Friday, March 30, 2012

Outfit log: Bada Bing, Bada Boom

Happy César Chávez Day, everybody! Oh, and happy Friday in general. I'm pretty stoked for the weekend ahead, as per usual. Plans include hopefully getting my ass to see the Hunger Games, attending my pal's clothing swap (oh yes!), rummaging around at the Alameda Point Antique Faire, eating tapas and drinkin' some delicious beer -- life is good!

Here's an outfit that illustrates what has become one of my classic go-to combos.
Occasion: Workin' it, March 8th
Outfit details:
gifted express ruffly top
thrifted black belt
thrifted express skirt
hue heather gray tights
born "bitsy" boots via
handed down tiffany & co necklace

solid knit top + printed midi skirt + wide belt + tights + boots 

Bada bing, bada boom. Hope your weekend is also filled with fun and mildly indulgent activities, some relaxing, and whatever else you'd enjoy. See ya next week!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outfit log: Dresses as Skirts

First of all, are you guys keeping up with Teen Week: Words that Heal? Inspiring, brilliant, and gorgeous Mara of Medicinal Marzipan, aka the hostess with the mostest, describes the week as:
Teen Week: Words That Heal is an annual blog series that occurs the last week of March, where bloggers use their sites speak out about their experiences with body image, sexuality, and self-esteem during their teen years. The series was started in 2011 after it came to my attention that there was an enormous population of teen readers out there looking for body-loving-inspiration, but much of the material floating around the blogosphere was aimed to adults.
I urge you to check out the posts, linked up here, and even write your own! Having struggled myself with self-esteem and body image issues as a teen, I can only applaud Mara for this endeavor. And though the posts are targeted towards teens, I gotta admit they are super relevant to this almost-29-year-old's life, offering words of healing and encouragement to my teenager within.

Okay, now onto business. And by business, I mean another outfit.
Occasion: Workin' it, March 6th
2012 Outfits 092 2012 Outfits 082 3/6
Outfit details:
anthro dress, worn as skirt
swapped black cowl neck sweater
cost plus world market necklace
assets dark gray tights
born "bitsy" boots via
A secret I learned early on in blogging was using articles of clothing for purposes other than those they were originally intended. My favorite example of this is wearing a dress [pause for dramatic effect] as a skirt.

It's a simple idea, really, but also mind blowing. See... I love dresses. If I find one that fits and is a good deal, chances are I'll snag it. I'm especially attracted to sleeveless sundresses, which look and feel great in the dressing room (reminding me of warm weather and sunshine and thus lulling me into memories of carefree hot summer days of my youth), but are sadly rarely warm enough attire for the Bay Area.

BUT! The solution of turning these dresses into skirts solves everything! Lately I've been really into layering sweaters over the arm-bearing tops of such dresses, such as with the outfit above, but that's not the only option: check out other ways I've donned dresses as skirts.

Hope your week is going well! Mine is chugging right along, punctuated by some ups and downs. Ups include a joyful re-connection, a friend's performance, and dinner with a pal tonight; the only down really is that my stupid wrist injury (repetitive stress, yo) has been flaring up, paired with some weird rotator cuff pain. I'm getting checked out Friday, but am a little whine-y in the meantime. Keeping it chipper though, for the most part :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Outfit log: That's What It's All About (not the hokey pokey)

I want to wear this outfit everyday, for the rest of my life.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 28th
Outfit details:
gap outlet v-neck
thrifted benetton tweed skirt
thrifted necklace
betty page belt
jcrew outlet gray tights
born "bitsy" boots via
Do you ever have those days when an outfit just seamlessly comes together and ends up being everything you've ever wanted in an outfit? And you know what, I can't even explain it. All I can say is I was comfortable, and felt sassy and put together.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Outfit log: Florals Week, Day 3

Happy Friday, y'all! Last day of the workweek for moi, and last day of Floral Week to boot.
Occasion: Workin it, Leap Day (February 29th)
Outfit details:
h&m vest
anthro necklace
thrifted charlotte russe dress + sash
assets black tights
born "bitsy" boots via
I'm still satisfied with the purchase of this thrifted Charlotte Russe dress. To keep myself even warmer (and mix it up a bit) I layered over my trusty H&M vest, and tied the sash that came with the dress over the top.

I'm off to do some doula volunteering tomorrow, then will be celebrating a friend's marathon completion on Sunday. Come to think of it, birth is sorta like a marathon so hopefully I'll be celebrating a couple of successful marathons this weekend :) Anyway, I hope your weekend is fantastic, and see ya next week!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Outfit log: Floral Week, Day 2

Happy Spring, friends! Very convenient timing for Floral Week, eh? Though, Spring or not, it's still pretty chilly in the Bay Area... most of the time. You may notice that all three floral looks I'm showing you this week bring a Spring vibe to Wintry weather.

Occasion: Workin' it, February 27th
2/27 2012 Outfits 071 2012 Outfits 079
Outfit details:
swapped black sweater
charlotte russe necklace
maurices dress, worn as skirt
assets black tights
born "bitsy" boots via

I love the print on this skirt (actually a dress) because it has a black background, and a print with a black background is ridiculously remixable with my wardrobe (lots of blacks and grays, y'all). Here I just layered a cotton sweater over the dress, added a bright necklace, tights and boots and was good to go.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Outfit log: Floral Week, Day 1

So "Floral Week" sounds pretty planned, however it just so happens that three recent outfits utilized floral prints, so why not celebrate it? Also, I do love a theme (who doesn't?). Gooooo, floral!

The first outfit is all about the browns. Very autumnal I think. After the awesome feedback you gave me the last time I wore this skirt, I decided tucked in would definitely be called for the next time I wore it.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 23rd
2012 Outfits 048 2/23 2012 Outfits 059
Outfit details:
thrifted brown wool pencil skirt
h&m floral top
swapped tan sweater
swapped necklace
clarks "dream regal" boots via
I topped the ensemble with a long cardigan, tied at the waist in the back. I was warm enough while outside in the somewhat chilly weather, but cool enough indoors. Something I've been really concerned with lately!

Hope you had an awesome weekend if that's the time that lets you play, otherwise hope any soon to be or recent time off is fantastic! I'm aware that that's kind of a run-on exclamation, and am okay with that.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Outfit log: Short-Sleeved Sweater

I think I've found the answer to my daily dressing conundrum, and it is the short-sleeved sweater.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 14th
2/14 2012 Outfits 029 2012 Outfits 002
Outfit details:
handed down sweater
gap skirt
charlotte russe necklace
jcrew outlet gray tights
born "bitsy" boots via
Because my daily body heat is all over the damn place. I'm chilly in the early morning while walking to BART, shvitzing the moment I get on the stuffy, crowded train, and cold again when I transfer to MUNI in San Francisco. Then at work I'm chilly at my desk until I go walking around the birth center helping patients with breastfeeding supplies. Then I'm cold again back at my desk, only to get hot again when I take patients on a tour of the unit. Then cold again on my commute home. How the HELL does one dress for this?

Oh yeah, I already figured it out. Short sleeve sweaters (and let's not forget light layers, but that's not the focus on this post). This one is my first SSS, and I love it. It keeps my trunk nice and warm, but lets my body cool itself down effectively when needed. I never understood this garment before, however now I'll be keeping an eye out for more on my next thrift run.

HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm in for a mellow weekend, perfect for the rain we're expecting, and I couldn't be happier. It's nice to just slow down and relax sometimes. Hope yours rocks in whatever way you want it to :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outfit log: My Favorite Skirt + New Boots

Oh look! It's my favorite skirt of all time. I picked this beauty up on Melrose in LA back in college... maybe around 2003? It was my very first wrap skirt, and as you can see, I'm hooked on this style.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 10th
IMG_3452 IMG_3479 IMG_3448
Outfit details:
skirt - vintage
shirt - thrifted
boots - clarks "dream regal" via
necklace - traded
Through my many ensemble iterations with this guy I have only managed to pair it with navy blue, maroon, or brown accents. Don't get me wrong, these outfits have totally worked (and apparently I have a plethora of options), however it feels very safe. But maybe keeping the rest of the outfit safe lets the lovely horse print shine on its own? Or... maybe y'all can help me out with other suggestions?

In other news, new boots! I scored these puppies on for $69.99. And that's real leather and suede, yo. Oh, and they fit my calves right outta the box... NO BIG DEAL (this is actually a very big deal). Oh... AND they're super comfortable... like walk-around-all-day-long comfortable. And that's saying something since I'm a big baby when it comes to heels; even my dansko heels, while more comfy than most, have me whimpering slightly by the end of the day. These boots, however, are like walking on fucking clouds. How did they do that? Why can't all shoes be so magical??

Monday, March 12, 2012

Outfit log: eShakti Review

Oops. A bit behind schedule today, folks! I usually set up my outfit posts over the weekend, however I was such a busy bee I didn't have time! Friday night I drove down to LA to visit my brother from another mother, Dylan (he's my cousin). Saturday was spent brunching with another cousin, getting nails done plus cocktail/appetizer time with my pal Gaby, and then hanging with Dylan and his buds Saturday night until 3am! Okay, it was really 2am, which then turned to 3am what with the whole Daylight Saving Time switcheroo. But still... 2am is so late! Then yesterday after sleeping in as much as possible I hit the road again. Phew! I prefer to stay at least one extra day when I drive down to LA usually, and man am I feeling the difference. Too much time in the car, y'all.

But also... totally worth it.

Anyway! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are off to a good start of the week. Here's an outfit featuring a dress eShakti sent me to review*.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 9th
IMG_3412 IMG_3431 IMG_3390
Outfit details:
dress - c/o eshakti
belt - thrifted
boots - born "bitsy"
necklace - gift from mom

I've heard a lot about eShakti for the last few years from other bloggers, so was pretty excited to sample their goods. Since I don't trust myself to take my measurements correctly, I went ahead and ordered a dress without the custom fit. And, I kind of regret it! Don't get me wrong, I adore this dress to pieces.

Let's start with the good:
The material feels AMAZING. I don't recall what it's made of, but the skirt felt so luxurious swooshing around my legs all day. I also adore the overall silhouette of the dress, as well as the whimsical print. I've been looking for a shirt dress just like this forever! My mom had a very similar one with white bows on a black background, and try as I might to make it work, it was just too too small. And I'm not about keeping around too-small clothes, peeps. It's just never made me feel anything positive, so I let that shit go!

And, the not so good:
Well let me just say that if I had gotten my act together and taken actual measurements, this may have turned out better for me. There are two qualms I have with the dress. First, the bust area is much too large, something I'm definitely not used to happening! eShakti has you enter your bra size for all dress orders, and I feel like I should have inputted a smaller size since there is just so much room! Second, the arms. I adore me a little cap sleeve, and once I get the dress on the sleeves are fine (if a little constricting, which may be normal), but getting the dress on and off caused a wee bit o' morning panic.

Overall, I love the dress and the options eShakti offers for customization. But lesson learned: next time I'll order with my measurements.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Outfit log: Put Together Pronto

Now THIS was a glorious curly hair day if I do say so myself.
Occasion: Workin' it, February 8th
Outfit details:
pants - the limited
shoes - minnetonka mocs
long sleeve tee - gap outlet
scarf - cost plus world market
vest - h&m
necklace - handed down tiffany & co
Also it was a morning where I had accidentally set my alarm an hour later than usual and was running ridiculously late. I put together this outfit so quickly, and was pleasantly surprised with how much personality (not to mention warmth) the scarf added to it. I love when a time crunch works in my favor.

That's all for the week, loves! After work I'm heading down to LA to visit my cousin who's really like a brother, Dylan, for the weekend. And it's gonna be awesome because he's one of my all time favorite people and I love him like whoa. Hope your weekend kicks so much ass, and see you next week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Outfit log: Pheobs

You know what I don't like to call Wednesday? Hump Day. I mean, I just don't react to the word hump in an appropriate way, thus Hump Day just doesn't seem like an appropriate thing to talk about at work! But maybe I'm the only one with the dirty mind? Or, more likely, everyone else has just as dirty (silly?) a mind as me, yet they just laugh on the inside?

Anyway, Happy Day of the Week that Means We're Getting Close-ish to the Weekend!
Occasion: Workin' it, Feburary 7th
IMG_3346 IMG_3356 IMG_3336
Outfit details:
cardigan - free from swap
necklace - gift from dad
skirt - nordstrom
boots - born "sage"
tights - vera wang for kohls
This outfit felt very Phoebe from Friends to me, what with the '90s necklace, cropped sweater, high ponytail, and longish skirt worn over boots.

IMG_3389 IMG_3387
Makeup details:
clinique all about eyes concealer
smashbox photofinish primer
clinique almost makeup mineral powder
nars blush in orgasm
urban decay naked palette eye shadows in sin and buck
mac eye shadow in espresso as liner
maybelline great last mascara in blackest black

Monday, March 5, 2012

Outfit log: '70s

First of all... I had such a great weekend. I got to hang out with two of my blogging idols, went on a fantastic two hour hike with a friend I've been wanting to get to know better forever who is awesome, spent time with someone special (wink, wink), hit up a rummage sale with one of my favorite people and her pal who I instantly adore, and got a little rambunctious! Also slept so much and got some great kitty cuddle time in. Damn good weekend, y'all.

And now it's back to the grind! But I kinda love my job these days, and I'm getting really good at it, so aside from the fact that it takes so much time away from just being able to play, I'm okay with having to be at work today :)
Occasion: Workin' it 70s style, February 6th
IMG_3320 IMG_3271 IMG_3311
Outfit details:
tunic - free from swap
necklace - free from swap
cords - banana republic
flats - ??
I inherited this tunic from Sadie, my friend from whom I get so many free clothes. And I love it! It was a bit hard to figure out how to style it, so I went for an easy first wear, layering it over skinny cords. I felt very '70s in this getup, what with the color scheme, bell sleeves, and wooden necklace, but that ain't a bad thing!

IMG_3324 IMG_3325
Makeup details:
clinique all about eyes concealer
smashbox photofinish primer
clinique almost makeup mineral powder
nars blush in orgasm
urban decay naked palette eye shadows in sin and buck
mac fluidline in dipdown
For makeup I restrained myself from doing a full on cat eye, and instead just did some neutral contouring plus a thick-ish liner, sans wings.

I hope your week is off to a good start, and that your weekend got you ready for it. Mine sure did!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Outfit log: Unsporty

This is what I wore to watch half of the Superbowl, including halftime with Madonna of course (such a bad ass). Actually... it's what I wore to brunch with a friend and then ended up staying to watch part of the Superbowl at said friend's house. I only made it through the end of halftime, though, since I really don't give a shit about sports and got bored. I felt pretty damn adorable though!
Occasion: Brunch + Madonna, Superbowl Sunday, February 5th
Outfit details:
dress - vintage (I think), thrifted
cardigan - jcrew outlet
necklace - vintage, traded
sandals - kork ease, thrifted (for $23!)
This dress is another ridiculous Out of the Closet score that I hadn't gotten a chance to wear yet, since it's a sundress and it's winter and all. I think it's vintage, but I have no real clue (I mean... it seems old...). The best parts are that 1) it fits me like a glove, and 2) it's pink!

Also, just another random sartorial fact of late: I've been really into tying cardigans lately, such as here. Kinda stretches them out a bit, so be careful with the procedure, but it's pretty rewarding/liberating! You make the sweater fit you however you want it to. Can't all clothes be as easily and instantly customize-able, please?

Happy weekend, peeps! May the force be with you.