Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outfit log: Weird but Cool


  • h&m striped tee
  • mystery locket
  • thrifted vintage tuxedo vest
  • thrifted handmade circle skirt
  • born "bitsy" boots via
  • lookmatic "dane" glasses
When wearing this outfit I felt the need to give a disclaimer to my colleagues/friends, saying "I realize this outfit is a little weird, but I like it." Looking back at the photos I feel like it's less weird and more fantastic, and outfit disclaimers should be outlawed, as they are just an apology for being creative/brilliant and pushing the envelope through clothing choices (you hear that, self?!). And you know what? What's so wrong with being a little weird, huh? Nada!

Also, this post illustrates that my love for vests continues on. In fact, I may have acquired three new-to-me ones (all second-hand, y'all) over the holidays. And that one up there is one of them; it's got fancy tuxedo-ish lapels, in case you didn't notice.

By the way...
Happy Galentine's Day, lady friends*!!!

*and all other gender-identifying friends that appreciate my femme-y style ;)

Hope you're having a grrrrrrreat week!