Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outfit log: NBD

No big deal. It's just the FIRST OUTFIT PHOTOS FROM MY NEW APARTMENT! This was my first attempt, and as you can see I tried a couple different locations.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 3rd
IMG_1108 IMG_1102 IMG_1050
Outfit deets:
thrifted (by mom!) ABS dress
generic tights
type Z "soha" boots
swapped necklace
The lighting and distracting crap piled in the background isn't really my style, so I've settled on the kitchen as my go-to photo shoot location. Stay tuned for Friday's post to check out my hot refrigerator!

Oh yeah, and hello! Cute dress. Felt so lovely all damn day. Thanks mom :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Outfit log: Lipstick Leopard

Whenever I wear this top, my first instinct is to pair it with some red lipstick. I thought it was pretty perfect how my red lips and toes add some mini-color pops amidst the neutrals.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 2nd
Outfit deets:
swapped gap skirt
h&m leopard ruched sleeve tee
sofft wedges via tjmaxx
traded vintage necklace
spexclub "dane" glasses
I scored this skirt at the big Lulu's clothing swap back in July or so (where I met Mia!), and have struggled with styling it. I love how it fits (even though it's supposed to sit at the hips on a smaller lady, I prefer how it fits at my natural waist), but because it's white and so much of my clothing is dark, it feels so bright. It has these great pale gray pinstripes that I adore and appreciate, but they kinda throw me off too!

Leopard to the rescue! It's my favorite print/pattern for so many reasons, one of which is it is a great neutral pattern mixer. The irregularity of the shapes contrasted nicely with the pinstripes (that you can't see, boo), while the combo of the lighter background of the print with the white skirt bring some harmony to top and bottom.

I'm still not sure what to do when I can't go sans tights. Do you think tights and boots could work with this? Any suggestions, oh wise women?

P.S. I hope my fellow Americans are enjoying holiday time! Or recovering from it? Let's be honest... holidays can be hard. Excuse me while I go eat some more leftovers.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zombie Thanksgiving

As the clock struck midnight last night, I was in the process of ripping off my cousin Dylan's leg.

He asked me to play a zombie in his zombie film I've been hearing about FOREVER, and I happily obliged! Lucky for me it was his own death scene we worked on. It took many hours and lots and lots of corn syrup mixed with food coloring, but we got all the shots needed! I had a blast, despite hours spent wet and cold and sticky. Braaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnssssssss!

Hopefully I didn't give you too much of a fright :) Regular outfit post coming up tomorrow.

If you're stateside, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's delicious and festive and lovely... I'm off to chop some celery and onions...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outfit log: Work Appropriate?

Two times a week I herd preggo ladies and their peeps around the birth center and answer their questions and tell them what to expect (not that anything is for certain in this field) and stuff. It's a highlight of my week, but also a bit anxiety-producing because sometimes folks are really stressed out and have 500 thousand concerns to talk about. And I want them to leave feeling calmer, more excited, and secure in their decision about where to deliver, which is not always possible as charming and reassuring as I am.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 1st
Outfit deets:
swapped necklace
max studio outlet flutter sleeve sweater
gap outlet gray lace trimmed cami
banana fitted cords
rocket dog leopard flats
I bring this up because I always take special care on these days when getting dressed, because amidst all the scrubs-clad medical peeps they'll see on the floor, I'm the unofficial "face" of the unit, at least for that hour, and I am cognizant of how my ensemble of the day can contribute to or take away from the message I'm hoping to impart.

This outfit was a gamble. Usually I dress a little bit more professional-leaning on tour days, but I've realized that this is more about impressing the leadership in my department than helping out the patients. And honestly, I care way more about the pregnant ladies than my bosses. So, on this day I went with the urge to step down the businessy a bit, and play up an approachable, laid back, comfortable vibe.

I did get a bit insecure around lunchtime as tour time was approaching, but then I ran into the lovely social worker that I adore (who has great style, people!) and ran it by her after we complimented each other on our ensembles of the day. "Thanks!" I said, "Do you think it's too casual for the tour?" She replied, "You know, they have all of these 'experts' talking to them all the time. I think it's refreshing !"

I'm not sure my boss' boss' boss (i.e. the tiny woman who intimidates the hell out of me, but whom I try to talk to like a normal person even though I'm afraid she'll think I'm a ditzy nincompoop) would necessarily agree with us on this, but I felt great and confident and the tour went well and the patients seemed more relaxed post-tour, so I'm happy with the outcome.

Didn't hurt that I felt adorable!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Outfit log: Best Dress

This dress has been in my arsenal since I got my very first job after moving to SF in 2005. I went on a shopping trip to TJ Maxx to get some work clothes (this was very exciting), and scored this number and my beloved sofft criss cross wedge sandals, both of which I still adore.
Occasion: Workin' it, October 27th
Outfit deets:
faux wrap dress via tjmaxx
gap outlet black lace trim cami
some sorta tights...
type Z soha boots (stretched)
traded vintage necklace
I try not to sport it too often because I don't want to get used to it (and the material has started to pill in places... I'm literally frowning while typing that). But it's SO EASY. The fit is absolutely perfect, I still adore the print, and the stretchy material is the ultimate in comfort. Mark my words I will make replicates of this dress in all kinds of prints, solids, and sleeve lengths. One day!

On a slightly different topic, I'm a third of the way through the second Game of Thrones book (making myself wait to start watching the series) and love it. I keep wanting to talk or write with more oomph like the characters in the book. For instance, instead of saying "I hope it doesn't rain" I'll want to say "If the gods are good we will be spared this wretched dampness on the morrow." Tyrion is by far my favorite character, though Arya is such a little bad ass. Any other GoT fans out there?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit log: Sweater over Maxi

Happy Friday! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. I'm heading down to LA as per usual, and couldn't be more jazzed about it. Yummy food, family time, getting to see my LA peeps... so much to look forward to.

Anyway... here's another October outfit. I snagged this gray sweater from a friend's "to donate" pile, and I love it! Great almost-cropped length, perfect for layering over my favorite (and only) maxi dress.
Occasion: Workin' it, October 26th
Outfit details:
h&m maxi dress (as skirt)
handed down gray sweater
minnetonka moccasins via dsw
spexclub "dane" glasses
Such a comfy outfit, especially with mocassins. And perfect for the weather of the day. I'm so thankful to friends and family who donate clothes to me... you are appreciated!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Outfit log: Necklaceless

I'm pretty excited that I recently figured out a good area for outfit photos in my new apartment (in the kitchen for now), but until I get caught up on the last few weeks the crappy iPhone pics will continue...
Occasion: Workin' it, October 25th
Outfit details:
thrifted express skirt
gifted express ruffly elbow sleeve tee
type z "soha" boots, stretched
mark shale wide belt
I felt like a billion (yeah, that's right, billion) bucks in this ensemble. I've been a midi-skirt wearer pretty much since 2002, so am pleased that the rest of the fashion world has finally caught back on!

You may have noticed that I usually wear a necklace with any given outfit, yet in this one I'm not (not that you can really tell, lo siento). The reason for this divergence from my natural necklace inclination? Ruffles (not that you can really see those either, but I promise they're there decorating the neckline of this fabulous elbow sleeve tee)! Why take any attention away from their frilliness??

Monday, November 14, 2011

Outfit log: Same, but Different

As you know, I love my gray h&m vest. I especially love layering it over red dresses apparently. Yes, these are two separate red dresses, one a fantastic layering piece in a comfy jersey material and the other more sweater-like with a cowl neck (which you've seen before, recently).

Occasion: Workin' it, October 18th & 20th
Outfit details:
jcrew outlet scarf
h&m vest
iisli sweater blazer via nordstrom rack
max studio outlet dress
banana republic outlet leopard tights
dankso mary jane clogs

Outfit details:
max studio outlet cowl neck sweater dress
h&m vest
banana republic outlet tights
type z "soha" boots, stretched
spexclub "dane" glasses
generic black tights

I would like to point out... my new boots!!! Crappy photo of them, but I'm so excited. They're tall and leather and flat... and fit my calves. Well, they do now anyway. When I first received them in the mail the left one fit, albeit a bit too snugly, while the right couldn't get past my calf lusciousness. BUT! Guys. I was accompanying my friend Sadie on a boot shopping adventure, and she picked up a gorgeous pair of Miz Mooz at Citi Shoes in SF. I was lamenting to the sales girl that while their boot selection was fantastic, I knew none of them would fit me. "No problem! We do free boot stretching if you buy a pair." Yes. FREE boot stretching. I didn't get these boots there, but Emma hooked me up with gratis stretching anyway! She's the bomb.

So basically I will be purchasing all future boots at Citi Shoes. And yay for boots that fit me perfectly!

And just so you know, I had leopard going on in both outfits... though in the second one it is difficult to tell! Here, let me help :)


These are Sally Hansen Salon Effects in kitty kitty with glitz blitz on my ring finger (Sadie and I did them together and traded one for fun!).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Outfit log: Seriously

This is my serious outfit photo face. If you're a regular bathroom outfit snapper, I'm sure you share my pain of trying to capture your look of the day without getting "caught" by your colleagues. It's serious business, yo!
Occasion: Workin' it, October 17th
Outfit details:
gap outlet cardigan
gap outlet short sleeve white v-neck
gap skirt
clarks outlet flats
handed down tiffany & co necklace
spexclub "dane" glasses
Anyhoo... I'm in love with this cardigan because it's comfortable cotton and has a great buttoned shape. Plus, stripes! The ensemble had me feeling put together but in a laid back and comfortable way.

Happy Friday, if this is also the end of your week! I'm hoping to get to assist with my second birth tomorrow... think strong and powerful thoughts for mama (and me!)!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chelsea the Hipster?

No, I'm not claiming to be a hipster (which in and of itself would strip me of hipster status, if I actually was a hipster, right?), but the lovely Tia at Reading in Skirts recently posted her adorable hipster "paper" doll (make your own!), and I just had to play along :)


P.S. I would totally wear this ensemble when not at work.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit log: Leopard heels

Like, literally... the heels of these wedges are leopard!
Occasion: Workin' it, September 27th
Outfit details:
gap outlet fuchsia v-neck tee
h&m wide gray belt
aerosoles outlet black and leopard wedges
handed down tiffany & co necklace
spexclub "dane" glasses
How fun is that?? They are pretty damn comfortable for the level of lift, though I admit my tootsies were a bit sore at the end of the day. I'm such a comfy shoe addict...

You may have noticed a giant gold star decorating my top... no, I haven't joined law enforcement; I simply forgot to remove my work ID badge and thought this would be more fun :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Outfit log: One skirt, two ways

I'm catching up on a bunch of old outfits that, while living a bit nomadically, I wasn't able to photograph with my camera. So I caught them in the classiest of ways... iPhoto bathroom shots. 

I picked up this fabulous wrap-skirt while outlet shopping with my mom in Vegas back in September. Not only is it my favorite style of skirt, but it came with a DVD instructing 15 other ways to style it, including as a fun going out top and a sassy sundress.

So far I've only worn it in the traditional wrap skirt style like in the two outfits below, but hopefully I'll get more adventurous!
Occasions: Workin' it, September 28th & October 13th
Outfit details:
vegas mall stall wrap skirt
handed down blouse
cost plus necklace
thrifted kork ease wedge sandals

Outfit details:
wrap skirt from a vegas mall stall
handed down top
handed down tiffany & co necklace
clarks outlet flats
These two ensembles are definitely similar, but I really do love how switching up the blouse, necklace and shoes makes a look I feel great in feel fresh and new.

Also can I just take a moment to point out the fact that in both ensembles I have bare legs and arms?? Our glorious warm weather did finally show up in September and October, and it was splendid! It's gotten a bit rainy and cooler lately, but after basking in the loveliness on a pretty regular basis for a few weeks, I am actually enjoying the change!

Weekend update:
In other news, I'm coming down off of a fabulous and fun-filled weekend...
  • Dinner out Friday
  • Saturday afternoon walk about tour of my new neighborhood  
  • Tiki bar loungin' Saturday evening
  • Alameda Pointe Antique Faire on Sunday 
Got to see all kinds of lovely peeps in my life, including bringing together two of my favorite gal pals who had never met, but who are both dear to me and way cool. 

How was your weekend? 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Silly Me

Here I was, scared of posting such a personal update... and y'all rock my world yet again.

chloe 8 18 09

So, thanks for the fucking awesome welcome back to the world of blogging, and for being there for me even when I didn't know I needed you (and I so did). You guys are the best. For realz.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Outfit log: Cowl & Sweater Dress Swooning

And the vest came back
The very next day, oh.
The vest came back.
She thought she could resist it!
But the vest came back.
It just couldn't stay away... oh.
Oh, oh, oh...
Occasion: Workin' it
IMG_0813 IMG_0828 IMG_0831
Outfit details:
maxstudio outlet cowl neck sweater dress
h&m vest
f21 necklace
banana republic factory store
dankso mary jane clogs
New sweater dress? Slap a vest on it! But folks, now the vest looks different! Cause, ya know. The cowl neck of the dress hanging over... Right?

No, but really. I love sweater dresses. Warm, comfy, easy. Bam. Another thing I love? A good cowl. Warm, comfy, instant neck decor. Bam times two!

Also these leopard tights had so much promise, but they're too big. This never happens! Oh well... I'll sport 'em anyway until I find a worthy replacement.

IMG_0833 IMG_0842

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outfit log: Invested

Allllllllrighty then... I've got tons of outfits I haven't posted, so here's a start :)
Occasion: Workin' it... sometime in the last few months
IMG_0712 IMG_0714 IMG_0716
Outfit details:
gap skirt
gap flutter sleeve tee
h&m vest
clarks outlet flats
f21 gifted necklace
I've decided that this vest is like a belt... meaning I can wear it every day and it's still okay! Right? And I don't have to wash it! Okay, that's gross. I have washed it... it was necessary. I think it's time to find another to add to my collection, not only to mix things up but also to save laundry detergent. But for now, this wardrobe MVP will keep on keepin' on.


Also, I got new sunnies! Not sure what brand they are, but they were $12 at a consignment store and exactly what I've been wanting. Hoping to get them fitted with prescription lenses soon so I can actually wear them driving and recognize people's faces while out in public. 

IMG_0783 >

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hi friends! It's been quite quiet around here for the last couple of months (especially October), and I thought I'd fill you in on some life developments that aren't always so easy to share with the masses.

In July, Nicholette and I ended our engagement. As you can imagine, the end of such a significant relationship has been difficult. I didn't feel up to mentioning it on my blog for a long while; I needed space from the breakup in order to feel more at peace about everything. Now that some time has passed I don't feel so enmeshed in it, hence this post.

The weekend before last I moved out into my own studio, filling my head and heart with so many thoughts and emotions: relief, tinges of sadness, exuberance and excitement, new found confidence and empowerment, some resentment, lots of anxiety, immense appreciation, occasional loneliness and unadulterated happiness. But most of all, I feel like I'm getting back to myself and who I am, and thus my desire to blog is re-igniting. Plus, after a month of living on my friend's couch, I can finally set up a regular photo shoot location in my new pad :)

In announcing this news, part of me has worried about your reaction. Will you all understand the magnitude of the breakup despite it being between two women? Am I making same sex relationships look unstable? Will you think this is all my fault? How can I disappoint all the people out there who responded to the news of the engagement with such warmth and support?

The last few months have taught me so much about myself, and one thing I am working on is not worrying so much about what everyone thinks of me (and letting those potential negative thoughts of others shape what I think about myself), and instead working on being true to and trusting myself. So, I'm putting this out there and while I hope that through my authenticity most folks are able to understand my situation in a way that I want them to, I accept everyone's entitlement to a different opinion even if they're wrong wrong wrong :)

My friend Gaby told me once that the purpose of an engagement is to give a couple time to make sure marriage is the right choice for them, which has been such a comforting thought lately. I am glad Nic and I were engaged and that we had the time to really think about what we wanted, and I truly believe everything that has happened is for the best.

So, there you go, in case you were wondering. Outfit posts coming soon!