Monday, March 4, 2013

Outfit log: Pam Beesly Hair

Sometimes my hair looks like Pam Beesly's circa 2007.

Pam-Beesly-pam-halpert-10079303-746-1024 chelsea beesly

I'm okay with that. Pam kept it real! Also she's my favorite. My outfit, not so Pam-my though...

Pam Beesly Hair Day
  • thrifted bcbg dress
  • thrifted michael stars tie-cardigan
  • jcrew outlet tights
  • born "bitsy" boots
  • bebe glasses via
This is my first time wearing a tied cardigan that was originally intended to be such (versus when I tie regular button down cardigans like a rebel). I'm not totally sold on it. It's a secondhand Michael Stars number I picked up with St. Louis with my mom... but I think it's maybe just a little too cropped? Or maybe it works and I'm just not used to it yet? What do you think? Help me... help myself!