Monday, February 6, 2012

Outfit log: Wacky Magic

This is one of those outfits that I thought of in the shower, and wondered if it would be too wacky or perhaps magical. And when I threw it together, I realized it was the latter...
Occasion: Workin' it, January 24th
Outfit details:
cardigan - thrifted (by mom) DvF (!!)
necklace - from antique fair
sunflower "dress" - vintage, stolen from aunt
pants - limited
clogs - dansko
... because I was comfortable, the combo felt just funky enough to make the black pants not feel boring, and the cardigan is thrifted Diane von Furstenberg (my mom is the bomb, and also smaller than me so I get to reap the benefits when her scores are too big... yes, please!).  Also I don't think I've ever worn a cardigan buttoned at the top as such, however I loved how it worked with the high neckline of the sunflower tunic and the bright red necklace layered over.

Hope you're enjoying your Monday so far (and that your weekend rocked). Let's make this week awesome, mmmkay?