Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Outfit log: Smörgåsbord

I'm not sure why exactly I haven't posted for a month and a half, but let's put that behind us and check out a bunch of my outfits from the end of last year that never got blogged!

Outfit Details:
thrifted skirt
gap top
handed down tiffany pendent on old chain
clarks mary janes via outlet
lookmatic "dane" glasses
The above grey/purple ensemble me feel like the assistant lady in Annie... you know who dances around with Annie and takes her to the movies and who Daddy Warbucks totally crushes on?

Outfit Details:
thrifted skirt
handed down vintage dress (as top)
thrifted kork ease wedges
mystery locket
swapped belt
This sunflowery outfit is a new favorite and will definitely be repeated next time it's warm enough. What you may not notice at first is that I'm doing the whole dress-as-a-top trick.

Outfit Details:
dress c/o shabby apple
clarks flats via outlet
random bangle
gifted tiffany's necklace
lookmatic "dane" frames
Looks like someone got their roots done! Also once upon a time I reviewed this dress that Shabby Apple sent to me.

Outfit Details:
thrifted sweater
skirt via nordstrom ages ago
clarks boots via 6pm.com
frames via coastal.com (freeee!)
Okay... this sweater/skirt/boots/glasses combo was such a winner. I'd like to thank all of the bloggers out there who taught me how to remix... I dedicate the fruits of my labor to you!

Outfit Details:
handed down velvet (brand, not material) dress
thrifted necklace & belt
target polka dot tights
born "bitsy" boots
Annnnd last but not least, me smiling directly into your eyes with an outfit that looks way more complicated than it was/felt (kind of like wearing pajamas and a blanket).

I've got a bunch more outfits I'll be sharing at some point. Stay tuned!