Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outfit log: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all! I had big plans to make a halloween costume this year with the help of my much more DIY-talented friend Paige, but then I was sick on the night we planned to do it and I lost all motivation. So instead I used Marie's fantastic idea that not only made great use of my leopard-print obsession but also did not require any gluing, sewing or dough-spending.
Occasion: Halloween Dance, October 28th
halloween 2012

outfit details: h&m top | jessica simpson belt (gift) | anthro skirt | goody headband (as ears) | isotoner (I think) gloves

What you can't see in this photo is my clashing leopard print tail (actually a scarf) that I tucked into my bike shorts under my skirt, having it hang out over the waist of my skirt, but under my belt in the back. Also, I'm pretty proud of the leopard ears, which are just two high buns (idea from Paige) with a leopard headband wrapped around both and then pinned in between (idea by moi... soooo creative).

For work I went with a festive (vs. costume) approach to the holiday, which worked out well since it was also the SF Giants parade today downtown fitting me right in with all of the orange and black clad fans on BART this morning.
Occasion: Halloween at Work, October 31st
Happy Halloween!

Outfit details: h&m striped tee | thrifted tagless skirt | thrifted necklace | born "bitsy" boots

Hope you're having a wicked one!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Outfit log: Finally Friday

Oof, this has been quite the week. Work has been increasingly hectic and stressful lately (I'm hoping it's just another wave of chaos that'll subside soon) and I also went through a mini-emotional roller-coaster having to do with dating (thank goodness for my awesome support system as well as the wisdom of Kelly Clarkson). Anyway... all that said I am very happy to be approaching the beginning of my weekend!
Occasion: Workin' it, September 20th
Outfit details:
thrifted white house black market sweater
antique fair necklace
thrifted bcbg dress (as skirt)
heeled boots
Here's another look at my special outfit formula...  of wearing the same three sweaters over every skirt and dress I own :)

Happy weekending!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit log: Retro Co-Ed

Ahhhh... Monday morning. The freshness of a new work week starting! I typed that with a sarcastic intention, however I am genuinely feeling pretty energized and excited. I discovered this thing called sleeping at least 8 hours a night, and it's a miracle cure for drowsiness! Also during my sick time last week I was off of coffee (just sounded gross at the time), and seem to be doing fine without it most days since. Whaaat? It's crazy.

Also, I'm chipper as hell because I feel quite accomplished over some successful food experiments this weekend.
  • Experiment #1 was making frozen spinach cubes for morning smoothies (see pin), which I then used this morning and my smoothie was delicious.  
  • Experiment #2 was making a delicious spaghetti squash/sausage recipe, which I then fed to friends who also liked it (see pin). I ended up slicing up a pound of chicken sausage instead of making regular pork sausage balls AND added spinach at the end of the shallots/garlic/sausage cookfest, before adding in squash.
  • Experiment #3 See end of #2 where I modified a recipe and it was still edible. BAM. 
So that's my "being an adult and feeding myself" related excitement for the week. Now onto an outfit from September!
Occasion: Workin' it, September 19th
Outfit details: banana republic sweater (clearance) | skirt via nordstrom
goody headband | tsubo shoes via | mystery locket
It wasn't intentional, but the resulting combo of this hairstyle/headband, midi skirt with (almost) flats, sweater with the cute bow detail (shown in the bonus pic below) and locket ended up giving off a late 1950s/early 1960s college co-ed vibe to me.


I had worn this sweater tucked into a skirt just a few weeks prior, and it just didn't work and I felt frumpy all day. It's always disappointing when a garment you purchase doesn't have quite the sparkle you thought it did in the store, so you can imagine how happy I was to have tried it untucked with this skirt resulting in comfy/put together outfit success!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outfit log: Oy

Oy. That's how I feel today. This week has been brutal! I had a mild case of strep last week (ewwwww) that I'm currently treating with antibiotics, and then Monday got smacked down with a wretched cold that had me in bed for the last two days. After eating/sipping my body weight in pho, sleeping at least 15 hours a day, and watching endless hours of How I Met Your Mother, I'm finally a bit back to my usual self. Only to be surfing the crimson wave today ('sup, Clueless reference?!).
Occasion: Workin' it, September 18th
Outfit details:
dress via nordstrom rack
handed down vest
cost plus world market necklace
born "bitsy" boots
Anyway, that was way too much personal health information probably, but there you go. In other news, sleeping that much has done wonders for my complexion and energy! I didn't even drink coffee today.

Moral of the story: Sleep more!

Oh! And here's another outfit with my new-to-me vest. Here I combined a dark brown dress with black boots, which I'm pretty sure read as "she got dressed in the dark" vs. intentional black/brown mashup. But I'm not trippin'. I think it's cute :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Outfit log: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

First and foremost:

Happy (belatedNational Coming Out Day!! 

I came out as "not straight" via mass email 6 years ago yesterday (I'm a day late posting about the holiday... forgive me please!), and I've never regretted it for a second. I've got to acknowledge that it was pretty damn easy for me since the vast majority of my friends and family were cool with my ambiguous sexuality... AND I read as a straight woman to most people, which gives me certain unfair and unwarranted privileges that a lot of my fellow LGBTQers don't have. So on Coming Out Day I want to give major props and a shout out to all of the queer folks out there who have had it harder than me. Who have had to deal with so much shit and hatred and fear and loneliness, because it is scary and vulnerable and dangerous and traumatizing and uncertain to come out and be who you are. THANK YOU for doing it anyway. For your bravery and your strength and your inspiration. Living authentically is the hottest thing ever.

And if you're wary of coming out, and of course so many are... please know that there is love and acceptance out there... I promise. Cross my heart promise. Pinky swear promise! It might not be immediate and it might not come from the folks who you want it to, but remember two things: 1) people are known to often come around over time and 2) you DESERVE happiness and you can choose to surround yourself with folks who accept you for the beautiful human being that you are.

Annnnnd now onto an outfit from September that seems rather trivial... but hello gorgeous cowl neck.
Occasion: Workin' it, September 13th
Outfit details:
thrifted sweater
maxstudio outlet skirt
born "bitsy" boots
cost plus world market earrings
I'm a sucker for a good cowl.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outfit log: New Vest Alert!

New to me anyway... My friend Sadie recently handed down this glorious plaid vest (and the dress I've got it layered under here as a matter of fact) and I'm beyond stoked.
Occasion: Workin' it, Septmeber 12th
Outfit details:
handed down dress
handed down vest
mystery locket
clarks boots
If you've been following this blog for awhile, you may recall that my obsession with vests runs DEEP (or at least my obsession with one particular gray number), so you'll understand why I'm so excited for an article of clothing. Next up, sweater vests. I haven't sported one since my prep school days, but it's going to happen and it's going to be warm and cozy and stylish and amazing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Outfit log: Slightly Weird

Oh yes, the oldest trick in the book for being all matchy-matchy... pull colors from a pattern! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Occasion: Workin' it, September 10th
Outfit details:
hand me down top
thrifted target skirt
charlotte russe necklace
clarks boots
This outfit looks slightly weird to me because of the combo of tall boots and short/mini sleeves. I wore it last month and given the choice of tall boots it must have been somewhat chilly... so looking at this photo now I can't help but wonder where the heck my outter layer is! Maybe it was one of those surprising weather days... like today for instance. We had a mini heat wave Monday and Tuesday, which was glorious and overdue since this time of year is usually the balmiest it gets around here, however the heat wave was followed by clouds and fog. Today, however, it is brisk and a bit cool but the sun is shining! And I'm wishing I had short or mini sleeves on instead of long ones. Ahhh well I'm gonna enjoy that sunshine anyway!

Happy Friday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Outfit log: Melrose Place

I just stopped my google rampage in search of photo evidence on how totally '90s this skirt is, but y'all can just tell, right?
Occasion: Workin' it '90s style, September 11th
Outfit details:
thrifted liz claiborne skirt
gifted express ruffly top
hand me down tiffany & co necklace
born "bitsy" boots
lookmatic "dane" glasses

Even though I never watched Melrose Place, that's what the skirt reminded me of... like a more mature (yet still ever so hip!) '90s style than 90210. Annnnnd I love it... but is it a midi? Maxi? I tagged it as both.