Monday, November 19, 2012

Outfit log: Deja Vu

You may have seen this ensemble before. Swapping out the necklace from the original outfit and opting out of tights made it feel fresh this time around though :) 
Occasion: Workin' it in September
Outfit details:
free from swap bcbq sweater
gifted necklace
maurices dress (as skirt)
born "bitsy" boots
By the way, happy shortened holiday week, fellow US dwellers! I'm having my first Friendsgiving ever, and it's going to be wonderful. Friends and I are driving down to a cabin in the woods outside of Yosemite that is complete with a hot tub and immediate access to hiking trails. Also, all of my friends who are going enjoy cooking! And I mean real cooking, not the heating up type that I rock at. My plan is to alternate time spent in the hot tub, in the woods, and in the kitchen noshing. Is it Wednesday yet??

Friday, November 16, 2012

Outfit log: Stealth Denim

Real talk, peeps. I don't think I'm technically allowed to wear denim at work. But! I occasionally let my inner dress-code hating high schooler rebel, but in such a way that I don't have a huge chance of getting caught (I've always been a very cautious rebeller).

Enter these "jeans."
Occasion: Workin' it, September 25th
Outfit details:
thrifted tunic
handed down vest
antique market necklace
seven jeans via tjmaxx
lookmatic "dane" glasses
The tunic I'm sporting here handily covers my badonk so you can't see the telling back pockets that would give away these puppies as inappropriate. Add that to the fact that the not-quite-denim color combines so well with the plum of the tunic and the green of my necklace. Right? Finally... the vest counteracts any casualness anyway. Next time: vest + jeggings. Foolproof!

Happy Friday my dears!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outfit log: Black & White & Coral

Occasion: Work + Dinner Date, September 21st
Outfit details:
anthro tunic
handed down tiffany & co necklace
thrifted skirt
thrifted belt
rocket dog flats
I donned this getup to work and then on a date back in September... and felt pretty fantastic in it! I'm short on words today as I used them all on the GRE yesterday. Brain feels a little mushy. But! I'm dancin' tonight and that makes everything better.