Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outfit log: Candy Cane

The mime shirt returns! This time, as part of my office holiday party ensemble.
Occasion: Work + Office Holiday Party, December 9th
Outfit details:
thrifted striped boat neck tee
h&m belt
thrifted vintage red pencil skirt
generic black tights
type z soha boots, stretched
handed down tiffany & co necklace w/ alternate chain
While I was thinking I'd do a red and green outfit to really Christmas it up, I was instead drawn to a more subtle shout out to the upcoming holidays. I know it's not red and white stripes, but I still felt like I was representing a candy cane.

I just got back from the Midwest last night after a lovely long weekend spent with my mom and her hubby and his family for Christmas. Highlights included hot yoga with mom, watching 5 holidays movies in 24 hours (my favorites were It's a Wonderful Life and Elf), and drinking too much beer at a local bar with my step sister. 

While I miss my mom like crazy already, I'm glad to be back home in my own space with my wonderful kitties... where I'm now much more appreciative of our "balmy" 50 degree weather. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Outfit log: Scored Swapping

Sooo... you saw what I wore the the swap; now here are some of my new items!
Occasion: Workin' it, December 6th
Outfit details:
banana republic cords
swapped jcrew belted cardigan
swapped brown/cream patterned tunic
flea market necklace
target blue suede loafers
The tunic (which may also double as a nightie, shhhh) was courtesy of Sadie, and I was able to take the belted cardigan off of Lily's hands. And they both took stuff of mine too! This is why swapping is magic.

On an unrelated note, this is my favorite business casual/pantsy look lately. Snug fitting pants, patterned tunic, solid outer layer (like a cardigan or belt or vest), waist definition, and a pretty necklace. Bam!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outfit log: What to Wear to a Clothing Swap

I mentioned recently that clothing swaps are the bomb. But what should one wear to one?
Occasion: Work + Small Clothing Swap, December 1st
Outfit details:
handed down f21 dress
hue leggings
minnetonka moccasins
gap outlet long sleeve v-neck
tiffany & co necklace
This was what I wore to a recent swap at my friend's place, which was just my style: small, intimate, and included booze and food and cool folks! Having learned from past experiences, I knew I wanted an ensemble that was a) comfortable, b) easy to change out of, and c) had some under-layers I could keep on whilst digging through the clothing piles without making me feel nude.

I went with leggings and a long sleeve shirt under a comfortable dress, with moccasins for easy on and off. And it was perfect! I spent most of the swap in just the leggings and tee, which were easy to try on clothes over. Also, scored some sweet shit. I was a little worried at first since all of the girls wore significantly smaller sizes than me... but somehow it always works out and you find something. In my case, 10 somethings!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Outfit log: Wannabe

Do you know what today is? No, not just five days until Christmas...

It's the first day of Hanukkah!

I may not be an official Member of the Tribe (nor religious at all), but I grew up celebrating Jewish holidays with my Auntie Anne's family (she's my mom's identical twin), as she converted when she married my Uncle Bobby. As fellow only children, my younger cousin, Dylan, and I grew up as close to being siblings as you could get (genetically we're like half siblings, yo)... so naturally we had the best of both worlds when it came to Christmas and Hanukkah; Dyl got to help decorate our Christmas tree and had his own stocking, and I got to enjoy my favorite Jewish holiday food like gefilte fish, chopped liver, and latkes. Oh, and of course dreidel. Who doesn't love gambling with chocolate??
Occasion: Workin' it, Wannabe MoT style, December 20th (today!)
Happy Hanukkah!

Outfit details:
jcrew outlet cardigan
gap outlet scoopneck tee
flea market heart brooch
thrifted benetton tweed pencil skirt
generic black tights
type z boots, stretched
Of course I was always a little jealous of Dylan's EIGHT days of presents to my one, but I got over it when I realized he only got one a day and I got a bunch at once. Anyway... all that to say, I consider myself a faux-Jew (or maybe just wannabe), and every year I find it outrageous and irritating when all of the Christmas decorations start to go up EVERYWHERE with absolutely no Hanukkah representation. What is UP with that??

This year, in response, I decided to decorate my-own-damn-self for the first day of the Festival of Lights (in blue and white), and will be eating fried food and lighting candles with one of my favorite chosen people tonight.

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish (and wannabe) readers out there! L'chaim!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfit log: Like New

It's easy for me to think of gaps in my jewelry collection, since as I'm getting dressed I'll think "if I only had a ____ _____, this outfit would be fantastic!" Lately it's been red necklace, and I finally nabbed one at the Alameda Pointe Antique Faire last month.
Occasion: Workin' it, December 5th
IMG_1580 IMG_1578 IMG_1569
Outfit details:
flea market necklace
max studio wrap dress
generic black tights
type z boots, stretched
Annnnnd, it was $10. As inexpensive as Forever 21, yet more unique and much better quality! I hadn't sported this wrap dress in a long while, but having the red necklace in my jewelry arsenal made me think of it immediately. And the dress felt new, once again!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Outfit log: Mimey

Soooooo... it didn't quite hit me until I got to work how mime-tastic this ensemble was.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 29th
mimey mimey mimey
Outfit details:
thrifted boat neck striped top
h&m vest
limited wide leg trousers
minnetonka moccasins
But whatever! Mimes remind me of Paris. And Paris reminds me of high fashion and baguettes. So obviously this is a stylish (and delicious) look, oui?? And if you don't agree, then I'll tell you what gondola drivers remind me of...


Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit log: Not Quite Right

Confession: I do not get how to wear ankle booties (boots?). I'm currently long-term borrowing a pair from my girl, Sadie, and when trying to sport them recently forgot who I was and came up with this number.
Occasion: Blogging at the cafe below my apartment on a rainy day, November 11th
hipster costume?
Outfit deets:
thrifted wrap sweater
gap long sleeve v-neck
h&m black jersey dress
banana republic outlet dark gray leggings
borrowed booties
I'm not saying it's a bad outfit, per se, but who am I? This look just did not feel like me. Maybe it's the wrong style of bootie or something? Anyway... regardless of how I looked, I was warm and cozy and the ensemble was perfect for sipping coffee while working on my blog in the little cafe below my apartment on a rainy day.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Outfit log: Red Leopard

My former boss hosted a lovely dinner party the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've mentioned Amy before... she's the bomb. She was not only a super boss, but continues to be a great friend and mentor. I love her!
Occasion: Dinner party, November 19th
red leopard, revisited red leopard, revisited red leopard, revisited
Outfit details:
hrifted vintage red pencil skirt
gifted express ruffly top
type z boots
gifted jessica simpson leopard belt
Also? She has a knack for giving me really great presents. Like this top and belt for instance. Only by coincidence did I sport them together to her lovely party, but they're a match made in heaven!

I'm also loving this vintage skirt I thrifted a few weeks ago because it sits right at my waist, has pockets, and is roomy enough to feel comfortable, but fitted enough to be flattering. Thrifting gold, this one.

red leopard, revisited red leopard, revisited

Earlier that week my gorgeous and hilarious pal, Ramona (check out her blog, yo!), and I hit up Sephora and I finally got the Urban Decay "Naked" makeup palette I've been lusting after forever. And I've been using it daily since! Here are some of the colors plus my MAC fluidline for a sassy cat eye to go with my sassy ensemble. Meow!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Outfit log: Flower Power

I spotted this dress in my aunt's closet while rummaging through to see if there was anything she might not want anymore (without asking, so rude!), and I gasped! Holy 90s amazingness.
Occasion: Mani/pedi + thrifting with Auntie Anne, November 26th
Outfit deets:
"handed down" vintage dress
thrifted h&m skirt
max studio outlet jacket
reef flip flops
Lucky for me, Auntie admitted to not having worn it in years and allowed me to try it for myself. It didn't really fit in a way that would not get me arrested in public, so I improvised with this newly thrifted skirt I picked up a few weeks ago. Finally! Skirt/dress layering success!

I love the sunflowers the most because, like many, I was really fond of them back in 1995 when I was in 6th grade and my AOL screenname was QTPi1995. So fond that I got my mom to buy me a sunflower encrusted vest with coordinating lacy baby tee from Wet Seal. And then! I bought the same damn thing for a friend for her birthday. Which she never wore.

Anyway... I'm bringing sunflowers BACK. They're so pretty and they grow their own yummy snacks and... DREW BARRYMORE!! Does anything else need to be said?!

[Oops, I totally am mis-remembering Drew's flower love back in the day... she totally preferred daisies. But whatever! I still stand by sunflowers!]

Finally... a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my gorgeous mom and auntie (twins, yo!). Thanks for instilling in me a love for style, bargains, country music and sarcasm. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outfit log: Breaking My Own Rules

So... I paid full thrift price ($7.50 I think?) for this dress, which originally was from Charlotte Russe.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 16th
who thrifts charlotte russe? who thrifts charlotte russe? who thrifts charlotte russe?
Outfit deets:
thrifted charlotte russe dress
jcrew outlet gray tights
type z "soha" boots, stretched
handed down tiff & co necklace
Normally I try not to thrift discount brands, since the quality is usually lacking and the thrift price and the actual price are much closer to each other than for nicer items so it doesn't feel as satisfying of a deal... but I fell in love with this print and tried as I might to resist, I had to take it home.

I pulled a Gracey and opted for clashy-clashy instead of matchy-matchy with my tights choice (it was a battle between light gray and burgundy), which was excellent until I realized the damn tights aren't quite long enough for my gams so I had to deal with annoying saggy-crotch (of the tights, to be clear) all day. Not nice.

who thrifts charlotte russe? who thrifts charlotte russe?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Love the Muppets

Back in college a few friends and I had a thing we called "Muppet Mondays" where we'd get together, wear silly glasses, eat cookies (perhaps with illicit ingredients?), and watch an episode of The Muppet Show. My all time favorite episode was, of course, Elton John... because he is definitely a "muppet of a man"! 

As soon as I heard the movie was coming out, I started planning with Sadie (founder of said Muppet Club) to go see it. And it just so happens we went on a Monday! So perfect. We both adored the movie, and I for one wanted to replicate all of Amy Adams and Miss Piggy's outfits. Style inspiration is everywhere, eh?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Outfit log: The Thrifting Gods Have Been Good To Me

Check out this tweed Benetton skirt that I scored for less than 5 bones!
Occasion: Workin' it, November 17th
Outfit deets:
gap outlet long sleeve white v-neck
handed down tiffany & co necklace
thrifted ($5!) benetton tweed pencil skirt
type z boots
Can you tell I've been a thrifting junkie lately? It's my favorite solo activity, by far. Also a favorite accompanied activity. Perhaps just a favorite activity in general? Yes, let's go with that. What have you thrifted lately that has you strutting instead of merely walking?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Outfit log: Free Clothes

Oops, hope my title wasn't misleading. I'm not giving away free clothes. Just alerting you to the fact that most of this ensemble entered my wardrobe without the exchange of moolah.
Occasion: Workin' it, November 8th
swap, swap, handed swap, swap, handed swap, swap, handed
Outfit deets:
swapped sweater
swapped necklace
handed down dress
hue tights
type z "soha" boots

Okay, maybe I'm coming off as a little braggy. BUT. Mostly I'm just trying to let you know that you can have free clothes too!

Step One: Attend or organize a clothing swap.
I prefer more intimate swaps over the biggies... mostly because you can try shit on right away (leggings + tank top is the best clothing swap attire... trust me) and it's not so chaotic. That Lulu's swap over the Summer was crazy. I mean, they opened the curtain and chicks started RUNNING at the piles of the clothes. I like to take my time and be particular and intentional about it. Plus, small swaps are free!!

Step Two, part A: Force family members and friends to let you rummage through their closets and ask about things you don't think they wear anymore.
Totally did this last week while in LA and scored a sweet sunflower dress my aunt used to rock in the 90s that I can't wait to show you.

Step Two, part B: If you hear that a friend might be donating a bunch of stuff somewhere, ask if you can have first dibs.
I've been doing this since high school. One person's donation is another's treasure! So true!