and polka dots, oh my!

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Okay so I cheated and wore this look last week, but y'all know my outfit photos are like weeks behind and I want to be current with EBEW, yo!

(Even though I'm not in mixed patterns today. My logic confuses even me.)

Occasion: All day training + tour leading + cocktail party, Friday August 5th
IMG_0108 EBEW Mixed Prints IMG_0138
Outfit details:
thrifted sweet pea blouse via out of the closet
swapped necklace
swapped beige suede isaac misrahi for target a-line skirt
simply vera tights via kohls
tsubo kirs via
Sooooo, here's a pattern mix that is a little different from what you might originally think of, since there's a big swath of solid color between two of the patterns. I think the suede skirt separating the patterns of the blouse and tights enhances how they play off of each other in this case, though I don't think that's always necessary to make pattern mixing work.

By the way, can I get extra credit for the third pattern introduced via the necklace? All together I've got plaid, floral, and polka dots. Shazaam!


Just for fun I went through a bunch of my old outfit photos to find other pattern mixing. Check 'em (and my different hair dos and hues) out:

01 05 10 035 01 28 10 004 02 09 10 006 03 03 10 002 02 05 10 036 03 31 10 047 04 06 10 042 04 08 10 005 04 27 10 017 05 19 10 045 06 17 10 032 06 30 10 001 02 02 11 IMG_5779

Monday, August 8, 2011

Outfit log: Vest addiction

Lately my outfits just feel incomplete without some sort of extra layer - namely this vest. I've been remixing it like crazy! I love how it takes a girly dress and leggings, and makes them come together much more professionally. Right?
Occasion: Workin' it, July 19th
vest addiction IMG_9293 IMG_9321 IMG_9333 IMG_9304
Outfit details:
h&m vest and dress
gifted necklace from my lovely mom
target leggings
dansko mary jane clogs
I'm writing this poolside in LA right now... getting ready to hit the road to come back up to the chilly Bay Area. I gotta say, being back in SoCal makes me miss it. Perhaps I have a future here? I'm loving my job so much, and don't want to leave it, but I'm getting tired of complaining about the cold weather all the time. For now, though, quick weekend trips to warmer places will have to do (and September/October when we get the best weather is just around the corner!).