Thursday, February 28, 2013

Outfit log: Black & White & Coral, Take 2!

I was about to title today's post "Black & White & Coral," but that sounded a bit too familiar. And then I realized it was because I titled a post exactly that back in November.

  • thrifted necklace
  • theory blazer via tjmaxx
  • maxstudio skirt via outlet
  • born "bitsy" boots
  • thrifted bangles
  • anthro tunic (tucked in)
  • lookmatic "dane" glasses
This is the same coral tunic as I wore in the aforementioned post, though styled a bit differently. I (obviously) love a pop of coral against black and white; it's like midpoint between red and fuchsia, which we all know make fantastic color pops!

In other news... I just gave my employer my two weeks' notice yesterday. Eep! Don't worry; I have a new job lined up in a great new direction... still in reproductive health, just more on the research/policy side of things instead of clinical. Also... it's in Oakland! Which is where I live! I've been commuting to SF from Oakland for the last five freaking years, and I am ridiculously ecstatic about adding more time to my life and saving hella money on public transit. My ultimate plan is to get a bicycle and be chic as shit on it and ride it to work every day (it's like 30 flat blocks between my apartment and the new gig). The only thing I'm worried about (other than hating my new job or not liking my coworkers) is helmet hair. How do you chic-as-shit cyclers prevent this?!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit log: Cropped Sweater & Full Skirt

  • thrifted banana republic sweater
  • charlotte russe (I think) necklace
  • thrifted target skirt
  • clarks boots via
  • love glasses via
I was scoping out Mia's awesome zig zag sweater vest (inspired by my sweet sweater vest and Gracey's fantastic zig zag sweater), and I looked down and realized I was wearing a zig zag pattern of sorts myself today! Though Mia wore hers a few days ago, I still think we're having a sortorially-clairvoyant moment, and that makes me happy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Outfit log: How to Mix Neutrals

While I am all for color, neutral combos delight me like no others. And since my outfit today is another repeat, I thought I'd share these three recently worn neutral mixes with you.

  • thrifted white house black market sweater
  • gap dress (as skirt)
  • bebe glasses via
  • assets tights via target
  • born "bitsy" boots
First up is a black dress with gray spots, topped with a sweater (so that it appears to be a skirt). I chose black tights because I liked the gradient effect the outfit was taking on, shifting from all gray up top, mixed gray/black in the middle, then all black at the bottom.

  • thrifted sweater
  • anthro skirt
  • clarks boots via
  • lookmatic "dane" frames
The tights choice in this combo was also intentional. I'd combined the oatmeal sweater with the cream-based leopard print skirt before, usually finishing off the look with black boots (which pick up on the leopard spots). This time I kept warmer tones by choosing brown boots, but added in a cool splash by way of gray tights.

  • london times dress via tjmaxx (circa 2006)
  • gifted abalone necklace
  • born "bitsy" boots
And last but not least, my favorite dress with the same gray tights-trick as before. I really do love a pop of gray against browns!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Outfit log: Finally Friday

I have a serious snoozing problem. This morning I snoozed for over an hour totally unconsciously. Meaning my arm reached over and pushed snooze 5 times before I was conscious enough to realize it was happening!


  • thrifted express sweater
  • cost plus necklace
  • banana republic skinny cords
  • born boots
  • love glasses via
Then I laid in bed for an additional 40 minutes trying to decide what to wear, which I should realize is fruitless until I'm either more awake via shower or can stare at clothes in my closet in search of inspiration (or both). Which is exactly how I spotted this thrifted number I've never worn and thought: it's time. Blue and brown are one of my favorite color combos... so the rest of the outfit came naturally.

Anyway, thank goodness it's Friday! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Outfit log: Double Sweaters and Pattern Play

Untitled Untitled Untitled
  • handed down h&m vest
  • necklace via antique fair
  • maxstudio outlet sweater dress
  • hue tights
  • clarks boots via
  • lookmatic "dane" glasses

Today I'm wearing a sweater dress over sweater tights, contrasting plaid and argyle, and sporting a vest yet again. Some might say there is a lot going on here and I say it all works!

Also, I need a nap. Happy Friday Eve!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit log: Pants Quartet

Since I'm pretty much wearing this exact outfit, I skipped taking my outfit photo this morning and instead have several pants-based ensembles to share with you.

  • thrifted express sweater vest
  • h&m flannel tunic
  • banana republic trousers
  • dankso mary jane clogs
I need more button up tunics in my life just so I can wear this sweater vest more constantly. It's like a nice torso hug all day long (without making me too hot, which is the worst).

  • thrifted ralph lauren vest
  • blouse via nordstrom rack
  • banana republic skinny cords
  • minnetonka moccasins
  • paul frank glasses via
This is another of my thrifted vests I scored over the holidays (via the Scholar Shop in St. Louis). I tried it on with just a tank top underneath and felt like Brandi Carlile. Had to have it.

  • thrifted striped tee
  • banana republic trousers
  • jcrew outlet scarf
  • dankso mary jane wedges
I'm definitely half asleep in this striped/leopard concoction, but the mix of prints makes up for it. Also I'm wearing the same pants and shoes as above. It's called remixing!

  • handed down leopard tunic
  • thrifted sweater vest
  • modcloth pocket watch necklace
  • banana republic skinny cords
  • minnetonka moccasins
  • paul frank frames via
Annnnnd we'll end with the sweater vest again. Man oh man do I love that thing. Wish I had it on right now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outfit log: Brown and Black

Back in olden times I didn't believe in mixing brown and black. Then I realized that nature does this already (hello beloved leopard print), and would mix lighter browns with black feeling that the contrast between the two made the mix look intentional and awesome.

brown and black
  • brown shirt dress via nordstrom rack
  • thrifted express black sweater vest
  • gifted necklace (thanks, Mom!)
  • black/brown plaid tights via kohls
  • born "bitsy" black boots
  • lookmatic "dane" frames
Today, however, I threw caution to the wind and mixed dark brown and black. The dress is brown, the sweater vest is black (tangent: I need more sweater vests in my life), the tights are dark brown with a black plaid woven in, and the boots are black. I think it totally works! And hey, at least the pop of pretty coral at my neck distracts those who might disagree ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Outfit log: Vest is Best

I still have a big ole backlog of outfits from the end of last year and beginning of this year, however sharing yesterday's outfit while I was wearing it felt so delightful, I'm back at it again today!

So yes, as I type I am wearing this ensemble. Whoa.

  • anthro tunic
  • handed down h&m vest
  • banana republic skinny cords
  • rocket dog flats via dsw
  • paul frank frames via
Please note the bare arms and ankles. Yes, I'll regret that decision later on my commute home, but it's pretty darn pleasant out there at the moment! I love California. Also, I love vests. Up until October of last year I only owned one, but now I have five. FIVE! Joy be to me! This specific one was my second ever and previously belonged to my friend Sadie. It's a size smaller than I would ever think to try for myself, but I like vests on the tighter side so it works purrrrfectly. Also it takes a super casual outfit and totally makes it professional. Well, professional enough for a Friday before a long weekend anyway...

Until next week!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Outfit log: Valentine's Day

My colors today aren't as festive as last year, but I think I did okay for this "holiday" by way of accessories... don't ya think?

Valentine's Day
  • jcrew outlet scarf
  • line & lotte tunic via scholar shop (STL)
  • joe's "skinny visionairre" jeans via tjmaxx
  • born "bitsy" boots via
Untitled Untitled
  • love "L740" frames via
  • cherry blossom branch ring via etsy (ThirtySixTen)
Also I recently nabbed this pretty cherry blossom ring, and I just adore it! Only $30 with shipping too... AND it's sterling silver. I want all the other ones from the same etsy shop.

Here's wishing you some mushy schmoopy-ness, hot sexytime, relieving solitude, and/or fun with friends on this day o' love... whether you've got a mate, a lover, a friend, a pet, or yourself to spend it with.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outfit log: Weird but Cool


  • h&m striped tee
  • mystery locket
  • thrifted vintage tuxedo vest
  • thrifted handmade circle skirt
  • born "bitsy" boots via
  • lookmatic "dane" glasses
When wearing this outfit I felt the need to give a disclaimer to my colleagues/friends, saying "I realize this outfit is a little weird, but I like it." Looking back at the photos I feel like it's less weird and more fantastic, and outfit disclaimers should be outlawed, as they are just an apology for being creative/brilliant and pushing the envelope through clothing choices (you hear that, self?!). And you know what? What's so wrong with being a little weird, huh? Nada!

Also, this post illustrates that my love for vests continues on. In fact, I may have acquired three new-to-me ones (all second-hand, y'all) over the holidays. And that one up there is one of them; it's got fancy tuxedo-ish lapels, in case you didn't notice.

By the way...
Happy Galentine's Day, lady friends*!!!

*and all other gender-identifying friends that appreciate my femme-y style ;)

Hope you're having a grrrrrrreat week! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Outfit log: Smörgåsbord

I'm not sure why exactly I haven't posted for a month and a half, but let's put that behind us and check out a bunch of my outfits from the end of last year that never got blogged!

Outfit Details:
thrifted skirt
gap top
handed down tiffany pendent on old chain
clarks mary janes via outlet
lookmatic "dane" glasses
The above grey/purple ensemble me feel like the assistant lady in Annie... you know who dances around with Annie and takes her to the movies and who Daddy Warbucks totally crushes on?

Outfit Details:
thrifted skirt
handed down vintage dress (as top)
thrifted kork ease wedges
mystery locket
swapped belt
This sunflowery outfit is a new favorite and will definitely be repeated next time it's warm enough. What you may not notice at first is that I'm doing the whole dress-as-a-top trick.

Outfit Details:
dress c/o shabby apple
clarks flats via outlet
random bangle
gifted tiffany's necklace
lookmatic "dane" frames
Looks like someone got their roots done! Also once upon a time I reviewed this dress that Shabby Apple sent to me.

Outfit Details:
thrifted sweater
skirt via nordstrom ages ago
clarks boots via
frames via (freeee!)
Okay... this sweater/skirt/boots/glasses combo was such a winner. I'd like to thank all of the bloggers out there who taught me how to remix... I dedicate the fruits of my labor to you!

Outfit Details:
handed down velvet (brand, not material) dress
thrifted necklace & belt
target polka dot tights
born "bitsy" boots
Annnnd last but not least, me smiling directly into your eyes with an outfit that looks way more complicated than it was/felt (kind of like wearing pajamas and a blanket).

I've got a bunch more outfits I'll be sharing at some point. Stay tuned!