Friday, February 15, 2013

Outfit log: Vest is Best

I still have a big ole backlog of outfits from the end of last year and beginning of this year, however sharing yesterday's outfit while I was wearing it felt so delightful, I'm back at it again today!

So yes, as I type I am wearing this ensemble. Whoa.

  • anthro tunic
  • handed down h&m vest
  • banana republic skinny cords
  • rocket dog flats via dsw
  • paul frank frames via
Please note the bare arms and ankles. Yes, I'll regret that decision later on my commute home, but it's pretty darn pleasant out there at the moment! I love California. Also, I love vests. Up until October of last year I only owned one, but now I have five. FIVE! Joy be to me! This specific one was my second ever and previously belonged to my friend Sadie. It's a size smaller than I would ever think to try for myself, but I like vests on the tighter side so it works purrrrfectly. Also it takes a super casual outfit and totally makes it professional. Well, professional enough for a Friday before a long weekend anyway...

Until next week!